Spool in a sentence as a noun

In fact, his mbox file wasn't even protected, you could grep the /var/spool/mail directory.

The city buses have a huge turbo diesel or natural gas engine, and the turbo takes about 3 seconds to spool up.

Printing a book as a print spool, including a self-referential handwritten program to print the spool?

The notion of storing my mail spool on anyone else's servers is unfathomably derelict to me.

Spool in a sentence as a verb

In the EC2/OpenStack model, you cannot have customers spool up VMs with arbitrary specs; they must choose from available flavors.

It's similar to people's reaction to the comparative threat of keeping their email on Google Mail or some random webmail provider that's likely to lose their mail spool to SQL injection.

When the turbo is spools up, the internal combustion engine should be slowly introduced by adding fuel according to the correct stoichiometric ratio.

For example, knowing that the only way to get a query to run against a large Teradata table without running out of spool space is to create and use temp tables only comes as a result from trying to run the query.

Spool definitions


a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound

See also: bobbin reel


transfer data intended for a peripheral device (usually a printer) into temporary storage


wind onto a spool or a reel