Refining in a sentence as a noun

They think that Zynga is nothing but people refining skinner boxes for people to play in.

He was a tweaker to the last, endlessly refining the same territory he had claimed as a young man."Really?

Anybody that have created large systems from scratch, TDD is a major slowdown on the refining process.

It was 6 years between the iPod and the iPhone, another 3 before the iPad, and they're still arguably refining both.

That's eight years of product development, data collection, storage and refining -- all at Google's pace.

It's no different, in the grand scheme of things, than petrochemical refining or agriculture.

The team working on this is still actively refining things and studying what works and what doesn't. But, phishing is a very big problem, and this change to the omnibox shows real promise in countering the attacks.

We've been accumulating and refining techniques for having new ideas for centuries, at least.

In sort, Rare metal extraction involves substantial pollution in the mining, onsite processing, and refining phase.

And since then, he's been refining the app constantly to get it to its current state, including the rotating background and optimal thumbnail for a variety of mimetypes.

For example, a judge isn't a domain expert in petro-chemical refining either, but they make rulings on petro-chemical refining all the time and it works more or less well.

People still die in plane crashes, car crashes, complications due to surgeries, etcAnd of course nobody died in the petrol extraction->refining->distribution->thermal power plants process.

Time share private helicopter?This is the moment to really create momentum for the project -- if I were in your shoes, I'd spend a bunch of time today really refining the project details on Kickstarter.

But it requires effort: planning, understanding, experimentation, adjustment, refining, etc.

It is structured so people versed in a specific problem domain, be it petro-chemical refining or code, can explain in plain terms the moving parts of his case, and the judge, generally a highly intelligent person, can make decisions based on those explanations.

[1] We use top-down design to decide what the interface for a given abstraction layer will look like, and bottom-up to decide which functions should be written in the layer below; then we cycle that process by refining the layer below through the same process of defining its interface top-down and then the layer below it as bottom-up.

Refining definitions


the process of removing impurities (as from oil or metals or sugar etc.)

See also: refinement purification