How to use Sternum in a sentence as a noun

"A yard is the distance from your sternum to the tip of your outstretched hand.

The pattern of bone ossification -- notice, no sternum -- fits that as well, but it doesnt fit a 6 year old at all.

I've been cornered - shoved in between two refrigerators while a guy who outweighed me by 50 pounds leaned against me and went for my bits - all the while telling me "it's time to come out".I put my fist into his sternum as hard as I could.

This putty could be used to fuse the sternum back together, which would probably speed healing.

I can push my finger below my clavicle where it meets my sternum and elicit a lot of pain, which radiates to my pec.

I ran down a ***** and tripped, and fell chest first onto a log, right on my sternum.

I feel a tightness in my chest when it happens, primarily below the upper sternum.

Imagine the center of my ego was my sternum and not my head, imagine the world from that perspective.

When a lot of people "stand up straight" they are pushing their sternum forward and arching their upper back.

Ensure your sternum stays on the same plane as your stomach and neck, keep the upper back from rounding.

One of them fractured my sternum when he punched me after I mouthed off. I still have the bony ridge and slightly deformed pectoral.

But a vigorous rub of the sternum will absolutely not do it for many people, myself included.

A vigorous rub of the sternum will likely wake you up.

In most cases the ribs aren't actually breaking, their dislocating and the cartilage that attaches them to the sternum is tearing.

Instead, the bicycle and I slammed laterally against her car and flew forward at her angle, my sternum striking her passenger-side mirror.

Sternum definitions


the flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs

See also: breastbone