Shaky in a sentence as an adjective

I used to have almost my entire app rely heavily on gdocs, but the api is far too shaky.

As a facebook app developer i am aware of what shaky ground it is.

The idea that "salt is bad" has just as shaky underpinnings as "lower blood pressure is good".

If he had been a shaky, insecure, frightened teen, this kind of treatment can push mild depression into thoughts of *******.

It is easier to argue that you should write tests, than that you should write tests before you write the code, which is a somewhat more shaky assertion.

Windows has been a never ending refinement on exceptionally shaky ground.

Wisdom is earned the hard way, and it is permanent, not like some statistically shaky performance benchmark that we'll all forget about next week.

CL seems to have a "moral high ground" in that they provide the original service and the platform for users to post information, but the legal ground is more shaky.

This whole "your invention is so obvious that you shouldn't be incentivized for inventing it, but not so obvious that it ever occurred to anyone else" feels like shaky moral ground to me.

It's not a stretch to say that Tesla's future was pretty shaky before that loan.----Anyway, not to be a negative Nancy...the can-do and ****-the-Man spirit is not something to be squelched.

They're hurting the United States' already shaky foreign credibility, and they're hurting American companies' interests as well.

We have horrible languages, horrible libraries, horrible tools - a huge, shaky mess of infrastructure built on technologies stretched far beyond what they were originally built for - and it's so deeply entrenched that few of my colleagues seem to recognize it.

And, I think it goes without saying, if the professor is the type of teacher to go into a class with the expectation that half the class will fail, I'd probably have shaky confidence and would hesitate to ask questions since everyone is quickly cast into a mold of either "have" or "have not.

Shaky definitions


inclined to shake as from weakness or defect; "a rickety table"; "a wobbly chair with shaky legs"; "the ladder felt a little wobbly"; "the bridge still stands though one of the arches is wonky"

See also: rickety wobbly wonky


vibrating slightly and irregularly; as e.g. with fear or cold or like the leaves of an aspen in a breeze; "a quaking bog"; "the quaking child asked for more"; "quivering leaves of a poplar tree"; "with shaking knees"; "seemed shaky on her feet"; "sparkling light from the shivering crystals of the chandelier"; "trembling hands"

See also: shivering trembling


not secure; beset with difficulties; "a shaky marriage"

See also: precarious