Ticking in a sentence as a noun

"The clock is ticking for all of us... fight!

Our product aims to not be a ticking time bomb of technical debt.

"Could there ever be a case when..." is literally the "ticking time bomb" question; the dumbest of all questions.

If not, they're bored, and you have a ticking clock to do something about that engineer before he leaves.

When the seconds are ticking away, and another page has to load, it's just infuriating.

More importantly: clients are much more willing to reach out and ask questions when they know the meter isn't going to be ticking.

But it so happens that you don't get a top score in a research degree by just ticking the boxes or colouring between the lines.

The entire process of a level ticking away and a new price being formed in liquid tick-wide names plays out in microseconds these days.

For example there are windows where ticking one checkbox disables installation of a toolbar, but ticking the next one enables a different one.

But you had to specifically opt out of this, which was done by ticking a very small box in the corner, in which case the prices for a single order would quadruple or something.

This is a sorry state of affairs: given that our time is limited and ticking away, the tasks upon the table should always include some consideration of aging.

They think he/she is a potential criminal/terrorist a ticking time bomb that will go off on a violent spree that will **** people because most of the people who go on ****** sprees are labeled mentally ill by the news media.

Statistically speaking, ticking time bomb situations do not actually occur in real life and basing institutionalized acceptance of torture on a fantasy what if scenario is intellectual fraud.

Is there really no one that is happy to keep the service ticking along?I feel like there is a pretty significant problem with tech startups, where everyone is so busy trying to be the next big thing, that everything else is dropped and abandoned in that pursuit.

Or, restated: Why are you working roughly half the year for $100k when you could be working full time for $100k?Seems like it answers itself, eh?Further, by the time you get a little software empire like the one the author describes ticking along into the six figure range, you can be confident that it'll continue to make you more money each year, proportional to how much effort you put into it.

Ticking definitions


a metallic tapping sound; "he counted the ticks of the clock"

See also: tick


a strong fabric used for mattress and pillow covers