Steganography in a sentence as a noun

This is a cute system, but it's not steganography.

Judging by the claims and the code, this is a tool created by someone who hasn't read any prior research about steganography.

Can someone edit the submission to say "steganography"?

Is there any evidence that the steganography here is undetectable?

All of the forward secrecy and TLS and onion routing and steganography and PGP and AES in the world counts for nothing if they'll just declare such technologies illegal and harass the users.

Two recent interesting papers were StegoTorus [1], which conceals Tor traffic via steganography in a way robust to the above statistical analysis, and -- more exotically -- SkypeMorph [2], which obfuscates Tor traffic to mimic Skype traffic.

Steganography definitions


act of writing in code or cipher

See also: cryptography coding