Correlate in a sentence as a noun

How do I track, over time, which challenges correlate to strong performance in the actual role we're hiring for?

How many hours would it take to compile a list of everyone who searches for ****** porn and correlate that with 'people who are judges'.

It's trivial to keyword match make and model names, and the NSA can presumably correlate this back to home addresses.

When a plane lands you'll suddenly see lots of incoming undelivered text messages as people turn their phones back on. If a node was last seen in a far away cell, but then reappears in this group, you can cross-correlate with arrival times and make a reasonable guess.

Correlate in a sentence as a verb

The fear among scientists that try to keep the lid on this question is that the answer might be yes, and worse that such variations will correlate with geographic or national groupings.

The declines in crime also happen to correlate with the ubiquitousness and availability of video games.

Do another transform to de-correlate different components of the audio.

I'm guessing it wouldn't take much for them to correlate those visitors to IP addresses, cookies, device IDs and cell tower signals to pinpoint people in real time too?Knock knockWho is it?It's the police.

Correlate in a sentence as an adjective

Even then, it's not clear whether this is human bias or something wrong with the car log, because this data is from the car log and it would be nice to correlate it against that Google Map they have.

They aren't standardized and they aren't rigorous so you can't compare candidates on any apples-apples basis and you can't correlate them to job performance to make them more predictive.

The only reason that it would take months to implement is because they're using some authoritative method - maybe ISP customer info, or government supplied info- to correlate users to reveal real identity.

It can take months of experience to figure out "oh, this API is failing to correlate chargebacks in these specific circumstances, but I can work around the issue like this" or to learn what all the different kinds of error messages that a user can end up seeing so you can provide support.

Correlate definitions


either of two or more related or complementary variables

See also: correlative


to bear a reciprocal or mutual relation; "Do these facts correlate?"


bring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation; "I cannot correlate these two pieces of information"


mutually related

See also: correlative correlated