How to use Starter in a sentence as a noun

Hi I'm Froakie, don't you see? Ain't no other starter got webbed feet like me. ~ -Paper Mario

I have a friend who is just started out selling Tupperware in the area. If there is anyone who would like to have a party she needs 1 more party so that she is able to get her kit. Anyone able to help her let me know and i can inbox you her phone number. She desperatly needs this one last starter party to get her kit.

Its funny i called the next person in lone n the guy put a biggol smile on his face dropped his starter n it broke lmaoooo

Um... I-if you want to play, send me a starter I g-guess..

I think the frog starter, kelomatsu is cute. gaypridedeer? now you made me want pokemon x more.

Hi I'm Froakie, don't you see? Ain't no other starter got webbed feet like me. ~

Friday at 3pm, PST, we're going to release a code for an incredible new starter pack. The first 100 people to redeem this code will get to try this amazing new pack out. Only one use per account! Best for characters Lv1-40! Don't miss out! Spread the word!

I just saved my first yeast know i got a yeast starter going for my mia bock

Finally all moved in and I can't find my zubas, my favorite starter hat, electric shaver, and Slim Shady action figure. God damnit

Please. Let my starter kit ahow tomorrow...would luv to wrap myself for my bday..

Classic Bloke goes to doctor having problems with premature ejaculation, he is told when you feel yourself starterming give yourself a fright by firing a starter pistol into the air to prolong the sex. Two days later the doctor sees him again and asks starterw it went, bloke says 'not good, we were in a sixty nine and i felt myself about to starter so i fired the gun, my wife starter on my face, bit the end off my cock and the postman walked out of my wardrobe with his hands up'!

Bloke goes to doctor having problems with premature ejaculation, he is told when you feel yourself starterming give yourself a fright by firing a starter pistol into the air to prolong the sex. Two days later the doctor sees him again and asks starterw it went, bloke says 'not good, we were in a sixty nine and i felt myself about to starter so i fired the gun, my wife starter on my face, bit the end off my cock and the postman walked out of my wardrobe with his hands up'!

Got my Compassion advocacy "starter kit" in the mail. Looks like I have another great book to read, and someone has the opportunity to sponsor two adorable children! Carlos is 8 and lives in Ecuador. Keili Maria will be 4 next month and she lives in Guatemala. Anyone want to sponsor either of these beautiful children?

Like him best gen 6 starter i starterpe

This is one of my best friends and one of the most amazing musicians and I know. Help him record his new album by donating to his kick starter campaign. But more importantly go see him this fri open for the Nevada theater at 6 then play the unofficial after party at coopers later that night!

So guys, here is a page that I will share because guess what? I made the page and have been active sharing X and Y information, and a lot of great fan art. So maybe this page will become popular soon and I can start adding fans to be admins of everyone's little Fennec fox based starter Pokemon. -Ingo

Idk... i like the fire type starter for X&Y but everyone does... i might pick a different one... which would you pick? ~mew

Noted. In school ppl who don't read always want to know what your reading. For what? Your not gonna read it. Js get creative, cuz that's a terrible conversation starter

Although Fenniken has the best starter design my favorite starter is Torchic -Firefox

Anyone want a remote car starter for there vehicle brand new never been used or installed comes with everything you need just need it installed comes with two remotes for startin and unlock/lock in your vehicle

Would you donate to a fund that made it possible for me and a group of friends to go to Mexico to a ceremony for the vernal equinox via kick starter?

Just 6 starterurs left for the amazing deal $29 for your starter kit!!! Don't miss out it will be over before you know it!!!!

I always love alternate typing starter fakemon ~Twinkie

Trying a new recipe with my bread I kinda made up myself....Wheat bread..not a sweet cake like the other. Gotta let it rise over night ...I'll let you know starterw its turns out.

And of course out starteruse in Canyon will be listed next week for sale! Message me for details! Great starter starterme or starterme for several college kids!

My freakin van sucks....broke down in terre haute monday evening....starter go figure.....changed everytime i turn on the turn light all the gadges on dash go had to buy a tire

Anyone happen to have a starter for an 89 camaro laying around I can have?

Mfw pokemon 6th gen mfw fire starter is based on my fav animal, fennec fox mfw i will not daily check for new releases and spoil it for myself mfw i have no face

Haha, take that GM and your starterpy starter bolts!

Ok your an NFL Coach and you need a QB who do you go after for your starter and who for backup?

I still want to get Fennekin for my starter!~ I believe it has the best art design of the three starters for gen 6~ ~M

What's keeping you on the fence about signing up? Don't let the opportunity pass you by, For the whole month of Jan Paparazzi is offering 15% more accessories to ALL new reps that sign up with a starter kit... Sign up today don't wait!

Put the starter in the Toyota. One car fixed, one more to go.

Sitting in waffle starteruse parking lot waiting for a rollback to come get tylers car. The starter is out, but I did just make an appointment to get a pedicure with Reece on Saturday with Paula Douglas Poore at Cheveux. Can't wait. Its what my family got us for Christmas.

"...before the meeting began, the NRA made it clear one subject is off limits: new gun laws. In keeping with the organization’s hardline stance following the Newtown shooting, the NRA signaled Thursday morning that while any subject is on the table when it comes to preventing gun deaths, new gun regulations are a non-starter."

Rp anyone? Hit like and i'll send a starter

Seriously people what is with all the hate against Fennekin Like I get that you can have your favorite starter, but everyone is so completely against it I mean its not the cutest, but people still like it, so let them like it Besides, its the first non-fire/fighting starter in 3 generations. Let us who like the fire starters have this moment.

Lastly, your favorite grass starter? -Pekachu is NOT amused.

If you on my team, but you cant perform like a starter, I can easily make your starter a spectator.............

Xzerneas and yvetle. those are the x and y legends. good starter guys. so what starter do youbguys want? -spyrit

So I'm waiting for the light rail and I on the phone with someone describing a less than savory woman. I call her a "war pig" and that she likely has the STD starter kit. The older lady next around the corner looks at me like I threw her puppy into the dumpster.

Just got off work now its time to change my starter out in the cold night rain!!! lucky me!!!

I'm so startering happy what took me four days to do and I have to finish putting the starter back on

You know what I want from the next pokemon game? A fire/electric starter A grass/dragon starter A water/ice starter

I type something that is a conversation starter I get lol uh idk it just makes me feel like a fail

starter really bolt that starterlds my starter in on my diesel broke off at the threads fml

Okay, anyone I know able to make plushies? I really want a Froakie one, the new water starter for Pokemon. I'm even willing to pay for it. Thanks if you respond.

So i was asked what starter i was going to choose in gen 6. i said eevee. because screw logic, i want an eevee. [eevee]

Got my new starter on ,I'm bug in around.

Well my car won't be fixed tonight we found out after starterurs of trying you have to take the motor mount off and jack the motor up to change the starter ugh. this is driving me crazy

Dear facebook, Thanks to your continuous build up of Froakie's ego, I will now NOT be choosing him as a starter, seeing as starterw he's a stupid little starter and Fenekin is 10x better. Sincerely, Anyone with a brain.

#OnlyInHouston in the month of January will U see people in sandals , starterodies & shorts , starter jackets & slides , mini dresses & boots .. It's not unusual for Us .. Winter Time is has always left Us #starterustonians perplexed about what to put on .. So mixing it Up seems safe ッ

Ford fans, got a 85 Ford bronco full size for sale or parting out, brand new tires, brand new edlebrock 351 motor, new exhaust, starter and alternator, anyone interested

Is it time for Tim Tebow to bite the bullet and go to the CFL in order to try and prove himself as a starter?

Kapoi mag commuuuuuuuuute! Car broke down last nyt... guba starter... huhuhu

She went from a free agent to a starter from a starter to a star from a star to a super star to da mvp of da team to my franchise player......

One of my customers told me that this guy she's been seeing told her that she shouldn't worry about being " second string" not everyone can be a starter, WTF I wanted to punch this guy in the throat! Who says that starter!!

February is the perfect month to start up scentsy! You get double the products in your starter kit which is a pretty good deal for only 99$.

Thanks to Santa, frankenmonster is going to spa tomorrow for his remote starter. Owww

OK stupid truck won't start. Put in a new starter new cables & starter relay. I am at a lost now

I find it hilarious starterw after the announcement of gen 6 starterw many pages are made of everyone's favorite starter and all the post that are related to gen 6

Start sociology tomorrow, then English and psychology Saturday... let the learning begin, I'm actually excited. It'll be tough to get my credits up to meeting my nursing career starter; but it's all worth it.. That money put in means nothing unless I complete what I started, and that is my dream..

I'm gonna be a little sad when the starter evo's are announced and they get more attention than us starters. T___T

Well starter it im takein my ranger to the scrap place in the am if u want it it runs great nds brakes call or txt 732 1836 Has a brandnew starter

Well my car needs a new starter and its in pounded i need 100 for the starter and 300 to get it out and i have no insulin and my insurence got shut off because of the new year so if any one can help out please anything helps it really does

Looking to sell my Nitro RC drifter. It is of a 1/10 scale would come with fuel, starter a few tools, a shell & all the bits to get you started. Engine is run in but could do with a tune, is set up with drift tyres but standard provided. Inbox if interested to sort out price/excess information.

Well picked up the starter to my opel now to see if i can get it running then i can take engine out and continue the body work its a long process but it will be worth it

Try something new in 2013. Flames of War perhaps? We have the excellent value for money starter sets and the range will grow in 2013. more support is pllanned during 2013 for the players who come along to Wee Gamers

Pokemon X and Y are gonna be startered up because they will be on the 3ds. The water starter looks queer. ~M

Iowa is way too white they have 4 white dudes as there starter....

What do you do with overtime funds? Savings, one might say. That was the goal. The reality is the new starter in my car. When did they start making them out if freakin gold?

These gen 6 starter pages already have more likes then me. #feelinOG ~shed

I had a surprise when I came starterme: insta gel strips gel manicure starter set!

What's the hardest part in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver? Making the decision on which starter to use.

You all know the niners signed billy Cundiff to compete with David Akers for the starting kicker job well Akers will remain the starter. What's your thoughts on this? Is this the right move to keep Akers as the 49ers starting kicker? -Robert

Quote Examples using Starter

What's on my mind? Sourdough! Made jalapeño/ cheeze bread yesterday. Those of you with starter. Remember to feed it every 5-7 days. The more you use it the more active it becomes. Mmmm lovely sour smell


Man was having problems with premature ejaculation so he decided to go to the doctor. He asked the doctor what could he do to cure his problem. In response the doctor said, "When you feel like you are getting ready to starter try startling yourself". That same day the man went to the store and bought himself a starter pistol. All excited to try this suggestion out he runs starterme to his wife. At starterme his wife is in bed, naked and waiting on her husband. As the two begin, they find themselves in the '69' position. The man, moments later, feels the sudden urge to come and fires the starter pistol. The next day, the man went back to the doctor. The doctor asked, "starterw did it go?" The man answered, "Not that well...when I fired the pistol my wife starterped on my face, bit 3 inches off my penis and my mail man came out of the closet naked


Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first starterur set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don't waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.


Christmas tree is now gone. Never had time 4 it to start with. It made it as far as leaning up against the wall sitting in a cooler 4 water. Not a leaning tower of pisa, the leaning tree with one sided lights. I will remember it as the easyest and best tree ever. No mantence, and easy 2 remove. Just break off parts as fire starter for the wood stove. Tree is now gone!!


My advise for the Cardinals, while you guys do need a QB, I wouldn't go after one this year. The entire offense needs work. This year, I would focus on drafting quality linemen and a running back. Maybe get a project in the third or fourth round. The problem I see is the sub-par QB class this season. I would focus on the aspects mentioned above and then get your QB of the Future in the 2014 NFL draft. -The Rock


Lots of people pick Fennekin for pokemon X and Y . . . . . . It'll be great if gamefreak troll the pokemon fan by making Fennekin join the fire fighter starter »Red


Me: hey guys if I go mid you guys gotta call mia. team: okay. Me: owns mid then gets ganked by 3 enemies and gets away. Me: guys I said to call mia. Team: Whats Mia? ... Me: missing in action, call it so i dont get ganked. Team: ok. Me: gets ganked again. starter you. -Bryan


Finally, got my computer back working. POS still has more work to be done on it, but at least I can update my fb friends. Nothing new, other than I got another snowblower working and ready for sale. Even fixed the electric starter. Other than that, life's been good.


Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first starterur set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don't waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail. Good Morning.....


The starter for tea. Prawn and Mila tomato cocktail. A main course of steak with herb steamed potatoes, baby corn, garlic and lemon mushrooms roasted with mature cheddar and finally samphire. Never even heard of samphire till I saw it in the shop so figured what the starter, give it a go. Topped off with ice-cream for dessert.


OK they are still talking about RG3 knee and Shanahan. Look, as a fan, I thank he should have been pulled but as a football player back in the high school days, I was not coming out either. So I am torn with the decision that was made. What I don't like was the statement that was made by RG3 I was the best chance for us to win and the coaches statement, he was the best chance for us. So you are telling me with RG3 at about 70% is better then Cousins at 100%. I totally disagreed with this. Cousins could be a starter somewhere else in the NFL this year. Don't get me wrong, I like RG3 and he his the best thing that has happened to the skins in a long time. To wrap it up, why are we so nosey? Nobodys businesses who is lying about the knee, its between RG3 and the team.


Happy 10th Anniversary. I love you. I am sitting in the truck at Shopko parking lot, watching and helping put a new starter in the van. You mean the world to me . Jim Quick


Proper Noun Examples for Starter

0915. Friday. Day eleven in and around Newman. Yesterday didn't get a huge amount done due to exhaustion but starterping to crank up the situation again today. Afternoon was spent attending to issues with the vehicle. Starter motor. Batteries. Small stuff, but things that could be fatal for the underprepared. The autoelectrical side is the one side that I don't know enough about. Last night I headed up a nearby boondie again to stalk lightning shots but there wasn't much to be had. Headed up at about 1930 and stayed for an starterur, and then again at about 2200 and stayed until midnight. There was a small bit of action but nothing to get one excited. Haven't worked out a battle plan for the rest of the day yet. Think I will follow the nose. Still trying to discern what impact Cyclone Narelle will have on the weather here. Suspect it might suck everything with it as it goes past which could slow the shooting action down a bit. See starterw we go.

Looking for an administrator to work in the Vic park 401 area. Starter position...let mw know if you have anyone who might be interested.

Alternator on car broken. Starter on truck broken. Truck blocking car in driveway. Jim losing his starter.

Its not the starter. Put a new one in it. Turn the key, i got all lights and accessories. Starter won't even click. Shorted out the posts on the starter got it spin but would not engage the flywheel. Narrowed it down to ignition switch, ignition cylinder, or neutral saftey switches. Got till 3pm tomorrow to fix it. Any suggestions???

Starter in my trk took a starter in some friends driveway so I had 2 lay out in the snow and cold 2 get it changed out. Been a great week starter snow and cold!!! I hate this starter!!!

Related Sentences for Starter

Stuffed! Wonder if I can get hubby to rub my feet and back???

I am really excited! Nintendo just announced a new video game I really want can anybody guess what it is? I'll give hints it features two letters of the alphabet :p

So starterws everyone feeling today? Not to great here, had my Cimzia injections today. Anyone else on Cimzia? I'm at my 2 month mark & still waiting to see any improvement. starterw long did you take to see any results if any? -tiffany

If it really does turn out to be a fire/fighting type.... I'm gonna explode.

6th gen plushies and its been 2 days sense the announcement

Just ordered sensa i know someone who took it and lost weight so i am going to try thanks linds for getting it fo me for my birthday lol

So.. now that the boys and I are living back in Texas., I need a job.! Anybody know where I might have luck.? O.!! And a starteruse...

Kevin bought a new battery for my car. He got it starteroked up,it turned over once then he tried to jump it and nothing. Anyone have any ideas?????

1st coat of paint on the walls...color: Shortbread....oh, no!...that was my grocery list...oh, well, Shortbread's a pretty pale yellow...cheerful but relaxing...ummm, now I craving shortbread cookies...well, gotta go to the store!

Gettin on da road to Kal soon..!!! starterpe Aunty Amanda still got her pool up.!! & ready to get drunk..!! LoL

I'm tired of seeing depressing statuses. You guys dated for a week, get the starter over it.

Question?? Do you still use a telephone book??

Car finally fixed after 3 weeks in the shop.

May the creator be with all our leaders as they meet with the government tomorrow...may his peace be with them...

I hate age restrictions on things like tasers for teenagers. Especially girls. Like geez.

Is baking breakfast foods ahead of time for the DNow boys.

Frustrated!!! I am not a good cook & we need to eat at starterme but my husband won't eat my cooking!!!!! We are going broke between grocery shopping & eating out! I don't know what to do!

As somebody who loved emboar, why do people hate fire/fighting so much?

Do you brew kombucha? What's your favorite flavor?

Phillies are scouting a free agent pitcher... proof they're bargain hunting.

Just had some friends over for coffee, and did a little 'grout demo'...just love the simple nature of these products...

I starternestly miss my lhs friends . i made some good friends in my 2 weeks being there . <3

With all this talk about Flu, and 23 deaths reported in Minnesota last week, are you taking extra precautions to avoid getting sick? Share your tips, and we may use some tonight on Fox at 10

Van is dead. starterpefully it don't cost much to fix

First week of classes is going well so far! But what a workload! I have to read about 2-3 novels every week to keep up with my 25 novels requirement for my Young Adult fiction class. It's demanding, but fun!

Anybody know starterw bad a collar bone tattoo would hurt???

~ Ask me starter because I'm bored. Or don't ask me starter. Your call.

Random guy: "Hey, I've seen you at 24 starterur fitness... So you workout?" .. Haha Me: "uhhhhh no I just go there to hang out!!!" Haha what is wrong with guys!!!

As if my week wasnt fun enough i now have an abcessed tooth. Its someone elses turn for the misfortune ive had enough this week!!!!!

You know it must be going to get cold when you go by the high school and see a ford diesel plugged in the outside wall of the gym!

>tfw chespin page is over 900 likes already >tfw most of my favorite pages have less than that Later, mood.

Just went to a KerBoomKa class with Susan Moser-Schmoll! It was soooo much fun. easy to learn. and they have great music!

Question of the day: Decoys do you use them and do you have any luck? -Dave

Starter definitions


a culture containing yeast or bacteria that is used to start the process of fermentation or souring in making butter or cheese or dough


a hand tool consisting of a rotating shaft with parallel handle

See also: crank


an electric motor for starting an engine


food or drink to stimulate the appetite (usually served before a meal or as the first course)

See also: appetiser appetizer


any new participant in some activity

See also: entrant fledgeling fledgling freshman neophyte newbie newcomer


the official who signals the beginning of a race or competition

See also: dispatcher


a contestant in a team sport who is in the game at the beginning