Solve in a sentence as a verb

We turned a lot of different knobs to try to solve the problem.

You can't solve a debt problem with more debt and you can't solve a jobs problem by just creating meaningless jobs.

Grind up on apps which solve business problems in underserved markets.

It's about helping someone solve a problem in five minutes that would have taken them hours to solve on their own.

It's clear from the other problems that Facebook's been able to solve that they know how to hire top-notch developers.

"That's unfair to regular expressions, though, because I actually have seen them solve a problem before.

Just Buffett's own contributions, no matter how much he donates, will not be enough to solve our budget issue.

But I was told to just hone in on the issue I was supposed to solve, not worry about the bigger picture, and to just solve the problem.

That is seriously misdirected effort that is not going to solve the systemic problems.

Excited to solve problems in a way that was far more tasteful, more satisfying, than anything anyone had bothered to try before.

The two are basically the same thing, because platforms solve accessibility.

I also don't know how to solve this, but April Fools Day is only a more visible than usual demonstration of a problem that happens every single day.

MintChip, however, cannot solve this problem in any way except with chargebacks, and the documentation given so far indicates that they aren't supporting that.

It seems as though our entire country is hopelessly addicted to accumulating more and more pieces of green paper, only to be puzzled when having a large number in their bank account fails to actually solve any of their problems.

After doldrums and threats, which I will discuss briefly below, I was let go, without notice, stuck with a six-month lease in location with a hyper-inflated real estate economy.> As an engineer, your job is to build things that solve > problems.

You will in all likelihood be a glue programmer: you'll rely on APIs and libraries, most of which have been written by someone else, and you will simply string them together by applying the functions that most obviously address whatever problem you're trying to solve.

In 30 more years all the languages will change, all the tech will be different but the problems will be related to today's problems and the more you learn to stretch your mind and solve problems with many different approaches the more valuable you will be in the complex future that is coming at us every single day.

This John Carmack quote is relevant and shares your sentiments:"The idea that I can be presented with a problem, set out to logically solve it with the tools at hand, and wind up with a program that could not be legally used because someone else followed the same logical steps some years ago and filed for a patent on it is horrifying.

Solve definitions


find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of; "did you solve the problem?"; "Work out your problems with the boss"; "this unpleasant situation isn't going to work itself out"; "did you get it?"; "Did you get my meaning?"; "He could not work the math problem"

See also: lick work


find the solution; "solve an equation"; "solve for x"

See also: resolve


settle, as of a debt; "clear a debt"; "solve an old debt"

See also: clear