Straits in a sentence as a noun

I can't imagine what it would be like for someone in these straits to do the same.

It's only when we've been in truly dire straits that I've chosen the former.

> If Tesla finds itself in dire financial straits, they'll be wrapped up and shut down.

Yes, states are in dire straits, and yes, there are good arguments on both sides of the issue.

Greece could be the most productive country in the EU and their government would still be in dire straits.

" -- but its hard to argue against the financial straits of such a publication.

Why would you need to buy off 30 different military forces to sail the straits of Malacca?

However, if I'm bankrupt, in dire financial straits, etc I could see having some hesitation in letting me run the books.

I think a more important use of the cable is that it can't `accidentally` be broken by a chinese anchor in the luzon straits.

Much of this stuff is not obvious at all until you see someone do it, and if everyone you know is in similarly dire straits, you have nobody to teach you.

But based on the pervasive banners, I thought wikipedia was still in dire straits and needed my money urgently just to keep the servers and bandwidth running.

"[1] Aaron was doing perhaps more than he knew to push this conversation along, had I known he was in such dire straits in his defense fund I would have helped in any way I could have.

The writer described how, even when he was in dire straits, at the back of his mind he knew that he could count on maybe extended family or something or someone to pull him out of trouble.

We might be in dangerous economic straits if the dollar were not the principal international reserve currency and the eurozone in deep fiscal trouble.

Knowing that the city was under dire financial straits, what business did the city have making new hires and promising them impossible compensation, that would result in passing the buck to the next generation?

We give you a piece of paper, you sign it, you have fun and work hard for a few years, and then you're in such bad financial straits that you'll have to take anything you can find that makes money in a sad attempt to ever get even again.

Since their slave factories collapsed, they have been in desperate straits to steal what they can. I totally believe the CEOs explanation that they backdated their tax code specifically to target him, and then never served him of any real notice of it until now, after they've gotten a bunch of judgements against him in which he had no chance to represent himself because he didn't even know there was a case about this.

I'm not saying that Mozilla is currently in dire straits, but mean that they are voluntarily and pre-emptively putting considerable weight, energy and focus into the mobile arena where they feel they can make a big difference and considerably grow their mindshare footprint, which in turn leads to higher conversion rates for people willing to embrace their mission ideals of web openness.

Straits definitions


a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs

See also: pass strait


a difficult juncture; "a pretty pass"; "matters came to a head yesterday"

See also: pass head