Secrecy in a sentence as a noun

People dont need to understand "forward secrecy", the browser just needs to raise the bar for what's considered secure.

Not saying that either approach is better, you just need to acknowledge in some cases, secrecy will work against you.

"Amazon can afford to launch a new Kindle tablet in secrecy, because the 3rd party ecosystem is not a main part of the kindle.

Of course, the common man knows it's common sense that there's an inherent need for secrecy in conducting small scale covert operations.

If you think it's interesting, you can federate into our network, get a provably secure asynchronous forward secrecy protocol, and also have access to an existing 10MM user base.

For essentially orchestrating the worldwide deployment of TLS forward secrecy, for more or less inventing browser certificate pinning, for donating high-quality crypto code to NSS and OpenSSL --- by the way, also, for finding Heartbleed and publishing it, rather than holding it as a "competitive advantage" --- and for killing probably several thousand browser RCEs?

You're missing the point that Levison makes his last paragraph: "courts must not be allowed to consider matters of great importance under the shroud of secrecy, lest we find ourselves summarily deprived of meaningful due process".His argument was that he could not find appropriate legal representation because of the gag order, and that the DOJ would not cooperate in kind with his legal team once assembled.

Secrecy definitions


the trait of keeping things secret

See also: secretiveness silence


the condition of being concealed or hidden

See also: privacy privateness concealment