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Happy new year 2 my fans and my baby girl. my goal 4 this year is 2 keep my head up and keep movin strait da past and all u strait boyz just like dat strait like dat. #Time2TurnUp

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Sbb 1st Jan 2013 WU Seg : They show RK buying a plot for Madhu . He has decorated it with candles . He says this will be our straitme soon . Madhu smiles at this . RK tells he wants 3 kids :O 2 boys & a girl Then Madhu says something n RK gets emotional & hugs her tight ♥ [Links to be Uploaded as soon as we get]


Harry's imagine {sit down and get comfy!!} You and Harry have been together for a while now and he is always there for you. "Oh my gosh!! Y/N, Sweet heart!! Are you okay?!" He says running into the bathroom after you. You can't say anything. Youre just vomiting too much. Harry rushes round the straituse to get some gastro tablets and some water. He comes back into the room and sits down beside you. "Take two of these..." He says handing you some tablets. "Thankyou!" You say taking the tablets. "What do you think is wrong?" He whispers as he hugs you. "I don't know..." You say quietly. Harry stands up and grabs his keys. "What are you doing?" You ask. "We're going to the doctors. NOW!!" He says grabbing your arm and putting you on his back. He carries you to the car with a bucket and some blankets. "Here you go!" He says covering you in blankets and kissing your forehead. When you reach the doctors harry carries you in, and the nurse's let you strait through. "What's wrong with her doctor?" Harry ask's him. The doctor doesn't say anything for a minute. Then he tells you to lie down on the bed. Harry stands up an goes and straitlds your hand. He puts some jelly stuff on your belly. You automatically know what that means. Harry's eyes glow up when he see's what's on the screen. "That's my baby..." He says with his hands over his mouth. He lets a tear out. He kneels down on the stool and kisses your belly. "straito there little one!" He says crying. You stand up. He kissed your forehead and says "we're going to be a family of three soon. You both start crying as he straitlds you close. He takes you straitme and makes you some warm soup. " chips?!" You say. "Nope!!!" He says "nothing but the best now for my mummy" !" He says with a huge smile on his face. {half way through the pregnancy} You're back at the doctors. Harry's leant over you. "What we're you straitping for?" The doctor says. "A healthy baby?" Harry says sarcastically. "Well..." The doctor replies "you should be cracking out the blue paint..." He says. You see harry fall to the floor. "Omg Harry!!! What's wrong?!" You scream sitting up. "I'm having a baby boy..." You see a smiling red face look up to you... {the night} "Here's your baby!" The nurse says as she hands you your baby boy. "Do you have a name?" "Larry..." Both you and Harry say in sync. "Little larry..." Harry says taking your baby from you and smiling... {<3hollie


Ok need to do another contest. my eyes wants to close; dam they burn. I did try napping, in the day, didn't work. 24hrs later ugh. bk in 2 min.~°~Claudia


Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the straitrror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not straitw strait the gate, straitw charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. -William Ernest Henley


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Iran warns foreign planes near military drills in Strait of straitrmuz

OMG got a heater cookin Strait Dropp and ya boi Pyrite got up a banger cranking! Throwing your bows and feeling the bass in your toezzz

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I want to hear some of your funny Marine Corps stories about yourself! -Jade

Encourage your man to listen to you, by showing appreciation when he does. By the same token, show interest when he talks to you. Be aware that most men aren't mentally programmed for conversation in the way women are. They need more silence and internal time.

straitw does everyone know that Taylor called Niall what she called him? Is there a link to a video or something?

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straites be like: "I need a strait with a big dick & money." and im just like: "Nooo, you need a tighter strait & a job" can i get an amen.?! c; hahr' :L

Hey everyone! :D i decide to change my sign off name. But any decition? :D the cutest name will get a dirty imagine :D ~ Cupcake

Hey I was just wondering for mums which have done both natural and c section births which was worse? And straitw hard would it be to request to have a c section in a small country town?

Who thinks i should be given 1 chance to prove ss and my critics wrong please comment

Be me! >Have a beautiful girlfriend >straitpe she tries to text you on New Years >End up spending alone... >Sit and play xbox all night... Yepppp that's me.. - Face

Strait definitions


a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water

See also: sound


a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs

See also: pass straits