Strait in a sentence as a noun

This is quite possibly the closest we can get to a disease threat strait out of a zombie movie.

It's called dotjs [1] and it's really strait forward to use as it does not require the complicated header section.

The shortest distance between two points is not a strait line on a map[1], especially when you are a long way from the equator.

"I often have a hard time remembering where I learned something so it makes it hard to keep strait why I think something is true.

For everyone bringing up the GPL licence, strait from the horse's mouth:> The GPL does not require you to release your modified version.

Strait in a sentence as an adjective

How so?The modern take on China-Taiwan relations is free trade and cross-strait economic cooperation.

A well educated, well informed, and politically active populace on the other hand is a strait jacket.

Are you telling me I should not be allowed in the USA of which I am a law abiding citizen because of my ethnicity?Its okay, be strait with me.

A 12hr strait shot is by no means fun but its not something thats going to significantly deteriorate a driver's ability to the level your post would warrant.

" I have yet to meet a single company facing a sizable technical challenge whose performance and availability needs could be met by a strait-jacket PaaS with an autoscale button.

Strait definitions


a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water

See also: sound


a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs

See also: pass straits


narrow; "strait is the gate"