How to use Rendezvous in a sentence as a noun

1999 toyota extra cab 4 wheel drive, v6, auto, deluxe model...$5500 160,000 miles 2003 buick rendezvous, 3rd row seat, $4850 2000 chevy custom van, $6500 looking for ar15 call 6019415623/jackson

Who said: Cause if you run your mouth and brag about this secret rendezvous, I will hunt you down!

How to use Rendezvous in a sentence as a verb

A beautiful place, the Amalfi Coast, that calls for a romantic rendezvous..

Come see Chagall, ya'll! For much of 2013, the permanent collection will travel to other museums to share a little of Memphis’ cultural offerings – meaning that Memphis art lovers should visit the Dixon before Dec. 31 for a last rendezvous with Renoir, Cézanne and Chagall. The permanent collection will return in late 2013.

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FQ: I have to ask... any of you that are "preparing" or know anyone who is preparing for the end of the world? Not necessarily tomorrow. In general. Even if you don't "believe" it could actually happen, it has crossed your mind. What do you think about it? RP by Tamara


Proper Noun Examples for Rendezvous

Ironstorm will be playing at Rendezvous this New Years Eve! So come out and celebrate the fact that we all survived 2012 with some serious headbanging!

What song would you like to dedicate to your special some one this morning?Jeremiah on Rendezvous

Our annual Winter Rendezvous is a day filled with friendly competition, great food, and outdoor winter fun for all ages! Click the link to learn more.

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Who is still alive? It's rendezvous out there.

Rendezvous definitions


a meeting planned at a certain time and place


a date; usually with a member of the opposite sex

See also: tryst


a place where people meet


meet at a rendezvous