Subordination in a sentence as a noun

The stress of subordination stokes the r-drive which would, in 700 AD, be inclined to rape and pillage, and with probably less of the pillaging.

The future's going to come out of a location that's free from the high-rent nonsense that creates a work culture of subordination.

The difficulty I have with this article is that it's more about rebranding subordination than management.

The problem for most white-collar workers is that the actual work demands are low, but the emotional overhead of subordination and mandatory presence is as bad as ever.

The author waits until the very last paragraph before acknowledging:"Gender differences can sometimes be symptoms of oppression and subordination.

Just pulling quotes from the Wikipedia page, "he avoided complicated syntax and about 70 percent of the sentences are simple sentences a childlike syntax without subordination.

It's about creating an image so that managerial types, many of whom operate on antiquated emotional metrics of availability and subordination, feel confident in you.

Related phenomena include 'goal subordination' in organizational behavior and the Peter Principle.

Subordination definitions


the state of being subordinate to something


the semantic relation of being subordinate or belonging to a lower rank or class

See also: hyponymy


the grammatical relation of a modifying word or phrase to its head


the quality of obedient submissiveness


the act of mastering or subordinating someone

See also: mastery