Jerking in a sentence as a noun

If you don't like the circle jerking about Steve Jobs, come back in a week or two.

I hate to use the term, but there's a lot of "circle jerking" going on in Quora with "famous people".3.

Some Anons responded by getting "Ryan"'s docs and now it's all just a bunch of circle jerking.

To me LinkedIn is basically a bunch of people circle jerking each other.

"Programming at the level of HN readers isn't a science, it's a creative art."Can we please stop circle jerking like this?

If you stop jerking your readers around and give them a good deal, you may be surprised by how many would be willing to subscribe.

I fear I will never again be able to tell if an HN commenter is just jerking my chain, no matter how sincere they seem.

Jerking in a sentence as an adjective

To PG:many of your essays have an air of someone who already gets it circle jerking[1] with the other people who already get it.

One of my buddies a few years back was banking ~100k/mo profit with Chatroulette bots who told guys *********** to "find me on adultfriendfinder!

I cannot stand wasting any minutes on anything, I don't know when the switch flipped, but at some point, it did. I used to love spending hours on video games or jerking around, now, there is absolutely nothing in this world that I wouldn't give just to buy me some more time.

They say they delivered a new dinette set and replaced a broken window frame, but the wiring and plumbing is all the same, so you accuse them of jerking you around and wasting time.

If you're swerving a lot, accelerating then stomping on your brakes, jerking from lane to lane... it's an indication that you're not planning ahead and are therefore driving badly.

Lots of men are simply dropping out of the mating market and simply *********** and not dating because women in their 20s dont select their twentysomething equivalents.

The most important decision you need to make in your job is determining when your tools are good enough and don't need further elaboration -- at a certain point you need to stop *********** about your toolchain, and just ship your project.

Jerking definitions


an abrupt spasmodic movement

See also: jerk jolt saccade


lacking a steady rhythm; "an arrhythmic heartbeat"

See also: arrhythmic jerky