Delta in a sentence as a noun

After that, the delta-v required is on the order of 100m/s, hardkly the 10km/s needed for orbit.

One of the design challenges was to maintain a narrow delta-T across the LED array.

If you can track the performance of millions of subnets a 1% delta per day is certainly feasible.

"Okay, so our deltas are completely ******" you say, "Why don't we just delete the app's entire iCloud bucket and start over?

How should I be evaluating myself?The only metric that matters is the delta between what you know and what you need to know to build what you have to build.

Hit d to switch to delta instead of total usage, p for human-readable numbers, and left arrow to collapse into process names.

The delta from thought to code seemed so drawn out that by the time I had put my thought down into code I had often forgotten what the **** I was coding in the first place.

The question becomes one of intelligent design -- was there a external intelligent agent causing the blue tree delta?

But judging quality is subjective, and you're likely to have a sliding scale depending on employee's past experience and delta to their start date.

The problem is the delta-V required to match velocities;4. You either need to bring back the entire asteroid, which would require a massive amount of delta-V, or you need to mine the asteroid, which would take a massive amount of equipment;5.

The database is literally the playback of every delta, with no canonical snapshots.

Core Data is also terrifyingly bad at conflict resolution when deltas from different devices don't line up.- The above points means that it's trivially easy to break your entire database, as your deltas no longer play back to a sane database file.

Delta definitions


a low triangular area of alluvial deposits where a river divides before entering a larger body of water; "the Mississippi River delta"; "the Nile delta"


an object shaped like an equilateral triangle


the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet