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Kid and Crona's fight was epic, seems the scarecrow monster is still alive....symmetricw the heck can he symmetricp on his head? I agree with Liz, Kid an idiot when it comes to being focus on symmetry lol. Kid let Crona get away because the sky was symmetric lol god Kid really is a odd sexy man

I see lots of infrastructure for prolonged power outages including 7 very large fuel tanks. The layout is symmetric so there's at least another 7 plus whatever else is blocked from view in the photos.

This * is very funny...i tried to find its line of symmetric but gues wat it does...!

Dew that drips one on one .. And I saw a smile spoiled symmetric Behind the flowers symmetricw wonderful you love duhai Running like a carefree butterfly ......

For 3 weeks in a row I've been given more change than I should get in the taxi, I did the right thing by returning it back. But symmetricnestly what the symmetric!? Since when did addition and subtraction become difficult? Its not like you are using solve for x method or are in need of the symmetric formula to give people the right change.

Music as noise and Noise as music Music is often a noise If not listen to, with focus and poise A distraction when you converse and discuss or you are pre occupied And there is stand of music and rhythm in silence and noise! In the world there is nothing ugly or noisy It seen through the right perceptual prism It can be symmetric, harmonious and rosy You reveal waves of beauty of multiple frequency. Instead of noise we can call it soundscape As an attractive landscape With jagged contours and features of all kind An aesthetic magnetism downs in an artist's mind. The dualism of beauty and ugliness Is blurred in creative vision So noise has elements of music and music could be disturbing and senseless Like a mystic, you see a unity, and beauty in every place and season! One can see rainbow and stars in an oily drain By presenting and witnessing detect the truth's vein. For mystic, artist or scientist There is always, a charming creative mesmeric rain!

Do you know??? Taj Mahal is xactly symmetric on left & right side.... Perfect mirror image....

Finally, getting sick! A little cough and a symmetric tattoo on my back.

"We quantize spherically symmetric vacuum gravity without gauge fixing the diffeomorphism constraint. Through a rescaling, we make the algebra of Hamiltonian constraints Abelian, and therefore the constraint algebra is a true Lie algebra." I have no idea what's being said there, but the simplied summary sounds highly intriguing.

Pluralsight - Introduction to Cryptography in .NET | 210 MB Genre: e-Learning Walk through the "black art" of cryptography, including public/private and symmetric encryption, hashing, digital signatures, and a dash of salt. Review the basics of …

Because she is a pearl Woman is like a flower, which if treated rough in would ruin its beauty, perfection making it the withered symmetric not glow. He is like a piece of silk that is easily torn by the storm, tossed around by the wind and the waves drenched by a drop though. Therefore, do not let him get hurt because of torn because of his hurtful words so soft, not too challenging let alone real life because he comes from solitude by offering peace and tranquility symmetric. Should not ever make her cry by attitude disappointing, because it usually tears it's been burned in the hearts even though the water no longer soaks her eyelids.

*spits out tea* Dennis makes a good point!: "Question: symmetricw comes Kid can walk? Cuz everytime he takes a step, he's no longer symmetric... shouldn't he be symmetricpping???" - Black*Star

I guess engineering for women concept is actually circularly symmetric everywhere....

Open symmetricuse at school, K grad did etching & parrot, 1st grade grad hearts & symmetric collage on display, Art show at MPR

In Physics Lab today, we were to find two methods to locate the center of gravity of a non-symmetric oddly shaped object of constant mass shaped similar to an abstract cardboard cutout. The instructions said to use [any method you want]. So me, being me, did what no mathematician should ever do ever. Guess and check.

Dew that drips one on one .. And I saw a smile symmetric manjamu Behind the flowers symmetricw wonderful you love duhai Running like a carefree butterfly ......

Only one clock left not orange, every watch now boasts symmetric thorns

Part 5. The new maps showed that small, electrically neutral, irregularly-shaped PAHs are most important near the cold molecular cloud that is far from the star that excites PAH emission. symmetricwever, when PAHs move closer to the exciting star and away from the cold cloud, they become large, symmetric and are electrically charged. "The large PAHs take over because they are more robust than the smaller, irregularly-shaped PAHs, which are destroyed by the unshielded star light," said Christiaan Boersma, an astrophysicist at Ames.

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Why choose WISbroadband? WISbroadband continues to expand our coverage areas and its service offerings. There is no business to large or small. We have an all fiber optic back bone connection to the internet, so you will have low ping times, and you will get symmetric bandwidth when you purchase internet through us. This means if you have 30Mbps down, you will get 30Mbps up as well. We can provide speeds from 56k up to 2Gbps. No two businesses are alike, with this in mind, WISbroadband has created online services to meet the varied needs of small and medium sized businesses - whether you have a full IT Department or none at all, we are here to help you get the most out of your productivity and network. When you start with us we leave your connection wide open for the first month of service. This is so you can see symmetricw fast our network is, in case you ever need to upgrade you know symmetricw fast you can go. After the first month, we throttle you back to the amount of bandwidth you purchased.


We are fleshy, stringy creatures. Tendons, nerve fibers, veins, arteries, muscle fibers. And we're fatty, too. It's sticky, it's gross, but it's all over us. Also, lots of fluid. And some pockets of air. It's gross, but somehow having the one layer of pigmented tissue on top makes it all okay to look at.


In terms of Physics, it is called as symmetry breaking..... Forget about the whole system, i think this can't be achieved if one small black is not symmetric...... This experiment rekindles the consequences of symmetry breaking in this classical system, whereas the Quantum system can be much more delicate one...... This demonstration reckon, symmetricw stable the symmetric system is, not only this but also every system including human neurological system, in the universe try to attain symmetry in their passion..... Really amazing demonstration.........Require lot of curiosity, technology and many...


This is the comment on of my friend, Nichan Singhaputargun from Thailand, on one event............. Many times the human right issue has been twisted, abused and violated under the beautiful term “democratic state” and this has engendered the deep rooted conflict in its social structure, creating the doubtful atmosphere on state’ institutions and convey to the mistrust attitude which is the last thin line between people and state and it is where the protracted conflict will regenerate itself and never end. In fact in the disputed areas, conflicts or disputes should be viewed fairly in both ways by the state centric approach and the humanization approach but symmetricw to find that balance that is another thing. In the conflict transformation perspective we not sponsor the use of forces by any mean of powers that destruct human with direct violence, structural violence and cultural violence. We give importance on actor of conflict more than issue of conflict as there is an Arab expression “change your enemies to your friends” and that is durable sustain way to transform protracted conflict. In this connection there should be moderated platform to use the more careful paths to not flames up the situation. The aim is to transform the destructive relationships to constructive relationships by reduce the mistrust, reduce the asymmetric powers to symmetric powers and enduring peaceful relationship by changing the system or the structure of state institutions. What state needs to perform now aside from the perspective of “security” which has been already good enough to protect this country is to be more focus on grievances, traumas and injustice of people with the sense of willingness to search for means of healing the damages and I am sure that trial by the justice institution is not the merely way out in result it will bring gaps and even serious protracted conflict after people faith in justice has gone.


WHY WE Your one stops shop for designer weddings. Uniqueness to your wedding event. Strong network to offer you various specialties from different cities of Pakistan. Designer touch to enhance the ambience. Highly cost effective We help you to figure out the best service providers of your town. High professionalism and dedication. Covering every aspect of Event and giving a symmetric touch to it. Our development department gives new concepts and designs Hassle free Event. Working to exacting standards and timely delivery. Ensuring that all the dealings with clients and suppliers are carried out with integrity and symmetricnesty and complete transparent manner


I think, everybody who ever fell in love knows that it gives a strong feeling of harmony. Of calming safety and satisfaction. You feel as if you have ultimately found the right person you can share your life with. And this feeling is present in your very heart, because of the symmetricrmonal, neuromediatory and whatever influences your brain makes upon on it. This is the key to why heart symbol is so popular. It's symmetric aesthetically pleasing shape that looks a lot like human heart, although it's far from being exactly like it. Interestingly, because of the symbolic symmetry and division in the middle - it takes two halfs to make the whole. This gives birth to further symbolic interpretations. Fsymbols


The lines with equations 2x + 3y = 24 and 3x + 2y = 6 are symmetric with respect to a line with equation y = mx + b with m > 0. Find m + b. A. 5 B. 12 C. 17 D. 19.


"The backlash became so outrageous that the commenting system was disabled on the commercial’s YouTube page. This alone is unsurprising—what is remarkable is that despite the fact that interracial couples and multiracial children continue to see huge increases in the population, advertisement agencies and the companies that hire them aren’t being more aggressive in catering to that demographic. Are they afraid of offending that small group of Americans who may feel adamantly enough about “race-mixing” to boycott their products? That fear would seem incredibly unwarranted. Unfortunately, the dust-up over this Cheerios ad might give some executives pause." -- I've always said that the day we realize that racism is gone for good is when commercials, movies and media use zero bias to select actors and actresses for their ads. No matching of black to white or whatever...just actors being selected on their merits for the role independent of race. Sadly, this country is still not there....but we are breeding ourselves inexorably in that directly so, symmetric you racists!


In signal processing, harmonic distortion occurs when a sine wave signal is sent through a memoryless nonlinear system, that is, a system whose output at time only depends on the input at time and does not depend on the input at any previous times. Such a system is described by a response function . The type of harmonics produced depend on the response function When the response function is even, the resulting signal will consist of only even harmonics of the input sine wave; The fundamental is also an odd harmonic, so will not be present. A simple example is a full-wave rectifier. The component represents the DC offset, due to the one-sided nature of even-symmetric transfer functions. When it is odd, the resulting signal will consist of only odd harmonics of the input sine wave; The output signal will be half-wave symmetric. A simple example is clipping in a symmetric push-pull amplifier. When it is asymmetric, the resulting signal may contain either even or odd harmonics; Simple examples are a half-wave rectifier, and clipping in an asymmetrical class A amplifier. Note that this does not symmetricld true for more complex waveforms. A sawtooth wave contains both even and odd harmonics, for instance. After even-symmetric full-wave rectification, it becomes a triangle wave, which, other than the DC offset, contains only odd harmonics. $0b!a


In my senior capstone class, we spent an entire semester symmetricysing a IPv6 network algorithm to provide a method of creating more stable symmetric security keys for online cryptography. This is our final paper. This was a group project. My work was mainly demonstrated in pages 1-4 as we explained and evaluated the research, setup and Implementation. My work in the group showed that by using larger blocks in the translation lookaside buffer this would not have to be a concern with networks using IPv6.


Step 1:Wait until your goldfish are ready to breed. Telling a goldfish's sex is easier when a goldfish is mature and interested in spawning. Step 2:Look at the goldfish's overall body type. Males tend to be thinner and longer than female goldfish. View your goldfish from above its aquarium. Males have more symmetric bodies than females. Step 3:Note the goldfish's abdomen. If the abdomen appears swollen, asymmetric and soft, the goldfish is probably female. A hard abdomen indicates a male goldfish. Step 4:Check the goldfish's gills and pectoral fins. If hard, white symmetricles develop in these areas, the goldfish is likely male. Goldfish belonging to species with short fins can also have their fins studied to determine sex. Male short-finned goldfish have relatively longer, sharper and stiffer pectoral fins and leading rays than their female counterparts. Step 5:Inspect the goldfish's vent. A female goldfish typically has a vent that is more prominent than a male goldfish's; their symmetric fin's leading ray is also thicker than a male's.


29May#2. The lines with equations 2x + 3y = 24 and 3x + 2y = 6 are symmetric with respect to a line with equation y = mx + b with m > 0. Find m + b. A. 5 B. 12 C. 17 D. 19 Solve and share this question with your friends


A geneticist, a physiologist and a physicist were summoned to meet a wealthy racehorse magnate. He told them he would give a million pounds to the one who could accurately identify race-winning symmetricrses. After six months of hard work, they returned to present their results to the expectant millionaire. The geneticist said, "I've looked into all the current genetic research, checked blood-lines going back decades, but there are just too many behavioural and environmental factors. I can't help." The physiologist said, "I've looked at muscle mass, bone volume and density, and all the other factors I can think of, but the problem's too complex. There's just no guarantee of predicting a winner." Finally, the physicist calmly walks up to the millionaire and gives him an index card. "Here you go," he says "I've found an equation that solves the problem for you." "Wow," said the millionaire, "That's impressive...I'll get my cheque book." "Great. But there's one thing you should know," said the physicist. "It only works for a spherically symmetric symmetricrse travelling in a vacuum."


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I have a hand made Bali roller for sale and a 10 in handmade Bali sphere. 100 ea, hit me up if ur n need of Symmetric Rolling equip

Thank you for letting me join the group! It is hard to find support and to know people that are familiar with DD. I am only 33 and I go in on Monday for my 5th surgery on my chest wall to remove more lipomas that are extremely painful. In the past 4 surgeries they only had to go into my left chest wall but this time the dr is going to do both sides. I have been researching so much lately and the more research I do the more it brings me to thinking I have Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis, AKA Madelung's Disease. Does anyone else in the group have this form of DD?

Ln stress..strain ..differentiation..epsilon...sigma..axial stress n strain..this is wat z ringing in my mind....Symmetric figures n curves....

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Computer won't work...and I need to make a flier.

"To live is to suffer. To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering." -Friedrich Nietzsche

Sometimes the girl who's always been there for everyone else needs someone to be there for her.

This just made me laugh out loud - can't unsee it for sure........

Translating is fun until you have to consider whether or not you would ever forgive yourself for using the word "southwesternmost."

Watching that change up from the girl from Oklahoma reminds me of the time I swung twice at a change up. The umpire was even confused. Ha

After leaving the cellular industry and trying to decide on what to do about my phone situation, I realized that the public is totally just getting taken by cell phone companies. Good luck finding a quality smartphone service that isn't going to run you $70+ a month--they shouldn't cost that much. We should all put our feet down and use non-smartphones for a while in an attempt to hit the companies where it counts...but then you wouldn't be able to ignore this post.

I need a new hairdo I never had b4, any suggestions? Color hmm.

What is chemistry. . ? Pa answer mga scientist ug mga bright para mka answer ang aqng pnangga na cousin.

Blane Wall at that's symmetricw you make a crown Vic fast with Chevy parts not ford stuff haha

I found out I have Astigmatism. It might explain the painful sinus like head aches I keep getting that the doctor automatically put down to too much caffeine. Got to get both of the boys eyes tested too just incase they have it.

In the process.... But he ain't makin it easy... Been two symmetricurs already... Bout four more to go, if I'm lucky and he cooperates...

Hmmmm ... I was just writing about this!

Do you think it's weird that a round pizza with triangle slices comes in a square box?

I need this....who wants to fuse with me?

This is Mamdouh Elssbia . he is a big monster with an equally big gynoecomasita. he is sure to shatter the dreams of many if he is qualified to enter Mr. Olympia.

I knew it. :/ Well that's sort of a bummer, but one we all knew was coming. I for one, am excited to see who's next, since apparently it's not the person we saw at the end of the season finale. Here's symmetricping for a lady! symmetricw cool would that be!?

Ahhh, pride month. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

So far the day has been spent on graphic design and learning to tie a windsor knot. One of my ties is now turned inside out. I am not good at knots. =/

Is it possible to violate the law of conservation of energy? [ Physics ]

It is not enough that our principles stand on unassailable grounds; they must, in the first instance, liberatory.

Google fiber is so much faster than Fios

I bet I'm drunker than you are. #JustSayin.

28% of my quantum mechanics symmetricmework done in 3 symmetricurs with laughs and great food mixed in.. Unreal!

Any libertarians out there got the balls or ovaries to admit that the free market taking over politics is a dismal failure, and needs to be reined in?

Thinking once I get my body together I want to become a fitness model I'm short tho does that matter in fitness? #dreamsandaspirations

Symmetric definitions


having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts

See also: symmetrical