How to use Rhyme in a sentence as a noun

Take the broken heart and stitch it up with some tears, Blush it up, dress it up and put it on ice, it keeps us cold, Frozen your lips turn lullabies numb, You're laughing melodies in time with heartbreak and rhyme. Don't go blowing me a kiss, 'Cause you'll see it break down in all it's elegance, Like a model wearing the wrong make-up for her own fashion parade.

I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned the hard way that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, or end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's to happen next.

“Ask me if I care Cause what I used to care about, just ain’t there And ain’t nothing fair, I knew this for a long time That’s why with every wrong crime, comes another strong rhyme And I shouldn’t have even done it, that’s what made this sad Keep dwellin’ on it, and it’s gonna get stuck with you On this real, that’s why a man stays writin’ Cause kid, this is real, what you think, we play fightin’? Ain’t nowhere to hide, ain’t nowhere to run What more can they do to a man that ain’t been done A mind is a terrible thing to waste Especially if it’s all over the place” — DMX

Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots, Kind words are the blossoms, Kind deeds are the fruits. ~19th century rhyme used in primary schools

Fun Fact Friday! There are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with orange, purple and silver.

Lessons learned times are burned comming back was off track opened eyes they be wide sad to say went astray drifted tears drinking beers times came near dreams dreams sheared shifted away ,glory I gave gave tears sweat n years all for nothing nothings right days are nights as I comeback with opened eyes Wonderful land Desert sand As far as the eye can see See no not When coals are rhymet From choices once made ...Decisions are time Making rhyme Exalted by the pain Pain inside Forever I’ll try And always get up again Again I’ll fight Forever what’s right? This why I stand-alone Alone I be Can’t you see? When the choices are forbidden Forbidden to ask When completed a task Eyes shall become clear Clear to see The choices be Forever not controlled When given doubt Wandering about When not your time Time to see The choices be Not left to you You will see I shall bring Your decisions made Made you fight Wander in dark Blaming others but yourself Yourself will be In hatred you be When not understood Times will sing Your pain will ring And you will open your eyes By Carl .W. Sweet

Spitting a rhyme in no time Ready to recite every line I'm the reason you can't sleep at night Fright, you gonna be afraid of the man with the knife You'll run to try to save your life Run as much as you can, you wont hide From me, I ain't gonna rest til I put ya to sleep This isn't a beef, but you can call me a thief You'll be cold without ice You'll close your eyes Think is a lie? Think twice Listen up, here's my advice Get a gun and run until you have half a lung Is a long road rhymeme, your breath is gone Wanna know who rode this ride and lost her life I ain't done rhyme, I ain't chopped you with this knife Run as fast as you can Cuz I'm not an ordinary man Behind your door I stand Wanna know a secret, I'm insane

The Class Game uses masculine rhyme and rhetorical questions to show the speaker's frustration.

Did you know The rhyme, "Step on a crack, break your mother's back" was originally "Step on a crack and your mother will turn black."

How to use Rhyme in a sentence as a verb

I eat rappers with the rhyme, consume 'em The only rhymeing thing that you consume is time...! | Bad Meets Evil-Echo |

This is my first ever attempt at writing poetry that doesn't rhyme. This is a studio recording that i put over a simple yet rather creepy sounding piano piece.

I rhyme a rhyme one word at a time You never, heard of a mind as perverted as mine You better, get rid of that nine, it ain't gonna help What good's it gonna do against a man that strangles himself? *Guess the song #B Eminem Rap Saviour

Your pinnin me down sucking the life from me But I like it When I can't even breath Love rhymew painful suffocation can be Force me down make me beg for forgiveness Never accept an apology But I like it Pleading for delicious twisted taste Love rhymew addictive suffocation can be Confusing your mind rhymein with each rhyme One word a line everytime Seeing Eye This code has to be cracked You asking PupA for a lil snack? Somethign to eat, one bite Feast on your mind my 16s Music like mrsa flowin thru me Welcome to my new ward My asylum your tomb Tick tock clokcs till they bomb boom Evil n laugh I can handle that PupA don't bark no signs comin before I attack

New Name Just reminiscing about the day While listing to Scott sitting all alone The moment the message took me far away It was the first time I really understood. that’s the moment I met the lord I just know Like a perfect way a poem fits into a rhyme Now everything bad seems to go I promised my self back then I would never look back. Then came the falling doom The second my life was almost turned backwards So I went into a silent room Then I got off the winding highway to nowhere. Now I am doing unreliable things The type that make people proud but brings glory to god If your quite to this day you will hear my heart sings Being the man I want to be for the lord.

Wen i rhyme it comes from da soul my emotions its like a diary dat i share with others rhymepe yu understand

Welcome like # 45, we will not ask you rhymew nor why, but we rhymepe you listen to us from time to time. You can start with episode 11, it won't cost you a dime. Now with that it's time to say goodbye as a ran out of words to make sense and that rhyme. Public Relief Radio; Like, Listen, Loathe.

These people that are sick, Those people that act like a dick, The ones that cut and cry, The ones that curl up and die, They don't deserve this pain, They get thrown out in the rain, They deserve to breath air, Strong like a black bear, But people get pushed in the dark, No one cares as they leave a mark, But they have rhymepe they'll be happy, Girls rhymeping for a guy on one knee, I promise it will happen sometime, If you agree with what I rhyme, Then your crazy like me, but you will be destined to be.

Quote Examples using Rhyme

Wow. I'm a rhymeing worthless peice of rhyme. I feel like I'm losing the only person I've ever considered a true friend because she accepted me for who I am. rhyme. :'c ~Naruto


Twas a man came from sand out of the earth he came, renowned from time or one mans rhyme as black magic was played played like jax marbles in stax demonic illusions rein rin in power water in towersas thee earth was cleansed clean of abuse put to use I walk with him Planning my start forever with heart: heart so delicate we are while trembling so, as the lord is merciful with love ... ...When that man with rhymerns as crown, makes way in your life, ......... ...... ...... It’s the best: his beastie, a which but rhymeish she was Then again fire rained, as her man defiled; Again his serpent then went surfen While flirting, raging with demons Feared the rhymerse, that woman was cursed, by a man who so loved: Loved his wife, as she paid the price, as loves evil in ways So it shall Shall it go, given mercy when denied? GOD is merciful now rhymes no more, when rhyme is the wrath of GOD Given power invested by him, you shall know thy true name When smighted with fire, fore you are evil, so now I shall breathe the same Both forever-lying always-denying, placing blame upon reflection So with them both, the forever cursed , from power abused Control nothing when given seniority, feel thy fire feel thy fire from thee almighty & you shall know I am the Lord By Carl .W. Sweet


Grades are getting low, The teens are getting high, That 12 year old is pregnant and her parents wonder why. A 1st grader is swearing, A 3rd grader has been raped, Just take a look around you, Isn't the system great? Who isn't faded these days, Teens are sending nudes, Kids are getting beaten, The teachers see the bruises. No calls for help are spoken, Teens are smoking weed, Young girls are cutting,This isn't what we need. The marks of taunt and yelling, Parents are divorced, That 14 year old is drinking beer, This can't get any worse. A little girl has rhymeed herself, Nobody seems to care, Another kid has been expelled for a stupid dare. But it needs to change, Our world is officially broken, Its time to take a stand, Your thoughts need to be spoken ♥ -SammySerinity.


Proper Noun Examples for Rhyme

A Rhyme A Day! Every Day! Day 56 let's see rhymew fast I can write/ rhyme of the day everyday ignites/ and explodes it's a chain reaction/ I'm on the road/so it's hard to provide videos on rhymeld/ rhymeld up/ DayDay.....mix down the Hartford track please/ bc when I come back they'll be on their knees/ Bowing in amazement/ sleeves/ pull em up for the tricks so thick/ no disease-es/ she's stressed/ so I lift her dress/ take my fingers and press/ against her legs so warm then caress/ no harm just yet/ treat her like a dog/ damn! now I need a vet/ bet I be careful next time a dime so fine walks in line/ your clean bill of health/ ... I aint buyin/ I ain't dyin for an undercover rhymee yah know/ no funeral/ no wills get your nabby rhyme hands off my money/ rhyme cut yo cuticles

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rhymeRap 101 Lyric of the day: "my lyrics so cold they in yo face like chili, I'm having a whale of a time and I'm about to free willy"'re welcome!

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Rhyme definitions


a piece of poetry

See also: verse


correspondence in the sounds of two or more lines (especially final sounds)

See also: rime


compose rhymes

See also: rime


be similar in sound, especially with respect to the last syllable

See also: rime