Safekeeping in a sentence as a noun

I then tar up that "master" directory, bzip2 it, and move it to another folder for safekeeping.

It starts pushing your texts, contacts, photos, and possibly other bits of data up to their cloud for "safekeeping.

The fact that it was "stolen" from them is irrelevant, as the users entrusted the safekeeping of their money/bitcoin to MtGox.

Is it somewhere you send your unfilled jobs for safekeeping -- so that they won't be taken by uppity youngsters -- because that seems to be how she's running it.

The question is whether by storing your property in the safekeeping of a third party, do you lose your right of privacy?It's a complex question.

If I am to be giving my money to anyone for safekeeping, I better be damned sure I understand the financial and legal details.

As a bank, they may be being overly precautiousWhen I give all my money to someone for safekeeping, I would much prefer they err on the side of caution.

Since many people are concentrating stuff worth safekeeping in a single place, it stands to reason that that single place now needs to be as secure as many homes -- the payout is bigger therefore the burglar investment is bigger.

So, as far as I can see from the point of view of a customer of BankSimple, they will be "my bank" because you interact with them and not with the banks that are actually responsible for the safekeeping of your money while it's in your account.

No, no one ever decided to round up all the females and shoot them; but day by day, one gospel, one edict, one rape, one revisionist history at a time, backed up by very real violence, women have had their natural rights to life and liberty and property and justice neatly excised and kept in a box for safekeeping.

> How do you apply that seemingly unassailable stance to something like iPhone/iCloud, where photos you take with the only camera you have on you during once-in-a-lifetime-moments are immediately and automatically uploaded to a third party for safekeeping?I apply it equally.

Safekeeping definitions


the responsibility of a guardian or keeper; "he left his car in my keeping"

See also: guardianship keeping