Saccade in a sentence as a noun

There are a bunch of pictures, and my eyes saccade around, but what is here, what is his point?

There are many other eye movements, but saccades are the most important for scanning a scene.

I wonder if this has something to do with the way our brain handles ocular saccades.

While the eye is moving during a saccade, you receive no visual information.

Otherwise, you would, for a short time after every saccade, look at a part of the screen that is low in detail.

The peak angular speed of the eye during a saccade reaches up to 900°/s in humans; in some monkeys, peak speed can reach 1000°/s.

This is when your brain fools you into thinking that the picture you see after a saccade has been the same during the movement itself.

It may activate the startle reflex, or perhaps initiate a saccade to focus the eyes on the stimuli.

For larger jumps there is ~200ms during which the computer can attempt to predict the final destination of the saccade, and thus begin to do some preemptive computations.

These saccades are generated by a neuronal mechanism that bypasses time-consuming circuits and activates the eye muscles more directly.

But cursor position dictated by eye movement will be tricky or impossible---we can more or less do this now with the right equipment, but your eyes saccade all over the place, subconsciously, even when you think you're looking at just one thing.

Yes, our brains use saccades[2] to construct a synthetic image over a longer integration time, but still, our non-central acuity is so poor that we cannot even read regular-sized newspaper text except with the central couple of degrees of our vision.

Once the saccade lands at the new location, assuming a rendering speed of 100fps, there would be at most 10ms before the high-res version kicked in, but again, with some degree of preemptive/predictive computation, perhaps a slightly better version could be available immediately.

The time it takes for your eyes to adjust to the blinking letters is larger than the saccadic movement, and a single saccade reads a bunch of words instead, allowing you to both comprehend the sentence immediately, and also easily skip back-forward in case of errors.

Saccade definitions


a rapid, jerky movement of the eyes between positions of rest


an abrupt spasmodic movement

See also: jerk jerking jolt