Slurred in a sentence as an adjective

My video slurred a lot in a 2015 Macbook 12'

It's not celebrity worship like gets slurred around a lot.

Though she says her speech wasn't slurred, you can tell from the story she had speech and comprehension difficulties.

I generally want my information to be clearly spoken, not slurred speech.

The first time I heard him, I realized his speech was slurred - especially with the 's' and 'l' if I remember correctly.

Leading with self-deprecating self-reference doesn't make it any less harmful and slurred, just more subtle.

And the sneering voice that can turn any word into a slur, until we try again next generation and hope that the next word doesn't get slurred.

I'm going to guess this "code" is a stream-of-consciousness type thing and would be very interested in hearing it slurred out fast as basic sound.

Before I even noticed him, he casually wiped his bloodied hands on my shoulder, and slurred some loud but incomprehensible statement at me.

The narrator is trying to sound almost carnivalesque but the result is a slurred monotone of barely decipherable words.

Every time I see you write, i get the picture of a drunk guy in a bar walking around saying "lemmme tell you about the time i worked for google" in slurred speech to anyone who will listen.

Every other language always seems to sound smoother, except maybe really fast Spanish and to some extent Russian, which, if not "harsh" per se, often sounds angry to me, or with all the slurred-soundings Zs in it, drunk.

It's actually a pretty good blog post, the title is sort-of underscoring the central point:"Yes, I have ****-shamed, body-policed, name-called, bad-joked, appropriated, derailed, co-opted, silenced, objectified, stereotyped, trivialized, slurred, punished, isolated, insulted, benefited, and stayed silent with the worst of them.

Slurred definitions


spoken as if with a thick tongue; "the thick speech of a drunkard"; "his words were slurred"

See also: thick