Rebate in a sentence as a noun

But the 32GB iPhone 4 only cost me $300 with $100 rebate.

The rebate bill that was passed was a massive handout to US auto dealers.

Some markets give a rebate for taking, others for posting.

The state also has rebate programs for solar panels.

It's like health insurance: just because you don't have your appendix burst doesn't mean we give you a rebate.

By charging people this fee when their order does cross the spread and not giving them the rebate when it doesn't there's an easy differential to capture.

Rebate in a sentence as a verb

It hits BYX first because the broker's router is programmed to send it there first for that rebate, but its only for a minimal amount of shares.

Even in your strawman, the cost of the Basic Income would be $1T: $6T less $5T as a "cash-back rebate", due to the fact that every single person paying for the BI is also receiving the BI.

It would probably be necessary to offer a renter rebate to compensate for increased rents, but this would discourage the practice of leaving residences vacant.

It’s an incentive for risky behavior.”"I disagree, as a smoker , I'd prefer buying the legit stuff somewhere safe rather than going into a dangerous neighbourhood to get a 33 percent rebate on a product with questionable quality.

\nGenentech's rebate and Regeneron's extended payment terms are efforts to alleviate some of this stress on providers while ensuring they are keeping enough stock on hand that they aren't having to bring patients back for a follow up visits just to order the drug.

* 29, non-smoker, Pennsylvania* PPO through Aetna* $3000 annual deductible / max out-of-pocket* 0% coinsurance, no annual coverage limit* $90 per month premium, up from $85 when I first signed up, yet I got a rebate check back last year for part of itEssentially the same plan from the same insurer, but with a $6350 deductible instead of $3000, is now ~$200/month if I were to sign up today.

Rebate definitions


a refund of some fraction of the amount paid

See also: discount


a rectangular groove made to hold two pieces together

See also: rabbet


give a reduction in the price during a sale; "The store is rebating refrigerators this week"


cut a rebate in (timber or stone)


join with a rebate; "rebate the pieces of timber and stone"