Sulk in a sentence as a noun

I guess I'll go in the corner and sulk.

The former CEO should not just sulk in darkness.

You can't havee more than 8/10/12 characters or I'll sulk!

They were bored, their minds strayed to silly thoughts, and they began to sulk.[..

No need to sulkI know, but I want there to be cool things that solve everything.

Go sulk in my hotel room or go home, or wander around until my ride is ready to go?

Then sulk off to whatever fetid corner of the internet you came from.

If an opportunity to use one of those options doesn't present itself, we go home and sulk.

Sulk in a sentence as a verb

Oh but I don't sulk I just take away access and tell them to go write code and stop breaking the infrastructure.

The longer you wait and sulk in your depression the more depressed you will get being 21,22,23,24,25yrs old and in the same situation you are currently in.

Or do we sulk around wondering why we should do anything at all unless there's something directly in it for us?

Really, is it necessary to have another systemd perma-sulk?

The point of boxing's queensberry rules was no guns or swords or deliberate maiming, may the best man win and the loser sulk off alive with humility.

Some of them are awesome, in the galley every day baking bread, doing the dishes in rough seas, etc. Others get really weird, stay in their cabins and sulk, throw random temper fits, etc. Some skippers are awesome, chilled.

The problem is, some people here on HN have been very aggressive in their attacks over the past few weeks - far worse than simply saying "she should resign".In addition to that, I've seen people sulk and get visibly agitated for long periods of time after poor performance reviews at work.

Sulk definitions


a mood or display of sullen aloofness or withdrawal; "stayed home in a sulk"

See also: sulkiness


be in a huff and display one's displeasure; "She is pouting because she didn't get what she wanted"

See also: pout brood