Shipping in a sentence as a noun

Right, totals + shipping costs + grand totals + checkout button.

We were close to shipping Persona preffed off in Firefox over 18 months ago.

" $4 for overnight shipping is a bargain compared to wasted time, gas, etc. Stores are harder and harder to justify.

You've got a lifetime of shipping successful software businesses ahead of you, regardless of what happens in the next short while.

People are complaining that stuff like voice calling, and some Talk features are missing, but it's probably due to focus on shipping something that works good first.

Launching a PND there involved shipping a bunch of map technicians there to actually make sure we never got a map outside of India...Cheers, R

They know that you'll end up buying something you don't like or can't fit into, so they let you bring it back to their physical store, because that's less hassle than shipping it back.

If they did this, then you could also imagine indie people shipping TV Shows as apps as a viable model for the first time, completely skirting Cable networks.

Amazon's prices are usually good enough that, especially coupled with the free 2nd day shipping, my effective "wage" for comparison is too low to make it worth it.

Meaning, do other sites offer the widget for a few dollars less but charge a lot for 2nd day shipping?I'm a Prime customer, and I've mostly given up on comparison shopping for small items.

Would you?Well, the first big thing Bezos realized is that the infrastructure they'd built for selling and shipping books and sundry could be transformed an excellent repurposable computing platform.

Having wooed so many developers to the Mac in the last decade, are they really prepared to throw away all that goodwill by shipping obsolete tools and making it a pain in the *** to upgrade them?

Even putting aside the big-ticket problems like inventory and margin, there are a lot of other things that suck about hardware: lead times, managing supply chain, QA and managing defects, field recalls, shipping.

You have actually shipped a software product. You won't believe me when I tell you, but many, many people who you might think are better fits for incubators cannot actually ship a software product. You have also successfully demonstrated hustle, by being able to walk into a furniture store and ask them for money, which is something which is lamentably rare among people who are capable of actually shipping software products.

Now, it's entirely possible that he would never have authorized iOS shipping with a broken maps application, but to suggest that Apple's current direction is anything other than his idea and his impetus is naive in the extreme.

If someone compromises your Amazon account, then worst case they can order goods in your name to be sent to you & Amazon will be out the cost of shipping and re-selling those goods, plus the cost of any chargebacks if they mess you about refunding your credit card.

Shipping definitions


the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials

See also: transportation transport


conveyance provided by the ships belonging to one country or industry