How to use Silencer in a sentence as a noun

Side note: don't make a silencer either. They are easy enough to make and you don't need the license to make it, but you do need the license to own it.

The ATF also considers soda bottles to be suppressors, aka silencers, if there are any suspicious circumstances. Same for any metal tube that's threaded or otherwise easily attached to a firearm barrel.

Somebody who finds out their spouse is cheating on them and decides to **** them in a fit of rage isn't going to care about a silencer. Likewise, gang on gang crime over drug deals doesn't seem to involve a lot of stealthy, hit-man style assassination stuff. Those guys don't need silencers.

I mean look at all the silencers people have to get away with ****** - oh wait, they don't - because they are illegal and highly regulated. Murderers rarely use such things A silencer is cheap and trivial to manufacture from common materials.

Yes, you can make a silencer for a .22LR good enough to not be heard several miles away when you're hunting at night. But those purposes are very different from silencing a caliber powerful enough to be used against humans; meaning at the least a .38 but preferably 9mm. Furthermore it's not so easy to affix silencers to hand guns and still have the gun be concealable, you have problems with semi-auto weapons to get the next bullet into the chamber, etc etc. So, all in all, having to use silencers, even if they would work 100%, would still cause a significant barrier for perpetrating gun crimes.

They can just make it illegal to use that software, and use a gun silencer analogy. a 75 year old judge would eat that up.

\nI can also say that anyone who calls a .22 with a silencer completely silent has never shot a .22 with a silencer.

"primarily a semi-auto .22 rifle with a silencer. They are virtually completely silent and can pierce car doors and other light armor."

Or you could go the cheapest and easiest route and get a silencer, as mentioned in the article, clearly most people don't care who hears them.

Well, it's definitely possible to print a silencer, a pistol shouldn't be that much harder. I'm afraid that this would make the governments impose stricter laws on 3D printers, which is not a good thing...

If you use try-catch just as a silencer, man I have bad news for you. And if you provide real error-handling in `.

Certainly the silencer design is done by a friend of mine who lives in NZ who already avoids going to the US so I suspect that will stay up for a very long time.

The lower is what needs the background check through an FFL. I guess I also didn't read the law correctly with respect to a silencer. I figured since it's illegal to possess without the proper paperwork you couldn't make one anyways since one you completed it you were immediately guilty.

You might get off on a technicality of a ****** charge, but they get you for the illegal silencer. Remember, they got Al Capone on income tax violations.

With a silencer, I guess. What do I know? I've never shot anything nor do I plan to - but it seems a silencer would be quieter than a dog that was still dying of poison two days later.

Addition of a silencer helps by mitigating muzzle blast & recoil. Old or new, it's having spent enough time shooting it to grow accustomed to the behavior; what seems overwhelming & uncontrollable at first becomes predictable & manageable.

Ruby: You draw a Glock, attach a laser sight, silencer, and fixed stock, create a new stance designed to make foot-shooting feel idiomatic, then worry if you'll be able to handle larger calibre bullets.

Proper Noun Examples for Silencer

Silencer argument. The distinction between the two is ill-defined and there may or may not be a difference depending on who you ask, but some people will argue for hours over it.

Silencer definitions


short tube attached to the muzzle of a gun that deadens the sound of firing


a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise

See also: muffler