Reconcile in a sentence as a verb

It seems a glaring error in the essay not to reconcile this part of the plotline.

At this point, you might be thinking, "but how can this be, it doesn't allow IO".To reconcile these facts.

The only way to reconcile their thoughts and actions is to explain that, in fact, they must really love this job and therefore should work hard at it.

And I also know that it's hard for us to reconcile the idea that when we show the owners rather than tell, it's suddenly considered a crime.

I've seen situations in which cash didn't quite reconcile to what was expected; in some, the people involved made restitution and were fired.

Too often, I or I have witnessed a lot of my mostly younger peers try to reconcile the art and commerce, or to put in blunt way, have our cake and eat it too.

I cannot figure out any way to reconcile the incredibly poor quality of Beats products with a hopeful future for Apple.

"The two chambers still have to reconcile differences, but the bill has the advantage of being supported by the White House, major business groups, and leaders from both parties who have hailed it as a major jobs-creating measure.

It's hard to reconcile when your values don't meet those of the people around you, as expressed in the salaries for various jobs, which vary wildly without much sign of reason or relation to what society ostensibly values.

To acknowledge that "equality of opportunity" is a vicious fiction and understand that not as a call to any particular political ideology, but as a fact of the universe that we must reconcile with any political ideology.

Reconcile definitions


make (one thing) compatible with (another); "The scientists had to accommodate the new results with the existing theories"

See also: accommodate conciliate


bring into consonance or accord; "harmonize one's goals with one's abilities"

See also: harmonize harmonise


come to terms; "After some discussion we finally made up"

See also: conciliate settle


accept as inevitable; "He resigned himself to his fate"

See also: resign submit