Testimonial in a sentence as a noun

You can check their site for our testimonial.

Quick testimonial:I went to Georgia Tech and did a CS degree there from 02-06.

That act has no nexus with a person's internal thoughts and is thus not testimonial.

I wrote a testimonial that is not up on the internet, yet, so I thought I'd reproduce it here.

Here, take a look at the "testimonial" in question[0]:"When I first saw Earbits, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I love the "Cease and desist - Rovio" testimonial.

For some reason, this comment really read like a marketing testimonial.

The only "proof" I have is testimonial proof and some xerox, this is why the only thing possible to me to do is a blog post.

The combination conveys the contents of one's mind; the key does not and is therefore not testimonial.

+ if github would really ask me for consulting I'd consider working for free, just for a testimonial.

Testimonial in a sentence as an adjective

Instead, I think of two different variations of the .testimonial object.

A password, like a combination, is in the suspect's mind, and is therefore testimonial and beyond the reach of the grand jury subpoena.

I'm not sure that blatant testimonial fabrication and deception is really cutting corners.

Greenwald will release documents that directly refute the NSA's testimonial.

I say this because I saw your post about Launched yesterday then on your site I see the testimonial Freelancify helped us find a great designer to get our blog launched.

Having the president use their service serves as a good reference, but this one teleconference would not be what I would consider to be a positive testimonial.

It was one of the most memorable "testimonials without even being a testimonial" I've ever read about the use software for a higher purpose:Next, Mr. Taylor announces its time for Multiplication Bingo.

The court states that the actual contents of the hard drive are themselves not testimonialthat is, they are not covered by the Fifth Amendment and, if the government had access to the hard drives, they could present whatever was incriminating on them into evidence.

So the issue is whether the act of producing the documents is a testimonial act and therefore covered by the Fifth AmendmentThe court concludes that the act of production is a testimonial act because, one, the testimony was not a "foregone conclusion.

Testimonial definitions


something that serves as evidence; "his effort was testimony to his devotion"

See also: testimony


something given or done as an expression of esteem

See also: tribute


something that recommends (or expresses commendation of) a person or thing as worthy or desirable

See also: recommendation


expressing admiration or appreciation; "testimonial dinner"


of or relating to or constituting testimony