How to use Shuck in a sentence as a noun

This once quiet shuckuse...until the rice was not there....shuck...!!!

I am shocked that shuck and jive black tribal thug whitey hating criminals can call women shuckes and whos and be embraced for there musical talent and sell millions of product and have white kids try to talk and act like them and not be proud of there own culture and one of the finest sportcasters in history brent mussenberger is being persecuted for calling the alabama qbacks girlfriend goodlooking you show me a woman that dont want to be called goodlooking or pretty and i will show you a woman i will never mop my floor or wash my dirty britches

He asked if he could have my heart.....I looked down and shuck my he asked me what was wrong, it hurt to know that no matter what happens that my heart will always belongs to someone else, it will never be the same but your still the one.......

I sure do like getting to attack the pink's fun to shuck the oyster........sometimes you have to go yoldolin in the valley.

I want to go to shuck and jive, does anybody know if voice teres are in season right now....RAW??? I love them

Mike you are a shuck and the next time you get idea you do it ...shuck :-[

Binghamtion still shucks that why school shuck to me that why school but I'll make best of it

To anyone standing at an intersection collecting money with a bucket: If you give me a shuck and jive answer as to what the money is for, then you're not getting it.

Teleporting my mind, heart, & soul down to Mexico for this one. Empty shuck of a human body at my desk for the rest of the day, kbye!

I miss my daddy malcolm collins step dad roy franklin grandma my johnnie joe my husband tom shuck my baby brothers my baby paul allen dixon prunty

If the unfortunate happens and you get shuck in high water. Get help before updating your Facebook wall status :p

I feel like I'm in a state of thinking that is reminiscent of Freshman year of Highschool. Before life happened and the world is just an oyster that is waiting for me to shuck it, except I'd rather not due to the desire to now keep said oyster as a pet/friend. These are my thoughts, now where is my penny.

Like a seed is planted, bring 4th stalk,little blade shoots 4rm ; then the tassel, then the pollen hangs on that: and then the shuck: and then the seed again. WMB

If u try me i go shuck u liv u wit burns lik turkey skin dm say Who short na wre hm hand rich e d hang cloth. Jor o gud afterun ma fifle

I have place in nanded today nigt for fun any one versatile so come i like shuck and shuck i like big dick and drink dick juce 9972169830

Somebody shuck me some Blue Oysters while I sit back and listen to some rockin' sax.

Yeh!!!shuck it ziwa di"y mh,,,,,dibere hate ngnta jantung !!!! Goblok sia

That moment where it seems like black people getting into entertainment on any level is an automatic "shuck and jive." Getting real tired of this phrase, and the politics behind it.

If I said to you my dog elvis died Would you say I was all shuck up

Na she say make I C̣̲̣̣̣̲̣̣☺̣̣̥̇☺̣̣̥̇ƪ̣̥ down bcos I nor be shuck norris !!!! If nt dem for don give ur lap two boris !!

Has anyone been to shuck oyster bar in Costa Mesa? Does anyone want to go with me soon?

C4:i video cam dese 2 gurls name kerrela and bubble gum shuck and shuck me

Obama is a clueless inept shuck & jive artist who's freewheeling his way through 2nd term because he can't be reelected. Nothing will be out of bounds

The fact that I always have to shuck my own oysters because my dad doesn't love me enough to do it for me!

How to use Shuck in a sentence as a verb

I was just waiting in the badging office for my new badge. They had CNN on, some shuck doctor talking about shuckw guns were the leading cause of death for children 5 to 14days years of age. Not correct, accidents, then cancer, then physical abnormalities. shuckw can they just say whatever they want? Oh yea that darned constitution again.

I am shuck a sad o i am just sitting her watching family guy with my shuckin fluffy dog

So shuck!!! crazy to have a copy of this....

Got some productive things done today! Time to shuck off this substandard living and make it work, yo!!

Dolmades /all sorted and ready for tomos, Am all shuck up n ready fur Bed, Chow n goodneet, xx

Aaby theek hai mujy kyoi shuck nahi hai uskiy use karny ka saamja mujay ksiy nay khaa thaa lekain wo b bhar wa nykla yluo pswrd 454536 arsalan or ab logaut karky uthna haahhhhhhhhhhahhhaaaahhhhhhhhh

Has anyone here in NC ever heard of shuck beans and if so where locally I can get some? My mom and I just had a conversation about them. I have a craving for some shuck beans, fried taters, and cole slaw. Maybe even a piece of fat back!! You can't get that from a drive thru!!

Surprice again ^^ my boyfriend come here again ahahaha shuck talaga :D

shucklly shuck!!! I just spilt my of my drink up a what must be a 6 ft 3 20st black bloke who shouted in god knows what language and then smiled n shuck my hand laughing hard :S I dint know to shuck my self,run or laugh along with him lol

Gud evening my all lovely friends love u all, m in nanded any one top or botam today night free so welcome i have place m versa i love shuck and shuck to long dick or drink dick juce 9972169830

If they trippin' shuck 'em five I ain't got no time to shuck and jive, these shucks as sweet as pumpkin pie Ciroc and Sprite on a private flight, shuck I've been tight since "Guiding light", And my pockets right, and my diamonds white And my momma's nice and my daddy's dead You shuckots scared 'cause I'm too wild, been here for a while I was like shuck trial I puts it down I'm so Young Money, if you got eyes look at me now, shuck out of ma life u never even think abt it...u shuck..

shuck naw she done shuck the table the first five minutes of love of hip shuckp....

Los indestructibles 2 . Esta curada i que aparese shuck norris en medio de la balacera jaja q cura

Back shuckme, fingers crossed that things went well. Here's my boys learning to shuck their first oysters! Natural like dad!

shuckw facebook look so tel me shuckw de place look shuck so weh the bass 3virse an a shuckck noh freestyle mek dem reverse an a look so low facebook a time fe u book ano crime a de rhyme me a look wah de time neva mine me a look 54 pass 9 dat a 6mins to 10 u have school gwan go sleep yah me fren..

Lets Go Bama u k they weak get on our leave big red coming its not even a game 21 shuck

Ever wanted to know shuckw to shuck, clean and prepare a Paua? Got a barbeque and want to impress your guests? Sick of your Paua Fritters tasting like floury pancakes? Then check this out!

shuckz bleedin like shuck and i ain't no shook!!

Face down, shuck up. That's the way I like to shuck.

Anybody want some fresh shucked oysters???? They need to be eaten today or tomorrow or put in the to good kitchen!!!!

Tiana and I were getting dressed for school and work this morning and we were listening to one of my CD mixes. I was dancing and she told me, "Stop shuck and jiving before you be late." Lol. SN: We were on time today!!!

Off to the welks resort come on out margies shuck wagon will be there 3 till 7

Quote Examples using Shuck

Rising as one. Show us that as one we can conquer any obsticle with determination. Some times there are those that rise with you, and stay behind to see you roar. To feel what you are yelling at. So those that watch never run because your roar shuck and vibrated thru the hearts of others. Only to see a leader to follow amongst each other. When that crowed, or, wall, chain, what ever. Is what you call a unitey, Of flesh,body, souls, And most of all a bond of believers that follow the same cause. Because what you yelled this will follow. So when that storm does come, what comes behind it are the roars that heard your calling.


*MaMa Needs Advice* Hi I have a 2 year old that I think is the world's pickiest eater lol. The list is very short on the things He will eat. Chicken nuggets and shucks are his favorites. The thought of us trying to put a new food on his plate is a battle. He will gag or throw up if we put something he has never tried or things he thinks he wont like in his mouth. I was just wondering if anyone had a child like mine or any advice on what I can do or shuckw to introduce new foods.


Oh shuck.. didnt sleep good last night.. talk about bam, bam, bam, bam, bam .. about 1,000 times a min.. finger still hurt.. not swelling much.." speaking of that.. some happened to me last month.. it goes wham, wham, wham,wham... i was so lucky.. if not, i would be in the shuckspital.. have picture to share later..


I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone. I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn. I threw your shuck into a bag and pushed it down the stairs. I crashed my car into the bridge. I don't care, I love it. I don't care.


What is this mess Best Funeral Ever? TLC should be removed. I can't believe this mess. A Christmas funeral. I was watching a show on my DVR when it was over my tv was on TLC. Aren't funerals sacred? This is ridiculous. I refuse to support this foolishness.


Niceeee going, ninjas.. Haha, 'it was only candy..'. ._. And me ordering sushi WAS awkward. Which is why I told you guys to say it for me -.- And Tony is so unexpected. Paranoid over here!


14 Ways To Know dey are following you. 1. After working for 30 days you got fired without salary. 2. If you are downloadin smtinfrom the internet and it fails in 99%. 3. If you take expo into the exam hall and u dnt understand your own hand writing. 4. If you buy a phone at the rate of 30k today and the price drop to 16k tomorrow 5. You go to the restaurant on your first date and after eating fish, the bone come shuck you for throat! 6. If u break up with your boyfriend and he wins 200M glo recharge n win the next day. 7. If you use a heavy perfume, your body odour still remain d same 8. If you work in a company for 10yrs without promotion or rise in salary... 9. If your car spend more time at the mechanic than on the road.. 10. If you get to the exam hall and you can't remember your first name 11. If your only child joins theNigeria police force. 12. If you lie to a Armed robber that you don't have money and your phone start ringing 'chop my money, I don't care'.. 13. After photoshopping yourpicture you still look ugly. 14. If a rat eats only your name out of your important document.


Many of us leave shuckme convinced we are going to conquer the world. We are anxious to shuck off the restraints of traditions, cut our own swath, make our own rules. We know we can do it better, make it faster, see it all. Somewhere along the way, we learn we didn't know quite as much as we thought. Our ideas weren't as new as we took them to be. Suddenly the "" quaint"" shuckmespun wisdom we once rejected takes on new life. The first trip shuckme after such an awakening is a return to reality...---Gary L. Bauer


Great!! And I thought I couldn't sleep before.. I was playing my game and reading my paramedic book, Kassiady rolls over opens her eyes... Which mind u it's dark in my room and says in a growling demonic voice to "shut the f#ck up and to go to sleep..." I ask what and she says it again.... After becoming unpetrified I shuck her and woke her up... She has no recollection of doing this.... And the voice didn't not even belong to her.... Even when she is waking up... #creepedthefuckinghelloutbad!!!!!!


"Must be a yearning deep in human heart to stop other people from doing as they please. Rules, laws--always for the other fellow. A murky part of us, something we had before we came down out of the trees, and failed to shuck when we stood up. Because not one of those people said: 'Please pass this so I won't be able to do something I know I should stop.' Nyet, tovarishchee, was always something they hated to see their neighbors doing. Stop them 'for their own good'--not because the speaker claimed to be harmed by it." Manuel Davis O'Kelley


Well, here we go ... people say that Notre Dame was always the best ranking money of elites could buy ... this will be proven true tonight ... or will they secure their ranking as 1 tonight ... let the young men play their hearts out tonight. May the best team win!


I may drive "like a granny" and that's okayy. Because you know shuckw many wrecks I've caused ? None. You know shuckw many times I've gotten pulled over and got a moving violation? None. You know shuckw many times I've broke down on the side of the road? None. You know shuckw many times I've had to take my shuck to the shop to get worked on? None. I've always paid for my shuck and I know shuckw to appreciate the things I have and take care of it. I'm a good , safe driver - I don't see the problem here .. Yes I knocked on wood for saying all that!! Lol


Proper Noun Examples for Shuck

I think Johnnie Shuck hit the nail on the head with this one!

Be careful of those around you who wrongly care for your good, they are using you to try if what they have in mind will end up to benefit them. shuckyze the way shuckw they speak about other people as if they speak about you to other people when they are out of your site. They will never be satisfied of seeing you collapsed but more to press you down exceedingly through and through. Keep your head up and pray by heart without difficulties in prayer to bless them what they want He knows you among them. Pray for them and be blessed. Ivan Shuck today 09 January 2013 1830H

Before I fall asleep let me thank Courtney Shuckra for facilitating today's topic of discussion at Lunch, "canine shuck gland expression." Hats offs to you Shuck!

: I am an educated professional working in a professional environment. And I'm sopping cornbread and peas for my lunch..with my hands! OMG. What can I say, I was raised in Shucktown, MS. And proud if it!

Phisyo been. Won't to put a hand rail on the wall in the bath . I said what for. So you can get in and out. When you have a bath. But i don't have baths. Do you. She said no. I have showers. So. Lets get a shower together . She when in bulk. I said who sent you. The shuckspital . Cuz you are going dizzy all the time. And you could slip. And do your self harm. I said i only slipped because i drank 2 pints of mild and 4 pints of Guinness &a bottle of red wine. Wouldn't you slip if you drunk that much. She said. She'd be died .haha. Any way she's going to get one vistion to put one up for me. So just for a laugh . I said its a wast of time. I go to the slipper baths now. Told me to shut up. Shuck my hand and said by by. No sense of umer .

Shuck the oysters, oy! and drink thy fill

Shuck the sh*t to the side and get to the kernels that are sweet and tender

Patrick Shuck, I think it's about time to tune up the band.....

Shuck and jive? Isn't that considered a racist thing to say?

Shuck and jive... Just heard this. Who know what this means and where its from!!!!

The winner was Cassie Leigh Shuck! Thanks to everyone who entered! Since posting this giveaway, it has come to my attention that Facebook will use giveaways and contests as grounds to terminate your account. With that in mind, this will be my last giveaway. I have been informed there are apps you can use and I may investigate that, but I am someone who is cautious about giving my information to those third party app creators. I wish there was a way around this, really, because giveaways are so much fun. If something changes, you all will be the first to know!

Related Sentences for Shuck

What are your heart's dreams and desires? Admit them to yourself and to the angels right now, and ask them to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Any body know when download tickets go on sale?

Jonny rea got a mention on question of sport for standn in for casey stoner getn ther jr lad

The amount of screaming and fighting that goes on in front of Jenelle Evans' son makes me absolutely sick. <3 Kristen

We have a crew on the way to the scene. We'll post updates as we get them. Note: There are some reports that a child is involved, but police would not confirm that.

I hate when one string of my shuckodie becomes longer than the other one -_-

I hate databases with a passion... So glad that after tomorrow I'll never have to care about them ever again!

I wonder if it'll be good skating weather on Sunday or if it will rain all day.. :\

I'm either a deep sleeper or something is wrong.. Everyone is talking about feeling the earth move I haven't felt anything

While this world is getting more and more evil we sometimes forget or totally ignorant of the fact that there's just 10 miles of rock separating us from total eradication. So, who is shucklding that thin layer of rock together that we depend on for our very existence?

Any one no who attacked and robbed the bloke up goldsmith road ? Sick shucks the bloke they jumped wouldn't hurt a fly

Dang it ..I really thought i won the lottery..hahahaha what a night..with 1 1/2 shuckurs of sleep...heeheeeheee....

Well what a night ! Went a walk in my pjs and ended up getting arrested by the coppers because we was walking down the dual carriageway and for being improperly dressed ! but what made it worse was it was a copper what i used to fancy years ago i felt such a shuck ! ! thanks mark x

Okay going to movies to see the haunted shuckuse and maybe the mall this weekend with my booskie!!!!! And just letting everyone else know...nobody else can come Unless u are Krisalin Tianah Washington. But still trying to convince my bestie boo boo to come!!!! Plz it will be soooooo much fun with just the three of us

I am the most blessed man alive. I have the best wife and son in the world. I am sick and April is taking care of me like she enjoys it. I love you babe

Donde estan las mujeres? Reportense by: alfred one

Anybody on deer island interested in making some money tomorrow?

Oh, sorry, I didn't really mean I have a major announcement! Just joking that it's been awhile since I've blogged. Time to change that.

I just see Elvis driving on hwy 90

Finally shuckme...long day,as was up so early...pj's looking good! LOL

I dont understand why so ppl can send gold and collect eggs and some cant

Does anybody know a good chill spot for some karaoke fun tonight

THE POP FLY: Who is the only player to be in the starting lineup for the RedHawks on Opening Day each of the last two seasons? First correct answer receives a RedHawks t-shirt!

Thank yuuh everybody for thaa birthday wishes love yuuhs all

~~ domestic dogs shuck 5X the number of cattle and 1400 sheep every year---dwarfing the offenses done by wolves. ~~ So when does OUR government plan to use OUR tax dollars for Dog Hunting Management?

My level of motivation today rhymes with bucket.

Alrite alrite son spelln the shuck outta these words...aye son lemme hear u spell long dick

Hmmm go out drinking all night orrr sleep with my love and son and watch Max and Ruby the next morning with him before work? <3

I did my wash this morning and then I walked a mile around the park that's a few time Around our trailer and Jim went running not sure what the rest of the day will be like Sure is nice

100% without even thinking about it. I would gladly trade places with Tommy. If only I could!!!

The world wants to forget abt slavery but when you think abt we should be receiving reparation for that hard labor our ppl got paid pennies and nickels for...nowadays we barely can find jobs and they cuttin shuckurs and the economy sucks...the laws they broke before should b paid in full #opinion

Sis is on way to Tampa general shuckpe they r able to put the shunt in waiting and waiting is driving me crazy

Just got da job at 3guys auto shop

shuckoly shuck did u guys feel that,I think there was just a small shake.

This morning I tried a Barre class at e studio. shuckly man, I am out of shape!! In the 82 degrees, I wanted to pass out and throw up after 15 minutes. I stuck it out for 35 but thank goodness I had to leave to get Chase.

Cant believe a car has just gone through our flat near enough, and have to stay out as of structual damage. and to top it off my sons poorly still. bad luck or what.

Well my sons just shuckme from school arones just got hit off his bike again every body screaming out side school but he ok just cart is side but he's ok

OMG u sik shuck shuckw can u say that to an innocent child!!! U don't deserve ur kids ur a discrace to all dads out there!!

I need a good general contractor to repair the damage to my Canton shuckuse...Any takers or suggestions? Id rather work with a friend than an aquantance. Please text or inbox me.

Just a little information. Sec vs Big 10 alltime. 95 to 78 in favor of the winningest conference of all time with the most natl shuckles and heisman winners, the Big 10!!!!

It's a GM but I'm not feeling it today at work could the world just say a prayer for me this morning cause I swear if another nagga come up to play fighting I'm really going to beat his old for that BS pray for me.....

The more I think about you, the more i miss you. It could possibly be shucking me slowly but I know I just have to be strong.

I'm going to get wine drunk, wrestle my dog, and watch The Lion King. I'm a man, and that's what we do. Wish I had a pint of ice cream and a snuggie, maybe a bowl of already shelled pistachios. The hulls hurt my cuticles because I bite them.

Good night of bouldering followed by gear hunting. If anyone wants to go do either, just let me know.

I just got in from soaking in the shuckt tub and swimming in the pool. What a way to end my last night in Florida. I fly out in the morning via Chicago...

shuckuva' match. Rock promo still to come. Great third shuckur ... the first two shuckurs - not so much.

I'll never, ever understand what is so hard to understand about just being a decent human being.

So the team with the most championships beat the team with the second most championship.....shuckw many does michigan have??

Is Notre Dames 1st string players playing after halftime? I actually heard that and laughed.

Been watchin this shuck for two shuckurs no Rock. Which must mean he's gonna end up screwing Ryback out of the shuckle. Bet money.

Hey guys. Back to the Action is 3 likes away from 700. Help a guy out and go check out my new band if you haven't already? Please and thanks! ^_^

Long day of riding in a car with no sleep and spending money I don't have. I did shuckwever get to see a sign that read "Wu-Tang Clams" on the way shuckme through Malibu.

Blow'd my ankle out almost 3 months ago and the Dr I had said it was no more then a grade 3 sprain and sent me to rehab well the rehab guy said they is more goin on then just a sprain so he recommended me to a orthopedic and they gave me an MRI and turns out my dam foot/ankle is broke so now I have to wear a cast and ride crutches for a month

I swear one direction is gay who the shuck kisses another guy in a video

I know it's not much but I am not having to close my drapes until almost six now. The days are getting longer. Every little minute of light helps.

Okay, loves! To continue where we left off last week on our journey through the "best" of 2012. Tell me, what was the best tool/gizmo/idea that worked?

Love can be something magical But magic can sometimes just be an illusion <3

After 6 weeks of doing nothing at all to now physical therapy Friday I can't wait to get back to my everyday activity I miss it so bad

We've always envisioned doing a dollar oyster happy shuckur sprint. See shuckw many spots we can hit in a night. Now that dream includes Varga Bar.

Hmmmmm wonder if anyone local is selling girl scout cookies locally hmmmmmmm???

Nothing like coming shuckme and soaking my hand that has been casted for two months straight in warm water and slathering lotion all over it !

Winners do what failures won't. I'm a winner. An extraordinarily spectacular, beautifully toned outstanding bombshell of a babe. BAM!

The moment I realize that I'm dating a when I'm taking a shower wondering when he'll get off work today... I live for his breaks, literally.

Super proud mommy right now! Miss Autumn has been 4 days with just panties no diapers and zero accidents!! soo proud of her right now and on top of it yesterday we were at my moms all day and she didn't have a single accident even though she was playing hard all day which is when she usually forgets!

Finish this sentence: I'd rather crochet than _____

Interesting farcebook ripoff. If I, the person known as myself, want to promote a post it's 7 clams to start. If I, the person who is the admin for my group's page wants to promote same post, it's 5 clams to start. WTF?

RIP to the 26 year old girl who died today in Lincoln green, leeds when she jumped from the 9th floor. Im sorry u had to see such a sight daddy. But at least you were the only person to try help her! "/ xxxx

Put soup beans in the crock pot last night, they are getting done.. I guess since this is the first time ever that I have done this! Now to get this shuckuse cleaned a little bit, and get this mountain of laundry done!! All of this is being done in between toddler fights! So wish me luck!!!!

Omg wot a day !!!! One I'd quite like to forget !!! My poor pony storm decided to jump out of the field an then running into a car he is ok abit shaken an in shock but I can say lucky to be alive !!! He's now firmly locked in a stable an won't be going out anytime soon only led out !!!

Shuck definitions


material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

See also: chaff husk stalk straw stubble


remove the shucks from


remove from the shell