Testimony in a sentence as a noun

Therefor the act of provided the password would be testimony.

Generally encryption pass phrases do not count as testimony, the legal system treats them as keys.

The continued existence of Craigslist is just a testimony to the enormous strength of network effect lock in.

If all they want is a fair trial, there is nothing wrong with excluding unsupportable expert testimony from that trial.

Most of my knowledge comes from a mix of an outsider's view and third-party testimony of the approach that Uber has taken in Toronto and NYC.

Consider that people have been convicted of serious offenses such as rape and ****** based on the testimony of a single eye witness.

They buy testimony from other defendants by promising them immunity.

He probably got to walk away only because they knew the ipad data could make much better evidence to arrest others than forced testimony.

I'm sure there are plenty of GitHub employees who have a strong opinion, but enough of them seem to have an ax to grind in one way or another that it's hard to trust that testimony.

But you look at the testimony of Daniel Spitler and the steps he had to take to get to this wide open Web and I’m flabbergasted that this could be called anything other than a hack.

Interviews have been leaked with Assange, and Wilen commented initially "that she became so distraught she refused to give any more testimony and refused to sign what had been taken down.".

If I'm reading the testimony correctly, there is actually no evidence that a stack overflow caused unintended acceleration.

And the rules for evidence, "scientific" testimony, and witness reports are archaic, convoluted, and based on nothing resembling scientific or rational rigor.

The fact that, in 2011, the speed with which the news of Steve Jobs's death circled the globe and reached millions could be measured in seconds is a profound testimony to the connective power of the new world that he helped to create.

What do you think happens by lesser agencies on non-sworn testimony when they see what their big-brother can get away with?And the "behavior detection" has already been outed multiple times as a huge pile of poo.

So the issue is whether the act of producing the documents is a testimonial act and therefore covered by the Fifth AmendmentThe court concludes that the act of production is a testimonial act because, one, the testimony was not a "foregone conclusion.

I've been studying sightings and evidence as a hobby for many years, and based on credible eye-witness testimony I'm comfortably convinced that the United States government knows a lot more about intermittent atmospheric phenomenon than they are letting on.

Testimony definitions


a solemn statement made under oath


an assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact; "according to his own testimony he can't do it"


something that serves as evidence; "his effort was testimony to his devotion"

See also: testimonial