How to use Theta in a sentence as a noun

You can pretty easily control the spacing and delta in the radius and theta, and then just use Bezier curves from there which should not have weird cusps that the author describes if your spacing is correct.

Unless you have really, really, really good reasons, prefer radius and theta instead.

I suppose Ramanujan doesn't seem important to the layperson, because his major contributions were both very advanced and difficult to explain -- compare Gdel's second incompleteness theorem, that no axiomatic system representing Robinson arithmetic can prove its own consistency: that one is much simpler than a result dealing with mock theta functions -- and they were also in pure mathematics rather than applied mathematics, and the main application of Ramanujan's work has been in some areas of quantum mechanics and string theory, which are themselves a bit beyond a layperson.

Ramanujan's discovery of the mock theta functions makes it obvious that his skill and ingenuity did not desert him at the oncoming of his untimely end.

As much as any of his earlier work, the mock theta functions are an achievement sucient to cause his name to be held in lasting remembrance"To me, it's interesting that a community where fairly easy to build web-applications are called transformative and disruptive also has two out of thirteen comments critical of Ramanujam's impact.

Theta definitions


the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet