Teammate in a sentence as a noun

You can't pass to a teammate when he's too far down-field.

> If I need to ask a teammate a question, I turn my head slightly to the left and ask them.

If I need to ask a teammate a question, I turn my head slightly to the left and ask them.

So the rule was that we had to make touch/no touch calls in matches involving our own teammates.

There is no boost to a team like a new junior teammate who asks questions, takes advice, works hard, and show enjoyment at tackling new hurdles.

We put the two-year expiration in place as a specific restriction so teammates have to do a trip during that year.

Are you now a little more alert to the fact that what you might have thought was an innocuous joke actually made a teammate feel like they have a target on their back?

We realize that not everyone can live nearby, and several of our teammates actually live on the Peninsula, East Bay, or other parts of SF.

I quickly learned to pretend I was half-blind and clueless which, alas, did not require much acting talent and round off all non-obvious calls in favor of my teammate.

Are you OK with being on a team where one of your teammates feels stressed out, defensive, and alienated because of comments being made by another member of your team?

And yet women don't have such privilege and protection.---As far as I can read, this is one **** of an account of how not to treat your non-technical founder/co-founder/teammate.

We’ve always found it rewarding to travel because it gives everyone perspective, and taking a step back can help people better understand what’s important to them, which makes them a better teammate as well.

Why should I have to subsidize my teammate's expensive, hip, urban NYC lifestyle if I've decided to live somewhere cheap and save money for early retirement, starting my own business, supporting a larger family etc?

But they do show their limitations in multiplayer...among their weaknesses: they're too willing to sacrifice their healthpacks for an injured teammate, and will almost always try to help an incapacitated player no matter how hopeless his/her cause.

Teammate definitions


a fellow member of a team; "it was his first start against his former teammates"

See also: mate