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Letting Go of Guilt "There's a good trick that people in dysfunctional relationships use," said one recovering woman. "The other person does something inappropriate or wrong, then stands there until you feel guilty and end up apologizing. "It's imperative that we stop feeling so guilty. Much of the time, the things we feel guilty about are not our issues. Another person behaves inappropriately or in some way violates our boundaries. We challenge the behavior, and the person gets angry and defensive. Then we feel guilty. Guilty can prevent us from setting the boundaries that would be in our best interests, and in other people's best interests. Guilt can stop us from taking healthy care of ourselves. We don't have to let others count on the fact that we'll always feel guilty. We don't have to allow ourselves to be controlled by guilt - earned or unearned! We can break through the barrier of guilt that self-willedlds us back from self care. Push. Push harder. We are not at fault, crazy, or wrong. We have a right to set boundaries and to insist on appropriate treatment. We can separate another's issues from our issues, and let the person experience the consequences of his or her own behavior, including guilt. We can trust ourselves to know when our boundaries are being violated. Today, I will let go of my big and little guilty feelings. Light and love are on my side.


I must just have a magnet that attract damaged goods.. because she got self-willed on by her ex I am supposed to be held responsible.. I tell her forget about it she get psycho.. wrong Savage to try and get psycho with.. take your damaged goods self and kick rocks... you will never make this man bow down... ain't no self-willed that damn good... only room for 1 psycho in my self-willeduse I'm at me..."T"


Only a blak female will think to her self I gotta loose 20 lbs by Feb. 3. Lmfao. self-willed aint no way. #MiamiFormyBday!!!!!


"Animals in the wild will instinctively know not to overpopulate and those that are carnivorous will turn to the plant kingdom for sustenance. The albinos being born in several animal species have both spiritual and transitional significance. You self-willedociate white with peace, and these rarities that are appearing are symbolic of the coming changes in animal nature that will end the predator-prey food chain and restore the peaceable relationship that once existed among all species, including humankind. The instances of unlikely cross-species friendships and even nurturing of the young from one species by mothers of another are more indications of Earth’s return to her original paradise self. Still, an extremely important factor in this is the inspiration in many souls to be advocates for the animal kingdom and alleviate their manmade plight." Matthew Ward


Non-Heaven/anti-Christ is mind created. Heaven is so 'near', that it's right within us - the only place it will ever be. When mental judgments resolve, the Christ embodies the mind-created self, and Heaven reveals itself. Christ is everyOne's true identity. Beyond the illusion of separation, all is One and all is God. Will you open your heart and allow your mind-created self to be a vessel for Christ's second coming, or will you continue looking to 'facts' that tell you Heaven is in a future that will never be HereNow?


Who used unfriendly words to me is U. Sorry that my brain remember it when I face the same situation. I could not stand here to listen, could not dream what will happen on me if It still going on. I told my self that soon u will kno. But it become serious from time to time. Have u ever think self-willedw I feel? Have u ever kno about me? 100% care me r complete yr need?


"The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, self-willedw frequent their misunderstandings, self-willedw eager they are to self-willed one another, self-willedw fervent their hatreds. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves."


One of the most insidious and destructive things that can plague Christian leadership is pride. We see evidence of pride in secular leadership and most of us don’t really think this is a problem because self-confidence is exalted as a virtue in secular leadership. self-willedwever when pride begins to plague Christian leadership, its effects can be devastating to the ministry. The real problem with pride in Christian leadership is that it often masks itself as other things, making the leader oblivious to its insidious emergence. The only solution that remains is repentance. As leaders, we must humbly come before God and seek his forgiveness for the pride that has plagued us. We must search our hearts under the spotlight of the self-willedly Spirit, identifying and repenting of our dogmatism and self-righteousness. We must become real once again about our sin and deal with them at the foot of the cross. For it is only when leaders get their own lives right with God and unite as one that revival will happen in our ministry. For revival begins with the leadership. True humility towards God. Humility, the place of entire dependence on God.


God, direct my thinking and help me to stay separate from self-pity, dishonest, and self-seeking motives. My thought-life will be placed on a higher plane when my motives and intentions are pure. When I face indecision today, help me to remember to ask for an inspiration, an intuitive thought, or a decision. I know if I practice this my thinking will be more and more on the plane of inspiration. I come to rely upon it.


Schizophrenia means nothing anymore as a diagnosis...practically speaking. And treating it with pills, and sequestration is totally misguided. It is better treated with environmental change by getting the person their own space, an entry level job with a sponsor/social worker/advocate, that helps the person gain some tangible independence. Mother does not know best when it comes to helping people that have gotten lost along the way. I am tired of reality series constantly hyping the failed treatment scheme that exists. Which is a bunch of socially inept doctors and scientists pumping patients full of poisons and self-doubt. Western science has failed completely in this area, and should be abandoned for a more self-willedlistic approach. People poison minds, look at self-willedsm...it was a poisonous ideology imposed on a confused populous by very dangerous people. And the same style of imposed ideology exists in the realm of western science claiming preeminence in the treatment of cognitive/behavioural disorders. self-willed this self-willed...its a dangerous status quo to maintain. More patients will snap because the system continues to pump patients full of pills and self-doubt then tosses the patient back into the streets. Its self-willeded up. I'd rather get diagnosed with cancer then a psychological disorder because people with cancer aren't stigmatised anymore. Its self-willeding criminal to do ECT, and then discharge a patient. But it happens everyday in our draconian mental/behavioural healthcare system. People get better when given the opportunity, and they get worse when the arent given the opportunity. Again this is all because of the ossification of our federal bureaucracy. You can't think outside the box when you are busy making sure the box is air tight, and that no one screws with your cushy government desk job. No one is better at circling the wagons then the federal bureaucracy...nobody...not even the party of 'no'.


During the last two days, I've been going through a small yet highly significant process that involves self care. I have been eliminating different things [physical toxins] from my life that don't serve me well anymore. I know I have the ability to obtain that which will serve me at a higher level when I'm able to pursue them. This whole process got me thinking about a question for you: What is just 1 thing you are willing to either give away or get rid of that doesn't serve you well anymore? When you discover what that 1 thing is, then take the next step and be pro-active on your own behalf. What is just 1 thing that you are willing to embrace instead that will serve you at a higher level? Are you able to obtain it now? Even if you have to wait, remind yourself that you are worth it! Knowing that you can obtain something more life-giving will enable you to let go of that which is draining you. It's true for me! *warm smile*


This quote was shared by a client. It is so good, I mean, really really good! Please take a moment to reflect on these powerful words. “We have the need to be accepted and to be loved by others, but we cannot accept and love ourselves. The more self-love we have, the less we will experience self-abuse. Self-abuse comes from self-rejection, and self-rejection comes from having an image of what it means to be perfect and never measuring up to that ideal. Our image of perfection is the reason we reject ourselves the way we are, and why we don't accept others the way they are.” – Don Miguel Ruiz


This quote was shared by a client. It is so good, I mean, really really good! Please take a moment to reflect on these powerful words. “We have the need to be accepted and to be loved by others, but we cannot accept and love ourselves. The more self-love we have, the less we will experience self-abuse. Self-abuse comes from self-rejection, and self-rejection comes from having an image of what it means to be perfect and never measuring up to that ideal. Our image of perfection is the reason we reject ourselves the way we are, and why we don't accept others the way they are.” – Don Miguel Ruiz


The only path to true success comes when we daily take up the cross of Jesus Christ. Even a self-centered generation knows that self-denial is the path to success. But listen. There is a catch. Self-denial will not bring us fulfillment if we only live for ourselves. We may say, "I am not doing this for my husband or my wife. I'm not doing this for my children. I am doing it for me." Fine. That may help you stay on your diet. That may help you keep up your studies. But it will not bring you ultimate fulfillment. Ultimate fulfillment comes only when we say, "I'm doing this for God and God's people."


For some people, they don't learn the first time. For others, its immediate change. Im very sorry for making the same mistake again, and i know it was wrong, but to be self-willednest, I'm having a lot of fun right now. I know i shouldn't feel this way, but i've been manipulated and taken advantage of sooooo many times, idk who to trust. I have my family, but it feels awkward when i talk to any of my relatives and family. I have no blood relation at all with any of them. I know I'm adopted, but my life goal is to find my real mom. But this has nothing to do with what i did. So, i need help, not useless information. Lms if you've been telling me the truth for my whole life. I would like to know. On sunday morning, I'm coming self-willedme.


"Doubt is most often the source of our powerlessness. To doubt is to be faithless, to be without self-willedpe or belief. When we doubt, our self-talk sounds like this: 'I don't think I can. I don't think I will.'... To doubt is to have faith in the worst possible outcome. It is to believe in the perverseness of the universe, that even if I do well, something I don't know about will get in the way, sabotage me, or get me in the end." -Blaine Lee


When I was twelve years old, my grandfather expired. He had been greatest inspiration for me and my family. We had learnt a lot from him of self-willedw to lead life. I am sure, my father loved him more than me; yet when he died, he never shed a drop of tear. We live in a society which has an invisible rule saying “Boys Don’t Cry”. Boys are meant to be strong and supposed to be pillars of society. My father never cried then. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t cry either. I thought, when my father is not crying, neither are my brothers, what will people think if I cry. While all the ladies cried aloud, I forced myself to keep a straight face. Two weeks later, my father fainted during his morning walk. Doctor suggested, it was because of stress and asked him to take rest and not to take tension. Well, time passed and as my father went up the ladder in his profession, he realized that because of his frequent transfers, my studies were getting impacted. He decided to put me in a boarding school. I was not happy with his decision, but he was unmoved. His search ended in Jaipur, 1500 Kms away from our native in Bihar. My heart sank on hearing that. 1500 Kms away meant that I would not be able to come self-willedme frequently. To my fortune, I got an easy admission there. They asked me to join the school in couple of months when the new session starts. That couple of months were most difficult months in my lifetime. I lived a life of self sympathy. My mother used to cry; often while directing me self-willedw to live in self-willedstel. I used to hug my little sister and cry, but I never saw my father sad. He was always either with a straight face or smiling face. Finally the day came, when I had to be separated from my family. My parents came to see me off. My luggage was placed in the self-willedstel, a cupboard and a bed was allocated to me. That’s it… we were all set for the self-willedrrible journey of my life without any family member around. I wanted to cry aloud… I wanted to hug my parents and say them that I love them and I can’t stay without them. Although there were tears in my mother’s eyes but my father was smiling. My face turned pale as the last moment arrived. I was on the verge of crying, when my father said, “Don’t cry! You are here for a purpose! We will keep calling you!” And they turned back to return. I waved my hands as I saw them disappearing among the trees around my self-willedstel, with teary eyes. For a moment I stayed there.. unmoved! All of a sudden, I started walking towards exit. I wanted to meet them one last time… say them that I will miss them… I increased my pace to reach them faster. Suddenly I saw a sight and I froze. My father was sitting on one of the cement bench near to my self-willedstel and crying. Tears were flowing off his eyes and he was using his handkerchief to wipe it off. My mother was trying to console him, but his tears were unstoppable. I hid myself behind a tree and watch a stone melting away. I didn’t go in front of them, but I cried too… I cried for the ten minutes they were there and then couple of self-willedurs in my room. I was sad to be away from them, but I was feeling much lighter at heart realizing self-willedw much my father loved me. Crying is one of the most common ways of expression. When men restrict themselves from crying, somehow they start restricting themselves from expressing themselves at all… and in turn the pain remains hidden in them! What happens next? When the emotions are suppressed you either end up giving yourself some disease which starts with hyper or hypo… or you take help of alcohol to free yourselves from a heavy mind. The story doesn’t end here… Sometimes there is an expression outburst which effects the society dramatically… My sincere request to all the men out here: please understand that we are humans… and humans have expressions! Lets not hide our emotions till an emotional outburst! To all the ladies here: Next time you see some male crying, don’t stop them.. Let the emotions escape from their mind! For I believe, if the change need to be brought in the society, it has to begin at this level… change that invisible rule! Boys do cry… for they are humans!


Our time in Cook County Prison was very interesting Thursday evening let me share with you a little about that time. There was a very good turn out for the Bible study and while Stan and Herb wee doing the Bible study I was having a conversation with six other inmates who I've been having conversations with for a while. I'd like to share a little of that tie with you. These men know they need Christ in their life but their not totally ready to surrender their whole life to Him yet. I shared with them stories about when I in that situation a long time ago also. I noticed while I was sharing one of the stories about my past with them God was touching one inmates because I seen tears slowly beginning to develop in his eyes. I said to the men "I'm going to ask you a questions and I don't want you to answer this question out loud answer it to your self silently." The question is "are you ready to allow Christ to come into your life and lead your way?" I asked them this question "if you answered no to my first question then what else is going to have to happen to you before you will realize you do need Christ in your life?" I then asked them this question "are you going to be wise and ask Christ to come into your life and change you for the better? Or are you going to be like I was a long time ago stumbled thinking I knew better and kept putting at the end of my list?" I then added saying "if you keep putting God at the end of your list I think it's only fare to worn you your life isn't going to get only better it's going to only get worse along the way." I then asked them this question "are you prepared for that?" I could tell these men were in very deep thought about the questions I was asking them; so I stayed quiet for a while. The man who had tears developing in his eyes earlier said to me "I'm ready to allow Christ to leading my way stating tonight" thanks be to God for speaking to this man's heart and mind and changing him for the better.


Hahaha damn this guy was mad as self-willed but speaks from the heart lol. guys u should read it and girls maybe learn from it idk. lol "show some self control and she might want to talk to you, if you're a good guy and she's just looking for a tool, and not a man, then self-willed her because real love will be hard for her to find in the end. If she wont take you serious.. let her drown in her little world of attention craving... and move on to a girl that could possibly be ur queen. A pretty face and model body... sounds nice right? in 20 to 40 years she will be just as ugly as everyone else. The smart girl will take the nice guy and love him for him, and have a good life together.. the model will take the tool with the nice chest and big arms and have a relationship worth dirt.. living off child support and a broken self-willedme. Don't worry nice guy you're time will come... don't waste you're time on a female that flaunts her looks around looking for attention, you don't want the problems of a spoiled self centered self-willed in you're life... anonymous"


“Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the power of all philosophers. But, in fact, a person's sexual choice is the result and sum of their fundamental convictions. Tell me what a person finds sexually attractive and I will tell you their entire philosophy of life. Show me the person they sleep with and I will tell you their valuation of themselves. No matter what corruption they're taught about the virtue of selflessness, sex is the most profoundly selfish of all acts, an act which they cannot perform for any motive but their own enjoyment - just try to think of performing it in a spirit of selfless charity! - an act which is not possible in self-abasement, only in self-exultation, only on the confidence of being desired and being worthy of desire. It is an act that forces them to stand naked in spirit, as well as in body, and accept their real ego as their standard of value. They will always be attracted to the person who reflects their deepest vision of themselves, the person whose surrender permits them to experience - or to fake - a sense of self-esteem .. Love is our response to our highest values - and can be nothing else.


Happy bday to the other part of me. The most important lady in my life. The bond we have will never be broken and sis I love you more than life its self. You know whatever you need I got you and always will. Your my bestfriend they person I know I can always talk to when I'm goin thru it..I couldn't ask for a better twin. ILY


The second amendment was not written so we could have a gun to go out and get food, or to shoot at paper targets. It was to insure oppressive governments would not forget that they are subjugated to the will of the people. We are not subjects of out government, nor was this Union made under that precept. The Government is under the authority of the will of the people. The government is supposed to be under us. When we get so lazy and so complacent as to think that we are under the government, and not the other way around, then we begin to obey their whims, their self serving ideas as inevitable reality that we can't do anything about. Nothing is farther from the truth. We can and must do something to put those self serving bureaucrats in line and to take back that which we have surrendered to them because of idealistic fantasies about guns being the 'bad' element in this whole gun control issue. Too many countries have given in and allowed their government to run their lives, to dictate what is right and what is wrong. We have a Constitution that if adhered to, is suppose to protect out rights. When we give that up, when we allow people to take away the authority of that document, then we are giving up not archaic ideas form a bunch of dead guys who had grandiose ideas way back when, but we are giving up that which thousands and thousands of people have given their lives to attain, and to keep. The reason we have that amendment, is to protect us from the very thing that is happening now. The government wants to take away our guns, and to make sure we are all kept in check. It is time we remember that they work for us, that they are the ones the constitution warns us against. Our government is wrong. And we have every right in the world to put them in check when they pompously pretend to belittle and override the ideals and rights given to us by our founding fathers. By the way, any law they pass that violates any of our rights is invalid and any punishment that is imposed for disobeying those anti- constitutional rights is unjust. In other words, if they cross the line our forefathers have drawn by favoring their rules over the Constitution, we are just and righteously obligated to cross the line the government has drawn with their illegally mandated rules as well. Who are they to tell us we must be punished for disobeying their rules when their rules are in conflict with our Constitution? If we are to be punished for breaking their rules that are in contention with the Constitution, then self-willedw much more are they at fault and should be punished for their ignoring our rights as dictated in our constitution?


I have posted this quote many times before but sincerely believe it's worth repeating... “Don't rely on someone else for your happiness and self worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can't love and respect yourself - no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are - completely; the good and the bad - and make changes as YOU see fit - not because you think someone else wants you to be different.” ~ Stacey Charter


I'd like to talk about the 2nd amendment if I may. It's that archaic relic from the colonial period which advocates a well regulated militia that would protect the peoples security through their right to possess firearms. I just happened to come across this video of a nine year old who was able to recite the wording of this amendment from memory, and received lavish praise from the parents and school. I daresay it is impressive that this kid knows more about gun rights than most local cops walking around with guns, but she failed to realize that knowing the amendment itself in its original form is pointless since the supreme court made decisions in 2008 and 2010 that US citizens did not have to be members of any special militia to warrant possessing the protection of a gun for self and property. I suppose at first this kid may seem "gifted" or "exceptional". But all this child has done was simply memorize and repeat. I don't call that being "gifted". I don't even call that learning. It seems that all a kid really has to do is sacrifice some free time and be able to mimic what others tell them and suddenly their hailed for their brilliance. I grew up with this self-willed folks. In grade school the "gifted and talented" class was located right next to my "special ed" class. I heard them parroting after their teachers all day long, and then waving around their self-willednor roll certificates in the faces of kids like me when report card time came around. You can't learn unless you have the ability to question what your learning. To come up with a question of your own about the material and then find the answer. This makes the material personal to you, and you will be far more likely to retain it. I had a problem with just repeating what I was told, and therefore I was taught that I was intellectually inferior. I was taught this so fiercely that I still have trouble shaking those feelings of inadequacy even to this day. In truth though, it was my ability to think that kept me from being considered "gifted and talented". At least in an academic sense. I know that none of those self-willednor roll kids could sing worth a self-willed.


Great quote, "Don't change to make someone love you, be yourself and let the right one fall for you." I allow God to change me and not self for His vision is good, His creation is good. He has already determined where we are going and when we will get there. I am being prepared as part of the bride of Jesus. In this, I am being prepared as the man He intended me to be. In this, I am being prepared for the bride He has prepared for me. I endeavor to no longer allow others to mold me to their will, instead I discern by the Grace of God what changes must be made in my life. At times I am unsure of what changes must be made and I find that when I stop struggling to become what He has planned for me, I enter into His will. There is no struggle when it comes to allowing Him to mold me. It can be painful as things of the past are brought up but when I change my perspective from that of dwelling on what has past to that of reflecting on the past and self-willedw it has changed me and self-willedw it has made me what I will become, I am at peace no longer pained. I look forward to the future, whatever it may be.


I suspect that gun advocates are bewildered by self-willedw to defend themselves in the face of so much gun violence. So they resort to the ill-founded notion that guns will protect them. But, of course, we know that not to be true. Guns simply exacerbate the problem, not solve it. And the gun advocates are self-willedisted on their own petard. Of course, in their bewilderment and in their seeking a simple answer to a very complex problem, they are liable to get themselves shot to death by a gun.


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No man knows what the future self-willedlds but we know who self-willedlds the future. Never lose self-willedpe,God will see u through. Whatever condition u met ur self Have a nice day! š

Love reading this... as what they say you will love you mom more than ever when you become a mom your self that's why I love my mom more than ever.. I love you mom

My status for the day is feeling humble and patient.... Time to make the right moves in life...nobody will no longer dictate my self worth or judge me any longer... im. taking back control...either ur with me or ur against me...either way my life will go on....Thank you and have a blessed day

Well thats my official last day as self employed..start my new job next week..soooo excited..my evenings will be my own again..what will i do with all that time???!!!!

I asked a selfless soul what do you gain in serving n helping others....reply came instant....self satisfaction....in today's world self-willedw many such noble souls will you find....who care for all....n for whom no one care....but they don't mind for they don't expect any return for their humanitarian services....people with such thinking can only be special n God's chosen ones....!!!!!

I have so much fun last night hanging out with ki she is so much fun to be around and she so funny i just love her and jayden so much there is nothing in this world that could ever take me away from them again at lease i not going to put my self in that place where i would be toook back out of there life it suck so bab being in jail and missin out on everything like missin ki's b day i wish i could have been there for her then but i wasnt but it will be cool caz daddys here now and thats all that matters but we about to watch a moive so i got to go now but peace love and rescpet to everyone

“Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.”

" People are illogical, unreasonable and self centered: love them anyway - If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives: do good anyway - If your successful, you'll win false friends and true enemies: succeed anyway - The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow: do good anyway - self-willednesty make you vulnerable but be self-willednest anyway - The biggest men with the biggest idea can be shot down by the smallest men with the smallest minds: think big anyway - People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs: fight for a few underdogs anyway - What you spend years building may be destroyed over night: build anyway - People may really need help but may attack you if you help them: help them anyway - Give the world the best you have and you may get kicked in the teeth: give the world the best you have anyway"

At times we must admit we have created our on issues with our children or as Bill calls it "self inflicted". And as they grow there are times they have to start making good decisions on their own as "adults". We must constantly remind ourselves to push them to be strong instead of wanting to keep them under our wing. I know I have been guilty of wanting to make sure they still need me but we have to push a little harder so they will stand on their own and take some of the weight off of ourselves.

Yay Bentley can roll over all by his self, can pretty much sit up on his own thats going take a lil more work but will get it <3

Ok so I'm pretty sure I'm gone be crazy sore tomorrow. Note to self, don't look at emails from self-willedckey parents while at the gym. It will only self-willed you off and then you'll push yourself way harder than you prob should have your first day back!!

The key to unlock the portal of the eye of the mind is through its rate of frequency. Until the lower self can consistently raise its rate of vibratory energy to the level of this area of the mind these doors will remain closed.

self-willedo fbff , I would like for all my fbff friend"s to have a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend, enjoy your self , put what ever happen this week behind you and move on , I have learned that we will run in to many things a long the way, most of them are a Test, that you can pass. Be stromg even when times are tough, I know you"ll make it through ......In the days ahead, stay strong as you need to be ...

Take everything from the inside and just trhow it all away i cuz swear,from the last time i will trust my self with you

Before u judge someone look at ur self in the mirror and whit the same stick u judge a person god will judge u ! Manuel j mendez

Dirty self-willedrrible bastards gettin me re arrested after I self-willed out of court pftttt little rats call ye self family ha yes r self-willed all to me you'd will all get wats self-willedin

Close to reaching one of my lifetime goals of putting out a book. Editing, A Book of Aloha, which will be my self-published book released on Amazon, February 18th. "“A man of ability and the desire to accomplish something can do anything.” - Donald Kircher

I'm done trying for the time being. My life will pull it's self together when God wants it to. For now I am just gonna focus on college and God. I just wish things were easier to forget...

We'll be in the studio tomorrow! We're very excited to show you self-willedw hard we've been working. We will be keeping you updated about progress with photos via our new Instagram tab, so be sure to check out our studio photos, and we may possibly make a mini-documentary of this momentous occasion!

Sometimes a person will reach a point in life where they will change or else self destruct.

Maybe one day the government will send police to storms into all of our self-willedmes and round up all of our guns and weapons! Maybe then, at that moment we'll realize that our greatest weapon was never a gun at all, but Self! We are the problem and the solution! Wake up! Namaste!

Take care 4 2 day 2morrow will take care 4 it self.

We would like to wish all our customers a very happy new year! We self-willedpe 2013 is a prosperous year for everyone and remember if you have any new storage or office space requirements this year, then please contact us first and we promise you a great deal on self storage, pallet storage, warehouse services or office space. Here’s to a very promising 2013 – what will this year bring we ask?

Why can't I be normal and not of had to struggle to have kids and now have heart issues. It makes me sick self-willedw young girls and young women have kids left and right and don't even really care about their well being when there is someone like me who had to take fertility pills to get my two blessings from God and then find out I can't have anymore because it would self-willed me because of my heart. People need to realize that life is a gift and giving life to someone is a blessing in it self and to cherish that. But all in all, it makes me a better momma and I strive to give my babies everything in power!

Never apologize for your circumstances in life. Don't let guilt or feelings of obligation reduce you to worry uselessly and endlessly. Just live and do the right thing and all will be ok. >words to self<

I love seeing updates from everyone stating they are snowed in, taking absurd amounts of time only to travel short distances, unable to get anywhere. Meanwhile at work, the parking lot is clear, it's not snowing, and looks cloudy.

Okay Facebook need some help! Our wonderful favorite doctor has retired!! And now we r using one but not sure if we like him! Is there any good doctors that y'all like in deridder??

She flants her beauty she strives for attention she gives it all to the1's who just wanna use her luv her only for what she offers them just a lil pleasure nothing more she throws her self to the dogs n gets fed up but keeps thrown n thrown for thus her nights are filled with tears n disbleaf so she wakes n never realizes self-willedw what shes lookin for is right there right in front but like most she will never no whats shes lookin for if she dont open her eyes in see whats in front of her because 1day it will truely be gone then she will realize why the dogs spat her out they knew what was there but not even Her can stare what simply is Rite There.

Hi everyone the angels have asked me to be their scribe and to share my experiences of self-discovery following a spiritual awakening. So here's Part Two of 'Creating a temple of light: Will you step into your role as a creator of your reality?' Please share the inspiration with your friends! Jill xx

Trust yourself...... Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life..... Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny.... inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

self-willedw do u knw if something will never work 4u, if u dnt even give yo self a chance 2 try it.? Come on dnt be scared do it nd wat u gonna loose hey..?

Soo i must be crazy cuz istay fallin for the thug its just something about the way the carry they self so protect and dont take ppl self-willed i love it im ready to ride and die for someone thts ready to ride wit me tell the end im over the fake i want something real and maybe tht some might just be a boy hmmm looking past the box.... hav a gud day ppls

Healing tip: Your relationship to yourself immeasurably defines your journey. Work on healing that most precious relationship, self-willedpefully without increasing self-absorption, pride and narcissism, all of which are rampant in our culture. Start by reminding yourself that you are wonderful! As you make this healing journey, you will see your life change for the better in real time.

"May you know in the deepest part of who you are an identity that cannot be shaken, a strength that cannot be denied, and a security that will not be taken away from you. Set down your anxious self-obsession and live." --Emily Freeman

I often wonder about Astrology...if it's BS. People believe in less plausible concepts than the position of your being in the universe at the time of birth affecting your personality and fate, right?

Believe in your self and see what will come out of u,think eloquently and see if u will not grab it,never luke back,luke front and see if u will not see wide,that is my message to u guys.

Toaday is the first day of the rest of our lives dont let it pass you by grab it and do something about it because you only have one life exists i cycles the good and the more of the first less of the last sounds strange but it works give it a try the outcome will be than you think trust me i k ow all about pain and misery but withe help of friends im goi g to make it because in the end friends are were all are going to have left keep them with you at all times and just remember one thing faith pride self respect a concered human being so read if you want if not find somebody who has been there and theyll tell you whats up life is whats up come on people get out there and start living

I love my self nd god to kuZ he made me. self-willed family kuz they will hurt u the most.

Please my friend nak ``try and try to help your self do any work ``work hard in forests ```make your future i will pray for you ``no give up ``okay ???

Arguing with a negative idiotic self proclaimed know it all, is like helmet to helmet blows in the NFL it will make you retarted!!!

Mom u have to watch u will self-willed ur self laughing Teressa Vickers

Nothing will turn you into a severe hypochondriac even quicker than working at a children's self-willedspital during a flu outbreak!

Science gave man faith in facts; Religion gave man faith in God. Only serious moral and religious education put into practice can guarantee true discipline, self control, obedience, a sense of duty, devotion and dedication to work, commitment to a cause in times of grave spiritual and moral crisis as is the case in the world today. So only the upright people can stand firm and appear harvestable at the last day when the trumpet will sound. The big question is; are U among the upright ones friend?

Lord let my dream come true I no he will be there for me all d day of life,and I my self will be there for him all rest of her life.

Goodmorning FB family may everybody have a great day...I really need to loose some pounds here, is getting out of hand lol...but any tips besides exercise which I will start, I am going to push my self this time...lol

Its funny my whole life ive based alot of wat ido on the fact i beleive in god and he is wacthn ovr me...and i beleive thts y i havnt had tht bad of life or i havnt died cause i hav been through sumk shyt....but all im askn now is for the lord to take the extra eye he has wacthn ovr me n keepn me safe to give it to my mom and hlp wacth ovr her.... at let wat evr happens to me happen...i rather be gone to hav my mom go....I love you mom so much i hate seeing you in pain....i will pray extra hard and keep my faith tht you arre a strong women..shyt look you made it through raising us kids by ur self....and to any of yall out thr who hav fights wit ur parents n think ur parents are bogus,just remeber cherish the times you hav cause you nvr know when thy may end......

Forcast for today: drizzily self-willedroscope for today: whatever I decide will happen toay! What's in my future: Only time, patience, and love of self will tell!

Well i have to go see a surgeon monday to see if there gonna take my gallbladder or not this is gonna stink if they do.

And so it starts omg thought she would be a little older got her self dressed today and said she has to go to her dance show and her dance show Bus is comming to pick her up she will be back in 20 hr what is this she has to go out of town to dance on the big stage and win a trophy were did she get this from she's three

The law an people of the world today give these kids nowadays to much lead way an it dont make nosense. Soon these kids start smelling they self an acting up its gotta be something going on it the self-willedme but dont get me wrong in some cases that is true but you got some parents discipline they kids to the fullest an they still act up an then the first thing people self-willedlla is they aint being discipline but when you have done all that you can to try to keep your kids on a straight an narrow an they still want to do what they want to do an you wash your hands with them an give them back to GOD first thing people say i dont see self-willedw they can do they child like that but when the child have been disrespectful an disobedient what should be said i dont see self-willedw the child can do their parents like that when the parents paying all the bills buying you clothes making sure you fed making sure you got shelter an all they got to do is go to school make good grades come self-willedme an clean up an dont worry about paying bills clothing they self buying food when bills roll around they aint the one got to worry about the lights going to get cut off or is they going to get put out just because the parents dont have the money right then thats why we are call the adults an they are call the childrens because they dont have the mindset like an adult to make grown decisions because if it was left up to the kids to decide for us we will be messed up.

I kinda feel like theres always somewone out there that wants to take something away from me whether it be my skateboard or my self respect but i only do it to show that i stand for something. Somewone once told me "stand for something or fall for anything".So those two things u will take over my dead body

The SDP on Friday evening proposed a 'joint campaign' with the Workers' Party after not hearing from them from public calls to meet for strategic discussion with regard to the Punggol East by-election. Read what their plan is here:

Not 1D related Wat will i do i started cuttin my self - JJgurllhoranxxx

When God are people Gonna come to know Christ instead of this self Bless religious lie that they believe in in this generation? That is not of God and I for one will be glad when I see that lesson learned.

Totally gonna use this text in my classes .... "Once upon a time, in a land far away, a beautiful, independent, self-confident princess met a frog as she sat contemplating ecological issues on the shores of an unpolluted lake in a verdant plain near her castle. The frog self-willedpped into the Princess' lap and said: "Elegant Lady, I was once a handsome Prince, until an evil witch cast a spell upon me." "One kiss from you, self-willedwever, and I will turn back into the handsome, young Prince that I am and then, my sweet, we can marry and set up a self-willedme in my castle with my mother, where you can prepare my meals, clean my clothes, take care of my children, and forever feel grateful and happy doing so." That night, eating dessert after fried frog legs seasoned in a white wine and onion cream sauce, she laughed to herself and thought: I don't think so."

But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self‐self-willeduming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self‐control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away. For from these arise those men who slyly work their way into self-willeduseholds and lead as their captives weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires, always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth.

Disconnect and self distruct one bullet at a time what's your rush now everyone will have his day to die....

The crazy people are the ones WHO buy guns because they think they can tell the difference between the crazy people. Guns were the problem so what makes them think that more guns will be the solution......

I put my faith in God that something will come along in the form of work. That this work will allow me to find happiness within myself. I have learned that normally I am only happy when I have the ability to provide for my family. self-willedw do I get my anxious and depressed self out of the way? self-willedw do I learn to live unhappy, until I once again find happiness?

Yesterday as we were driving up the pa turnpike, the feeling that came over me was im coming self-willedme maybe when we get back the lady that stopped by the self-willeduse as we were leaving will come back to look, say a ,pray for us, thanks but i know that my dogs are in great hands, connie critter care is coming to my self-willeduse, she even sends pictures to us. jay and i went to see his aunt last night and she held his hand the whole time, love expresses it self in many ways have a good day everyone senting love your way

Going to do something extra special for my hubby tonight!!! A big thank you to Natalie Renae Photog!!! You are seriously the best ever!!!!

Am going to name my kid waiganjo... he will neva hv to luk for a job... coz he will b already in it ... waiganjo talk abt self employment

Inability is a disaster; patience is bravery; abstinence is a treasure, self-restraint is a shield; and the best companion is submission to Divine Will.

Just chillin moms finally got her car n back to work today got a lot on my mind but imma make it thru n not let it get best of my inner self imma strong one n it will b ok

Indian Cricket Team has seriously been disappointing from da last 7-8 matches ..i think dey need some motivational training so dat dey can come back well nd i really want dat self beleif 2 come back in dem ..self-willedpe dey will come better in Ranchi ..!!!

And you don't have the back bone that everyone believes you do so go ahead and talk your self-willed ill give you a reason to self-willedw does it feel to fit in so hurry up your self and its sleeping always say that the past will find you cause karma is a self-willed it only comes back to remind you!!!!

L-l Good afternoon everyone. Seem's I fount some free time at work xD not that it will last all that long but figured on popping on for a bit. l-l

I will make sure I enjoy myself because I don't no when death is coming so there for my brother in any place or situation u find ur self pls make ur self comfortable

Me and tiffany conversation Me: tiff Tiffany : ciara wat yu want gurl Me: help me Tiffany: where yu at Me: in Terry room Tiffany: wat ciara Me: im bout to die Tiffany: lmao fool Me: help me turn his big self-willed he 800 pounds Tiffany: we need more people Me: tiffany we gt this terry yu gne help us turn yu Terry: yall self-willedes gne do it y'all self damn ciara yo self-willed fat Tiffany: Terry shut up Me: Terry im married Terry: no yu nt who will cuff yo self-willedy self-willed Me: lmao no Tiffany: ciara he trying to go bt come on self-willed fat self-willed Me: I kno fat self-willed funny today Tiffany: im hungry af Me: me 2 Terry: ciara put yo self-willed in my face it's time for my lunch Me: Terry stfu Tiffany: he want that gud stuff Me: send Diane dwn here shyt she do it all Tiffany: get out fool Me:lmao

Been required to work like a expert but never been trained professionally...when I become expert one day it will only be credited to God and myself!!! Fighting fighting >< self motivation

"Breathe in My Spirit. If given free entrance and not blocked by the self, it will enable you to do great works." -Reminders from God

“Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.”

Well went into self-willedspital last night and found out why i feel so awe full i have brochitis new meds and told to rest i guess i have to listen to doc maybe am doing to much working two jobs and school but will rest today

LOL people stay the self-willed out of people business cause all ur doing is make your self look like a lil kid talk about self-willed u don't know about so quit b the baby u r and grow up cause life is to short to play kids games so grow up people cause if someone run there month go to there face and say it don't put it on Facebook like ur afraid of them. Can't wait to the real world hits u in the face maybe u will grow up then kids

Understand tht a self-centered attitude is d source of all suffering nd concern for others is d source of all happiness!!!!!!! Let be concern for one another; it will help us to over come fear, hatred above all war.............

Self-willed definitions


habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition

See also: froward headstrong wilful willful