How to use Derelict in a sentence as a noun

The point is not that it's 9am in California, the point is that it's the 13th March already, and the first human answer we get, just minutes ago, is a developer of the new 3-man team being assembled to take over that derelict product -that processes millions, by the way.

The notion of storing my mail spool on anyone else's servers is unfathomably derelict to me.

Evidently it's not derelict anymore... the University of Arizon has owned it since 2011.

As a CEO must feel like going through your parents' stuff in a dusty, derelict attic.

How to use Derelict in a sentence as an adjective

[1]If the goal by which we make neighborhood/city wide planning decisions is the ability to "look after" one's property, I propose homeowners are clearly more socially derelict and likely to ignore the community.

And those countries will keep buying those derelict Soviet planes because those are dirt cheap to the point most are hand-me-downs obtained for free.

Just let it sit there as a derelict building in the middle of a national forest?

Writing up and posting a small 1-page website did not take any time at all away from "coming up with new ideas, or responding to legitimate support inquiries".It's fine if you don't like it, but don't act like they were somehow derelict in their normal duties by making this.

Derelict definitions


a person without a home, job, or property


a ship abandoned on the high seas


worn and broken down by hard use; "a creaky shack"; "a decrepit bus...its seats held together with friction tape"; "a flea-bitten sofa"; "a run-down neighborhood"; "a woebegone old shack"

See also: creaky decrepit flea-bitten run-down woebegone


forsaken by owner or inhabitants ; "weed-grown yard of an abandoned farmhouse"

See also: abandoned deserted


failing in what duty requires; "derelict (or delinquent) in his duty"; "neglectful of his duties"; "remiss of you not to pay your bills"

See also: delinquent neglectful remiss


in deplorable condition; "a street of bedraggled tenements"; "a broken-down fence"; "a ramshackle old pier"; "a tumble-down shack"

See also: bedraggled broken-down dilapidated ramshackle tatterdemalion tumble-down