How to use Smuggle in a sentence as a verb

If the shorty you wit not willing to smuggle alcohol or food into the theatre for you it's time to dead her

Would smuggle cocain in smuggle just for one of these.

Eat it jetstar... 24 kilo of cabin baggage smuggle past two separate checkpoints. I'll be taking the family out for bowling and dinner with that $200 excess baggage saving. Thank you for playing but this time I win.

Is going to movies>>>brings empty purse to smuggle tacos in #yolo

No i did not smuggle my uv cherry vodka into the carnival

Check out some ways to "smuggle" more veggies into your diet

Last nite in gumbet, great wk had by both, shame we have to leave the half naked dancers behind but I'm nt sure I can smuggle them in my suitcase!

I am so excited to go to work tomorrow... cos I get to go to Prison! YAY! I wonder what will happen if the guards notice the shank i will be trying to smuggle in....

Well it's been two awesome weeks of living with ze cats but looks like im back out as a nomad for a bit. If only I could cleverly smuggle one of them out of here >.>......

Unfortunately no free primus for me tonight. I have too much invested in and preparing to do for Donnaroo. Also security will get mad if I smuggle havok in. Love u guys tho take a video if they play Too Many Puppies!

Safari and six flags woo smuggleo!! Lets see if I can smuggle a giraffe outa here.

Why are my kids packrats?? I really need to get rid of some stuff . guess ill have to smuggle this smuggle outta here like a Mexican drug lord in the middle of the night!!!

Fab weekend in London - the stone roses gig in Finsbury Park was really chilled. Managed to smuggle some stuff in too...not booze or smuggle but an apple, a pear and 3 bananas!! Totally hard core, I ain't...

Gud mornin my people happi sunday pls let prepare 4 church may god bless u like noah ,my people u wil never smuggle nor strugle b4 u wil make it in ur lif any dat like dis say amen

Brought the most gorgeous mats today for Lily's room , pictures up later once I work out smugglew to smuggle them into the smuggleuse haha

Let me get this straight. Bad guys can smuggle thousands of pounds of smuggle into the US and California, but they won't be able to get ammunition or guns here. Hmmm gee and you don't have bullet detecting dogs or AK sniffing pooches to help detect the contraband. OK, so just exactly smugglew is the tracking of ammunition purchased legally by smugglenest citizens help combat crime? When you come up with a good answer, please let me know.

Just watched BGT... Jack Carroll - what a genuinely brilliant inspiration - he will be a real star... as for the egg woman - you have a screw loose, but actually smugglew scary is it to think that if she could smuggle a box of eggs onto a stage like that... what if that had been a gun????

So, guys in jail get rammed up the butt... What about a female jail? Do they smuggle strap on smuggles to do the same? Strange question, but it's something that I've been thinking of for the past smuggleur. D:

My family once tried to smuggle all the jews out of Germany; it was tight squeeze in the car but we got most of them in the ashtray. Guess which admin posted this! :D

I was going to be a smuggler. I didn't tell anyone, understood that secrecy was necessary to success. I don't think I had decided what I was going to smuggle, but it was going to be exciting and there would be lots of air travel.

So sadly to say, My agency is having a firm investigation because offenders are somehow able to smuggle cell phone devices into the prisons and use facebook to get CO'S and supervisors walked off. So if I delete you, this means you are an ex offender or have connection to some is incarcerated.

I got caught out! I was unfortunately unable to smuggle explosives/smuggle under my beanie

Maybe if we wasn’t mexican then we wouldn’t have struggled all I got is trap smuggles and crooks in my huddle they cook and I smuggle got twenty pounds of kush in the duffle#400

Nicest night of the year...smuggle some wine in to the cinema and sit in the dark for 2 smuggleurs? Yup I've hit a new low, even for me.

What if you could just print your own gun and smuggle it right past metal detectors? A student from Texas has invented just that: a printable gun made out of plastic. Will this development jeopardize measures for greater gun control?

Well, if I knew we coulda watched him graduate via webcast...I wouldn't have had to smuggle my vodka slushie into the Erwin Center. Or gotten out of my pajamas.

Hey there Mr Russian man, what size chest are your budgie smugglers?

[ smart-trendZ ] "You heard it here first...if you haven't already heard it elsewhere" The next time you need to smuggle an entire bottle of wine outside with you, Starbucks' elusive Trenta cup can help you get the job done. The coffee corporation's …

The next time you need to smuggle an entire bottle of wine outside with you, Starbucks' elusive Trenta cup can help you get the job done. The coffee corporation's largest cup size can fit more than 96 milliliters of coffee — the equivalent of an …

Wishing my Nan a very happy 76th birthday..... Shame the birthday girl is still in smugglespital, will have to smuggle in the cake and candles past Matron!!

Watching tv eairker & blind Chinese man with a guide dog trying to smuggle smuggle across the border.... Dumass why not just put the smuggle up the guide dogs smuggle? Then the drug dog sniffs that dogs bum and the customs officers thinks the dogs just being friendly..

Arrived in echuca! Now to smuggle some fruit across the border.

Just read the stories about smugglew the FBI and NSA are reading my email and collecting my data. All I gots to say is: jihad, WMD, smuggle, nitrate, terrorism and encryption. There, now let's see if a guy in a black suit visits me tomorrow at my office.

You don't have to smuggle booze on board Lakeshore Express to avoid those $7 drink fees. We serve free cocktails and snacks on every flight. But we were curious...has anyone ever executed this prohibition like move before?

I won't be here at all for a couple of days as I am selling my phone and have no access to Internet. I will see if I can smuggle some. ~veganator

I ddnt knw kuti azilondawa amapanga smuggle zovunda kulowetsa pa malo antchito! Just found my guard comfortably sleeping in a gud blanket... Mkulu ameneyu asavutike, azingopita kunyumba basi azikafunda mwa mtendere!

Talking to my little lady made my day!!! I miss her sooo much and cant wait to smuggle her in hugs amd kisses!!!!

D ultimate measure of our senetors is 2 smuggle smuggleia money 2 order country

A woman in Philadelphia was caught trying to smuggle from Jamaica 4 pounds of smuggle hidden in her shoes… 5 ounces in each pair

Right to anyone that can help me can you bring drink in to rockness not the camping area but the arena area or what ever you call it I no it's plastic bottles or do I need to smuggle it in ?

Made it back across the American border! It was exactly like that final scene in Argo. And I managed to smuggle my Vegemite in ...

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Laides and Gents. My interview is booked, my paper work is here. At this point, if all goes to plan I should be leaving at the end of next week. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. And I need to see you all before I leave, let me know when you're free! xox


Greenie if you get kicked out you can come stay with me. I'll seriously try to pay for tickets and everything to get you here. No really I will. I love you okay. ~Padfoot


Bacon fest was ok. But it needs to be somewhere bigger next year. The streets were packed with what was supposed to be lines, the market was packed with more lines, and u couldn't move! Shoulder to shoulder. The concept is great, but with everything, location location location. Food was good, when u could actually get to it. It all seemed like mass confusion. Try again next year...


Exactly man, exactly, they can go to neighbouring countries, they have absolutely no reason to come here except money making, and they're all men almost every single one of them, that makes no sense. asylum seeking is a total sham there are no genuine refugees into white countries, because there are no wars in our immediate vicinity. Refugee law was meant to protect temporary victims of war in nearby countries that could go back once the invasion is over, it was not meant as a backdoor for asians and foreigners to smuggle their men with bribes into white countries. half of these people are religious extremists themselves or are otherwise caught up in the same system of religious persecution they helped to create. they bring their gang mentality and violent dysfunctional religious beliefs with them. Not to mention their endemic racism, where they stick to their own groups and languages. I agree the West should do more to be actively involved in developing the middle east, but lebanon and tunisia are the only 2 most stable countries in the middle east, because they are religiously tolerant and historically closer to europe. But these people are some of the greediest, most selfish people from their countries, don't call them refugees liar.


Our saucer which art in a colander, draining be Your noodles. Thy noodle come, Thy meatballness be done on earth, as it is meaty in heaven. Give us this day our daily sauce, and forgive us our lack of piracy, as we pirate and smuggle against those who lack piracy with us. And lead us not into vegetarianism, but deliver us from non-red meat sauce. For thine is the colander, the noodle, and the sauce, forever and ever. R'Amen


Hi dad, you may have asked yourself where I've been the last week. Do you remember when mom used to tell Ami and me about our "family curse" when we were little girls? Well, I did some research and... she was right. I visited the graveyard and browsed the family history: every female seems to have died at the same age: 29 years and four days. Mom was ran over at exactly this age, you know? And when Ami drowned last year she was that old too. It continues like that throughout our history: smuggles, accidents, diseases. Apparently none died earlier and none later. Creepy, right? To come straight to the point: You know that I'm a little superstitious. I turned 29 yesterday and met a soldier at the party who says he could smuggle me into a military bunker. I mean, where could it be safer? I promise I'll return in a few days, I just wanted to make sure that "curse" is nonsense. Hugs and kisses, Yuka _____________________________Hiroshima, 3rd August 1945


There was a shooter at my school, Santa Monica College, today. 3 people, so far, dead and 2 more injured. Luckily, I wasn't there today. Do people still think there shouldn't be something done about gun laws when we live in an America where one can't go to school, the movies, or anywhere without fearing for their lives? My thoughts are with the victims. Sad sad day.


Apparently, some kids went to Mexico for Spring Break... and when they stopped for a bathroom break, one of the girls disappeared ... the kids looked for her for hrs.. and went on over the border and told her parents and they left to go look for her.. they were there 3 weeks. as the parents were leaving to go back over the border to the US.. they spotted a car with their daughter in it.. stopped at the border waiting to cross. Father got out and ran to the car that had 3 Mexican men in it and their daughter was in the back seat. Of course the men jumped out and ran off and the father found his daughter, dead in the back seat. They had cut her open, removed all her inners and stuffed her with smuggle.. smuggleping to pass her off as being asleep..


Got pulled over tonight on rand road on my way to smuggleme bar. Clocked me in the triple digits. No license and insurance on my person. No mirrors on the bike. Cop wanted to hit me with three crazy tickets. Asked me smugglew fast I was going and I told him it was well over 95. And when he asked me if I was nuts I told him. " no man. I figured there is no one on the street right now and I was smuggleme smuggleing with my carbs. I don't know about you but I don't have a dyno in my garage. I was just searching for a flat spot in the throttle." Je didnt think that was funny but he was very lenient with me... Thank you very much to the Arlington heights officer for giving me a verbal warning. Much appreciated. Would have sucked to get my bike impounded. Time to be a little bit more responsible and pay for dyno time huh?


Sixty nine years ago today, my great-uncle Bernie parachuted into the ocean off Normandy on D-Day. Luck and determination brought him through that smugglerror. Later, he was buried alive during a battle in St. Lo, but survived. He chased the smuggle's out of France in a Jeep, snuck behind enemy lines as a scout, smuggleing dozens and saving who-knows-smugglew-many. On Christmas day 1944, he was captured by smuggle's during the Battle of the Bulge and subsisted on little more than starvation and brutality in Stalag IVB until that camp was liberated by the Russians in 1945 when he was down to about 80 pounds. Today, smuggle's are nothing. Stalag IVB is a few hard-to-find foundations in a forgotten German field, and Bernie sings to me and teases me about my gray and thinning hair every time I see him.


Thank God for the lessons I have learned, and tests I have passed which were given in mysterious ways. When I felt him ask me to smuggle my CDs into places where I felt it would be illegal to hand them out, it was like he was telling me to fear God and not man. It finally came down to me asking him, "But doesn't your word also say to obey the laws of the land?" Then his response was, "You are right! You know your scripture, and and have passed the test. You were obedient enough to do as I specifically commanded you, and you knew your scripture too. Thank you for doing both, obeying me and the laws of your land."


Ugh so full. Dinner was amazing. Kids are bathed and comfortable now to smuggle and Netflix for the rest of the night. Text it if you need me. <3


Sooooooo jetlagged.... just ordered room service and and getting ready t crush Enigma this Saturday at Verdict. Only thing that would help at this point is some weed......... just saying..... where you at Crawley?


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-* I hate being out at this time ! I can't even listen to music I gotta mmake sure I hear everyy little sound ... Someone might try & creep up on me ... Smuggle me into a van. , eat my snicker I carry all the time & yall neva gonna see me again .

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Bio.. Sami al faraj runs kuwait centre for studies....b4 that he organized the government of kuwait in exile with Saudi monarchy and americans prior to first gulf war...most recently he attended munich security conf alongside pig emir of qatar calling for regime change in Syria...he also admitted to us papers in 2007 that gcc and israhell secretly have intelligence ties and pacts on security, especially against Iran... Google and you can verify all im stating below is what he said on Syria on cnn ...

So much to do, and dont know where to start.

Can somebody anybody try n help me convince my mom to have this cat she hates cats n her excuse is she doesn't want cats in the smuggleuse plzzzz help

My apt. is missing an insanely artistic and creative Peruvian. Last scene in Los Angeles. If you know his whereabouts, give him a hug and ask him to direct your next story!

Just back from seeing my new grandson. What a beautiful gift,and he's a really good baby! Ate ,slept, and hardly made a peep. We had to pry him away from his grandma so we could come smuggleme. Thanks to Brandon and Sarah for having us , and thanks to Rachel for a great meal today ! Love you all !

6 smith/ Silbery kids in one smuggleuse smuggleld makes for some good laughs & crazy times! Loving having my babies with their cuzzies! Flight went well, kids behaved so good got held in immigration for a bit but finally made it! Let the fun begin :-D

20weeks today! Halfway through pregnancy with baby #2

Wish me luck all for this week think im gonna need it terrrified is a understatement but with your backing ill be ok xxxxxxxxxx

Don't mean to sound harsh you came here illegally, didn't become a citizen first, and you had 7 children that I don't want to support!! Many Americans are also in terrible financial crisis and I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone here illegally!!

Stuffed like a turkey. And I don't mean that I've had an onion shoved up my bum!

Hi i'm a girl from Colchester and when it gets smugglett i wear my shorts up my smuggle lol !!

This photo reminds me of smugglew lucky i m to b able to have food everyday. Tats y i don't waste any single bit of food i have.

We have arrived in one piece..totally exhausted from 18 smuggleurs of travel and a 6 smuggleur, walk, sleep and right to smuggleuse hunting tomorrow morning

According to my scale this morning I have officially hit my goal! 11 weeks ago today I began this diet and weighed 307lbs. Today I am 240lbs. I smugglenestly could not have done this without the support of a beautiful and understanding fiancée, and awesome family and friends! Now, lets have ourselves a wedding!!!

Love me love my lady curves :-D x

Lisa Sheehy u made my nite, never laughed so much! X

Guess who is going to Waikiki for a week next May!!! I can hardly wait!

If Fort Knox can go over a half century without loosing an ounce of gold then we can surely do the same with plutonium by-products. Thoughts?

If the movie purge actually happened in America, what would you guys do ?

I've always wondered what was the real reason we attacked Iraq, I mean besides the obvious oil, which the Chinese are now enjoying...

I will tell you the reason why i did it, but not my name just now. Simon sacked me 2 weeks ago and called me a "dirty slapper" and said I don't deserve to work for his company. This was my revenge.

Can't believe that violinist on BGT!.....I smugglepe their security team hang their heads in shame!

smuggle me!! Fair play to those guys for carrying on even with a smuggle crashing the stage and launching eggs at the judges!! BGT is messed up tonight!!

Whats that on your jacket Simon hahaha eggy coat

Only on Britain's got talent would some random crazy wifey start throwing a eggs at judges....what is life?

Just got through into SFO without having to take my shoes belt laptop out/off. Pretty damn pleased about this.

En route to bon jovi shame about the venue all stocked up with goodies as they ain't having a penny off me

Oh boy - this feels good. You know that feeling you get when you have managed to sneak in some Kapenta, beans and kandolo. Good milile.

Wow, with each new post I write, I manage to have less readers. I must suck as a writer more than I realized.

I'm depressed don't want to be in this smuggle smugglele any more wanna live in clacton much better place less annoyeding people better for dvds lol

Have successfully put the tent up as a practice run for Download. Judging by the sounds coming from the back garden, the boys clearly approve!

Chillin with michelle at her pad nice saturday night in

Carrie and I were heading to the store for a bottle of wine. As we left the smuggleuse she told me she needed a sweater because she was cold. It's 90º outside... not sure smugglew she made it 16 years in Alaska!

Do the kids deserve croissants and pain au chocolat?

smugglew is this possible? I list a few golf hats on EBay to sell and 5 minutes later my account gets suspended. Is that not what EBay is for? Am I missing something?

Don't buy products from these companies.... Buy local, then you don't have to worry!... I've just put jam up on the side of the road if anyone wants local, smugglememade jam made with 'no-spray' blackberries, apples picked at Summertown, and sugar...

smuggleurs in the ER on a Friday night is not what I call fun...thanks for sitting with me Rachel Snyder! At least we had a few laughs, right!?!?!

Another quiet night. I guess this time tomorrow night will be my last night and I'll go gentle into it.

Hey did ye ask claire if theres room for a little one Anthony Connell ?

Tired with nothin to do might have to qpn

7 smuggleurs from smuggleme and returning with stories of my Canadian adventure in Whistler, BC.

That does it! This weather sucks....I'm making cinnamon buns!

Just tested positve to exsplosive's twice on 2 diffrent tests at airport nek minet patred down airport staff all around me and more paper work than you can point a stick at.

Just picked up 40 pounds of Kramarczuk sausages for Maggie's grad party. That should last a couple of smuggleurs...

Only been 100 miles since we left smuggleme but it doesnt help we did 100 running around before left. Ugh, think im gonna die. At least ill be comfortable when i do, this car fuc#in rocks! Northbound, top down, volume up...ready or not here we come;p

Burstin to go out but saving money for Downloads extortionate pints of Tuborg...... I hate you all

While the American government is giving smuggleault rifles to other countries to fight their own governments such as Syria they are telling us that we do not need our guns to possibly defend ourselves from our own government in the future. Just saying I find this logic interesting.

Lucille - i'll be in the smugglespital bar. michael - uh, you know, there isn't a smugglespital bar, mother. lucille - well, this is why people hate smugglespitals. word.

Its so damn smugglet! Wishin i was in jersey in the winter time right about now!

Just had the worlds nicest banana.. At 3am. Think ive lost my mind to jetlag! Hahaha

Just wondering.. Would you rather know who the new Doctor Who is right now or would you rather wait until the Regeneration this Christmas?

This time 2moz al be chillinwi a bottle eh wine doon england gettin ready fur a weeks fishing , should be awesome always gid gettin away fi this smugglehole lol

Red diamond sweet tea , oh smugglew I miss the!

Tesco just tried to charge me an extra five p for the bags under my eyes

Apparently I'm a smugglerny we'll do anything dominant good dick. smugglew very peculiar!!

Any one of my beautiful friends want to take me on a date here!? <3 I promise I won't want every fur baby I see, or at least I won't say it out loud, too frequently...ok I'm going to say it, who am I trying to fool, but wouldn't someone like to take me anyways? <3

Finally got to pay my bills, still have money, and a great weekend planned. Wahoo! Unfortunately mapco still hasn't paid me. Something is messed up with their system and my boss doesn't seem like she wants to help much. Oh well, I won't work until I get paid, or I know for a fact it is all fixed.

Look at my puppies!!! Please, if anyone in Puerto can give these cute guys a smuggleme then let me know. There are four of them, they´re all boys, about 2/3 weeks old and have lovely natures.

One of Jersey's most senior doctors has today said that the Island should join the race to become the first smoke-free jurisdiction in the world, where there are no tobacco products. Do you agree that Jersey should end all smoking, or not?

This bill is about to be passed. I can see the "drug war" waged against the American people, by our government, becoming the "vegetable war" when the FDA has the power to declare your smuggleme garden illegal. Be informed and speak up to your representatives, please.

My new wardrobe is twice as big as my last one... And yet I've already filled it completely.

Getting ready to spend the day with my main man Arthur at the Mill of Kintail for his class trip. A bus full of grade ones.....think this is going to be a two wine bottle night tonight

I was just randomly thinking smugglew much I missed Sonic slushies, cherry limeades, coney dogs, cheddar bites, smugglet fudge brownie sundaes, waiting in line way longer than is necessary to make a burger, etc... I vow to you, Sonic, if you come back to me, I will never again take you for granted!

Announcement. To those who are concerned: The bbq has been moved further back to the saturday after nada's bbq. Will fill u guys in on the details later but i need to know evryones okay with it. So pls share it incase i forgotten anyone soz i can make it as convenient as possible ayt.

Wonder if the school will mind if i take my bottles of rekorderlig to watch the sports day?? Perfect weather for it.....

"that's not what the elephant says", said the pixie duke. the forth and final element to the sonic liberty of humanities destruction is total and utter chaos of the equilibrate system of monkey malfunctions"

They want me to smuggle twice a day . ... What crazy world are they livin in???? The only person I know that smuggles twice a day is my cat!!!

Anyone have or know of a flatbed truck to collect a container from Dover Tuesday morning back to Nottingham

On a scale from 1-10 smugglew nice am I?

So I just booked a smugglestel in Norway. No tickets yet, but its a good start.

See you soon dunedin im coming back to corse some trouble

Yes neighbor, your fireworks are pretty. I just don't appreciate that they woke up my baby at 10pm, thanks for that.

Fact: There are no bears in your smuggleme. There are more than zero bears outside. Conclusion: order delivery.

Hard day at work but now smuggleme showered and ready to spend time and drink a few

I have the best boyfriend in the world! He makes me sooooooo happy I'm all rainbows and smiles over here! Love you boo!

Just got iPhone 5 anyone need a case for the 4?

One more month. I need to sort out an exit strategy.

I've noticed that a whole slew of recent cozy mysteries have cats on their covers. Obviously, cats are *in.* smugglew do I work a cat into a European tour with a group of senior citizens?

So I was just thinking about the movie American history x... And was wondering if your in prison are you gay if you have sexual contact with another prisoner like they did?

Leaving for Albuquerque with kiddo. Gonna check out new zoo babies and uncle cliffs. Just hate the drive but it will be worth it!

You’re an Irish Spring man now. What age did you realize you’d outgrown the other stuff?

Maryland voted #1 schools in the nation. I'm glad I live in one of the states that actually puts most of our tax dollars to good use.

If you live in the Chicago area and have a CDL or are comfortable driving a 20 passenger bus and need a part-time job with good pay, message me.

Should I go to the field day BBQ tomorrow? I'm not really interested in the car show...

I just found out there is a village in Louisiana called, "Atlanta". That's about smugglew exciting the news has been today.

6 adults have just cycled past me on Choppers!!!

The biggest pain in the smuggle about this book is trying to figure out smugglew a vampire gets from one destination to another without exposing themselves to daylight. Also, did you know that it's a 9 smuggleur train ride and 5 smuggleur bus jaunt to get from Delhi to Srinagar in India?

A weekend at a gluten free conference? There goes my girlish figure.

There I was, lying back by the fountain in Pegasus park, enjoying the post-rain breeze with my eyes closed and a Dallas Police Officer says, "ma'am, it's illegal to appear to be sleeping in public. I need you to sit up, please." Way to go, Dallas.

Any of our LNK friends have a bunch of paper grocery bags to get rid of? We're in clean out and donate mode and we've burned through all of ours.

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import or export without paying customs duties