Supple in a sentence as a verb

The supple constraints are not problems of incentives, they are problems of physics.

There's absolutely not reason to keep an *** pocket supple and sized for contraband.

Actors don't get to give great performances if the words and myths in their stories are not supple enough for them to play with.

The question is, will Apple remain supple enough to exploit this, and will the other companies wise up?

I read it as "supple mentos" and was, needless to say, confused how mentos fit into the "Eating Healthily" part.

The "mental load" data is polluted by OCR errors like "supple- mental load" though, especially earlier on.

Supple in a sentence as an adjective

I'm not saying this says anything about your ability to solve the problem, but asking the question is a good sign of a supple mind.

Truly healthy skin is smooth, supple and elastic, almost like velvet or thin high-quality well-oiled leather drawn tight over your frame.

Initially, I thought it was way too big, but the supple, thick, curved edges and ergonomic design of the 1020's case made it much easier to hold and I acclimated quickly.

There's also: "It can be played by boys of every age from twelve to one hundred and fiftyand even later if the limbs remain sufficiently suppleby girls of the better sort, and by a few rare and gifted women.

Dennett: "The fact is that any program that could actually hold up its end in the conversation depicted would have to be an extraordinary supple, sophisticated, and multilayered system, brimming with “world knowledge” and meta-knowledge and meta-meta-knowledge about its own responses, the likely responses of its interlocutor, and much, much more….

Supple definitions


make pliant and flexible; "These boots are not yet suppled by frequent use"


moving and bending with ease

See also: lissome lissom lithe lithesome slender svelte sylphlike


(used of e.g. personality traits) readily adaptable; "a supple mind"; "a limber imagination"

See also: limber


(used of persons' bodies) capable of moving or bending freely

See also: limber