How to use Sharp in a sentence as a noun

Straaaight up if i feel something sharp i stand on or in my shoe or like get i a little pain anywhere i think i've been bitten by likr a spider hahaha eff you australia

Second fiscal cliff post: Ruth Marcus's sharp column. I this case, one picture and 700 words compliment each other.

I'm in so much pain. My back isn't working the way is should be. The pain starts right below my shoulder blades and sharp pain to my hips. This isn't good at all.

The Patiala turban was evolved over a period of time and is best suited for those with broad faces and sharp features, ethnic characteristics which exemplify Sikhs of the region.

Using my new sharpanese waterstones to razor sharp all my knives,cost$ 200 for three stones,but worth it.

First choice are looking a water slide tester for 6 months and to travel the world. I would take that job anyway. Wouldn't catch me going down the galleon chute tho you would end up in the deep end going round that sharp bend

My virtual world, this visions of squeezed balls, between them escaped the octave blade that snapped together at the hand of the facing fencers. multiplying with glittering sharp sword movements accelerating and multiplied rings from each fencing avatar soon a rising army with a spinning precision that didn't touch but advanced to varnished in the quicksand of miniaturization.

It sucks getting woken up by sharp pain. I just had to Share that.

Meet ne at the mall in 15 sharp

Friend's daughter stayed over last nite; such fun helping her with math sharpmework- her granddad taught physics-she's pretty sharp & super observant!!! I like seeing when she "gets" it; as I make her work through to understand concept always more important to me than correct answer!

Health Tips: According to some research, catching a whiff of this aromatic herb may increase alertness and improve memory. To stay sharp, try smelling fresh rosemary or inhaling the scent of rosemary essential oil before a test or meeting.

How to use Sharp in a sentence as a adjective

Queen memory foam is saying enough if your going call me call now, not taking calls again until 4pm sharp....

My memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory's not as sharp as it used to be.

Curves are totally last year, 2013 is the year for squares and sharp lines baby!

Hie, malawian sharpw isit? Reback 2 my side sharp by yanga ija uknow piple! Hv nic day all

Today it's a year since she's been gone from our sharpme. The pain is as sharp as if it was yesterday that we learned of your sudden passing. You may be gone from our sharpme but you will forever live in our hearts. Sohlala sikukhumbula Makhulu.

Observation #97345: Unmarried people leave work sharp at 6 pm. Just married people take permission and leave early. People who have been married for more than 5 years stay in office till 9 pm.

Tu tu te emoni poh an gaihom ve sin leeee...kal leh phot my ang oo 6 Am sharp kim tur ti thom hre leh tlt toh he2

Ughhh i hurt so bad every time the baby moves a really sharprrible sharp pain hits the middle of my back causing me to lose my breath and shed a tear. Doc said the baby is sittin on my siatic nerve. Soo not fun hurts way bad

It's easier to teach a hungry person sharpw to be sharp, than it is to teach a sharp person sharpw to be hungry!!

Ai mara bo darkie who ever thought gore di sharp nose should be called "kick and mboboza"?

Am searchn 4 a boyfrnd nd auditn startz 2morrow in my room 9pm sharp dnt miz lol tanx

How to use Sharp in a sentence as a adverb

Just wonder why m stil alive,afta u takin a sharp knife n stabbing my heart. Bubomi ke obo bt wat cn i sai

MC Online Exclusive store theme features an exclusive, sharp design with disciplined character and created to be customized. It is a Magento theme for apparel and clothing, but can match the needs of any type of online store. It comes packed along with its own Admin module to easily install, update and configure the website.

Slept like the dead until about five minutes ago when a sharp pain decided to shoot through my back Damn you fractured vertebrae

I can learn proper Spanish another day, people. There's an ATM over there I could pull out of the ground with the power of frozen sharp objects for us to buy 4-wheelers & napalm to knock off the next Golden Coral we see in the Fut'chaaa! That's right sharpes, now we're..British? :/

We can not Natb fog for being white or dawn coolness or rain similar to becoming a justice, but we can sharp rebuke friend from the truth and the spirit of the beginning!

You know its January when most ur facebook friends are posting about being hungry#Wimpy must just sharpst their free meals again shem#ke nako e sharp e for them 2do so#

Ok guys, looks like as soon as Friday of this week we will be giving away some Senior Bowl tix so ready up and pass this page around to friends. we will be doing something each day starting Friday and continue while the supplies last. Keep a sharp eye and see you all Friday for some giveaway fun!

Sorry all I have for him is a snarling grimace and sharp teeth

Gotta stay sharp like a needle on point

My mouth is often wounded by my sharp words, so sometimes when I’m out in public, I’ll wear a large band aid over my lips.

Have the weirdest chest pains and sharp pains under my lower ribs going down the left side of my body to my hips. Heart attack? Hmm I want maccas.

Quote Examples using Sharp

You walk into your room, sharplding your tears in. You lay on your bed & grab your pillow. You scream into it as loud as you can. You let the tears fall where they may. You can't think about anything. Anything other than dying. But you know you can't do that to your friends & family. So you get up. You get your new packet of razors, opening them. Picking the razor that looks sharpest, breaking it, pulling out the separate blades, choosing one that looks sharp & painful. You look at it, your mind going crazy with thoughts. Thoughts saying "hurry up & do this!" "You're worthless anyway, why wait?" "Look, that's sharpw pathetic you are. You're too scared to cut yourself!". So you shut the thoughts up, put them to rest. You push that razor so deep into your skin without even realising, you look down & the bloods gushing out. You want to sob, or scream. You open your mouth & nothing comes out, the tears just keep rolling down your face. You think to yourself, this could be it, this could be the night I've gone too far. You sharppe it's not. Not for your sake, for your mums & dads, siblings, aunties & uncles, cousins, your bestfriend, your friends, teachers, classmates. You sharppe you can keep pushing through the demon called life. & trust me, you can. Next time you think you're worthless, or you need to cut. Try thinking of all the good times with your bestfriend, think of sharpw happy you are with them! Try thinking of sharpw good your mums cooking is. Just think of whatever makes you happy. Trust me, happy thoughts create happy people. Positive energy sharps negative energy. Be happy, be positive. Live.


Good morning family. Life has some really sharp turns. Because I've learned to accept so many times things that are out of my control and have made it through so many bad storms and have been up and down, in and out of love I can look straight ahead and handle just about everything that pops out at me. When you care about someone you try and do everything humanly possible to drive safely so that you and them can safely and securely arrive at your destination together. I am in the middle of a serious storm. The sharp is very busy trying to destroy and completely break my spirit and die with a broken heart, mind,spirit and body. I am praying that everything is going to be okay but I know that somethings that I have no control over may never be the same when the storm is through and I come out of spinning around this sharp curve. My only concern is coming out of this to make to where the someone that I care for and myself started out traveling too. So far we are safe and nothing is broken or lost that we brought along. I have seen many of my sharppes and dreams come to me and I have wasted them, sharped them away or just threw the away but I've been blessed to never be wiped out. And now that I once again have found something to sharpld on to I stand to lose it all. I'm not afraid to give my all because I have learned to be sharpnest and true. But as always "up jumps the sharp along with some sharp. The details of this storm I'm in will only be shared with My higher power. My reason for righting this is to maybe reach out and touch others to let them know that no matter what kind of storm your gonna go through in life just keep looking ahead and never give into quiting or misjudging life's sharp turns, bumpy roads, pit falls, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... .... Prayer changes things!!! I'm gonna be alright. The ones that I care for will also be alright. Because we who have survived though life's not so good times know that life will go on. "Weather we live or die" To the lady in my life. Thank baby. No matter what ever happens between us I just want you to know," I've never known happiness like I've known with you. Your in my prayers. See you when you get sharpme.


Euro - European Markets The latest set of economic indicators from Germany exacerbated fears that the problems economies is engulfing the core Eurozone nations. Factory orders continued to decline, validating earlier numbers which showed a sharp fall in exports for November. Against this backdrop, it remains to be seen whether the German economy escaped a contraction in the fourth quarter. Today's German industrial production data is likely to shed more light on this. Meanwhile, the Euro slipped against the US Dollar in yesterday's session, as traders shunned the single currency ...


Dear people who cut for beiber, Stop just stop. You guys are complete an udder morons. Do you sharpnestly think he gives two shadoodles bout you? No he doesn't just the money. And anyone who has a brain can put 2 and 2 together he was an is hanging out with all the big time rappers. All the big time rappers do sharp. It was bound to happen. One way or another. So put down the sharp objects look in the mirror get all mad rip off all the jb posters off your walls and sell all his CDs and act like u were never a fan.


Akpos gets pulled over for speeding 88mph in a 45 zone. The cop asks for his drivers license and Akpos says, "I'm sorry officer, but my license was suspended after my 5th Accident." The cop asks for his registration and Akpos says "It's in the glove compartment, but it's not in my name because I stole this car in a car jacking and I sharped the woman that owns the car and stuffed her in the trunk and the gun I used is in the glove compartment. At this point the cop tells Akpos to keep his hands in sight and he radios for back-up. When a supervisor shows up, the cop tells him the story and he walks up to Akpos in the car. The supervisor asks to see Akpos' drivers license and Akpos hands it over and it is valid with Akpos' real name and information. The supervisor asks for the registration and Akpos says, "It's in the Glove compartment." The supervisor tells him to keep his hands in sight and walks around to the passenger side and opens the glove compartment. There is the registration in Akpos' name and everything seems in order. Next the supervisor asks Akpos to get out and open the trunk. He opens the trunk and the only thing there is a spare tire. At this point the supervisor tells Akpos what the other cop had told him. Akpos says "I bet that lying son of a sharp probably told you I was speeding too huh!"


If only a beast like me could make music and make people smile Maybe there wouldn't be so much... War... If only a beast like me could make people happy If only a beast like me could make someone smile I go around and I see The neighbors they're looking at me And I say "Hey! Why don't you hang awhile!" Cause I've got sharp claws, and nobody loves me Just cause I have sharp claws, doesn't mean I have a sharp soul When I hug someone with my razor sharp claws It hurts them... and me It hurts them and me Ooooohhh! Emotionally.... Oh... Why do you have to judge me so?


Exam song ! Why this examveri examveri examveri di… Distancile frnd frnd, frnd mind sharp. Exam teachr strict strict, my future dark… Why this examveri examveri examveri di.. White color paper paper, paper print black , eyes eyes meet meet all the time waste.. Why this examveri examveri examveri di.. Pe pe pa pan pe pe pa pan seriya vasi ready 1 2 3 4.. Tune changes.. Kayila paper.. Only englsh.. Handla paper, paper question eyes fulla tearu.. Empty brain , exam come , life revers gear.. Frnd u frnd u oh my frnd pls show me answrs nw u.. God i m dying nw pls make me pass nw..


Lines by School boy… Love is when i walk to other side of classroom to sharp my pencil, Just to See her.. N then realize that, . . . . . Im sharplding a pen..!!


Proper Noun Examples for Sharp

Sharp sharp Pretoria shud b under mpumalanga not gauteng. yessess its sharpt here

Also have a Sharp 1500W/R-AT microwave oven for sale

Coming next Thursday! Sharp, sharp ranch in OFallon. Over 1600 sq ft, completely updated for the market. New carpet, paint and lighting package. Don't miss this one!

Wahey, the blues boys are out im force! Well done lads! Sharp, sophisticated wit.

Getting myself ready to go a take care of business in Portugal. Thaank you Air force for that free travel and then im trying to sharpp/get good with the 100 mile ruck TDY challenge. TSgt Sharp is the man to get in with lol

100 Ways to Happiness...Dr. Timothy J. Sharp 2. Don't limit your potential - sharpw much could each of us accomplish if we had no idea what the limits were?

Related Sentences for Sharp

So has anyone else seen the deso ad??? Best rapper ever! Eat you heart out snoop!

Please help out some of the athletes that are new to endurance sports. What are your symptoms to let you know you are overtraining?

Can someone giv me abig hug and say hang in there yooooooo

Started a 3/4 mile thorn hedge removal between Pontesbury and Minsterly today, giz a beep any locals!

Off 2 jail... Let's see who actually reads my & I are handcuffed 2gether in the back of a police car, using only 3 words, what would you say 2me? Note:if u comment, u must copy & paste this 2 your status, so I can comment on yours as well. Be a good sport & play along...

Bread Knifes are definitely one of the more painful types of knife to cut through your finger with...

Go bk darker and grow it or a bit shorter and blonder...can not make my mind up lol

It's difficult to get back your money once you give it. by: Ripin Zheng

End Session 9th January 2013: Profit booking in late trade drags benchmarks below their crucial level: It turned out to be a disappointing session of trade for the Indian stock markets, as market participants booked their profit ahead of IIP numbers and third quarter earning slated to be released later this week.

Tried Pomegranate for the first time nice but seedy, anyone else tried it, whats your thoughts?

It gets quiet when you realize someones forgotten you and even quieter when you see you've been replaced

Going back schooling this year eish!...#wonders he'll cope nha!!!!

If I'm sharpnest, not working is sharping boring! Someone come entertain me!

"It will be OK" SomeOne please say thah to me!!

K tswa lunchng k ne k ja mokwata w kuku le serope jaang k tsna m physics s kip intouch tlk 2 mi im free mr gaba wa physcs le mazuduma b tsere trnsfr s lwa reng ditsalu.

Hi friends ke kopa thuso my little gal ona le problem ya nasal bleeding she bleed more than twice a day ke worried bcos maabane o bleedile for more than 20 minutes a sa stope plz help

When we twist our ankles or break a leg we are told to stay off it, to let it rest and reset sharpw come when we get our hearts broken we jump right away into another relationship???.....take your time, it is okay to mourn the relationship that has just died,,,,,cry, curse, do whatever you need to do to get it out of your system before moving on to a new relationship......that new person deserves a fair chance to prove themself......start afresh, start anew.......leave the past.....let it go....Don't bring the old baggage into a new relationship.........

Oh God please give me strength I can't take this anymore its just too much for me I know you will never let me down

5;; I heard that you are one of the biggest sharps in Australia, and that you should become a sexual health nurse, because you've had personal experience with every STD out there. And I heard you have a really small penis...

Sharp definitions


a long thin sewing needle with a sharp point


a musical notation indicating one half step higher than the note named


marked by practical hardheaded intelligence

See also: astute shrewd


(of something seen or heard) clearly defined

See also: crisp


having or made by a thin edge or sharp point; suitable for cutting or piercing


keenly and painfully felt; as if caused by a sharp edge or point


quick and forceful


very sudden and in great amount or degree


extremely steep

See also: abrupt precipitous


having or emitting a high-pitched and sharp tone or tones

See also: shrill


(of a musical note) raised in pitch by one chromatic semitone


having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

See also: acute discriminating incisive keen knifelike penetrating penetrative piercing



See also: sharp-worded tart


ending in a sharp point

See also: acuate acute needlelike


changing suddenly in direction and degree

See also: acutely sharply