How to use Satisfactory in a sentence as an adjective

But was told, in review, that the code was not satisfactory, because it did not clean up code completely unrelated to the task -- even if such clean up actually didn't solve any old or new problems. I was severely penalized for this.

There seem to be 2 'groups' of testimonies, the first coming from law enforcement and government bodies; the overwhelming consensus was that existing laws are satisfactory to prosecute bad actors using bitcoin. The second group is still talking; again extremely positive.

There is also a very limited market for these products, as there are many satisfactory substitutes to leather and fur. Synthetic materials have replaced or augmented natural materials in most of the textiles industry, because they can offer superior properties.

If neither they nor the lawyers can provide a satisfactory test to determine this, then all they can do is decide the specifics of this case. True change in this area really is something where the Court can only do so much.

One persons waste is another satisfactory standard of living. To impose an arbitary living standard on someone is to completely control their lives.

I hope you get a satisfactory resolution. Anyway, there has been a trend recently with regular HN'er saying that people should stop using HN as a way to get justice."

If my 10 are satisfactory, I can live with your 9, even though some may not be satisfactory. But if you 9 are good and my 10 aren't, I'd last about a year before moving on because of lack of meaning.

As the above article states, it is pretty difficult to get a satisfactory extract from it. The smell of the root/bark is great, but the concentration/taste of the brewed liquid is very difficult to gauge.

It’s OK, fine, acceptable, satisfactory. What you’ll find when you leave the comfort of your 7 and go chasing after that 10 is that your 7 was never a 7.

There are just too many amateurs happy to shoot for free or for just their expenses, and they're producing images of perfectly satisfactory quality. The real villains are educational institutions, who wilfully deceive students as to the job prospects for creative careers.

Sure the US government is seeming ineffective, and in many cases less than satisfactory. But a system in which companies have the power definitely isn't better.

GitHub's answer to distribution had been "Use S3" which I never found satisfactory. As soon as they release an API, I'll be migrating all my projects over.

You get a satisfactory rating blah." That's for most of us.

If you like the environment, you can live a satisfactory middle-class life on $40k in those parts of the country. Housing is cheap, food is cheap, fuel is cheap, entertainment is cheap, and if your tastes are simple it is easy to save enough money to comfortably retire in those communities.

The ideas arose from years of coming to grips with real-world problems that don't have entirely satisfactory solutions. If I untether myself from the work that led to the ideas I want to pursue, then where will the next ideas come from?

Org for a while, but ultimately were unable to come to an agreement with Shortcut AS with regard to a satisfactory hosting plan, and also had troubles making its ACL system work for our needs in some exploratory migrations to the platform. Self-hosting the Gitorious software also fell out of the running fairly quickly due to the ACL problems and other concerns about the software's features and implementation; while KDE probably would have been able to put together a squad of coders to work on the software in its interest, Shortcut at the time had failed to get a dev community around Gitorious off the ground and was unacceptably slow at processing merge requests - meaning a fork might have become necessary, which is always an icky proposition not to mention a big burden on resources.

The opt-out process for T-Mobile's DNS hijacking is not satisfactory: > Note: In order for opt-out to work properly, you need to accept a "cookie" indicating that you have opted out of this service. If you use a program that removes cookies, you will have to repeat this opt-out process when the cookie is deleted.

We never got a satisfactory answer for that one. Keith, our chief architect, worked around it by randomizing the packet on a retransmit request.

If you just mean it would have been unlikely for Göring to mount a satisfactory defense, when he conspired to confiscate Jewish property after Kristallnacht and allowed the attempted extermination of the Hungarian Jews, you'd be right. But that has more to do with the nature of his involvement.

That's not my first attempt to make a go of it, I took a couple of stabs at DDG over the past year or two, but found that the results were less than satisfactory: slow response, no response, and often, poor matches on queries. With the Snowden revelations and the abundantly clear trend of Google to aggregate as much personally-identifiable information as possible, I made a clean break in June, 2013.

That 20% can be put toward insurance on both ends, paid out when satisfactory closeout of the transaction on both ends occurs. If renters balk at the 20% hold, they shouldn't be on vacation.

Satisfactory definitions


giving satisfaction; "satisfactory living conditions"; "his grades were satisfactory"


meeting requirements; "the step makes a satisfactory seat"

See also: acceptable