Rapper in a sentence as a noun

Poor kid - his only crime was being a terrible rapper.

They are made by a former gangsta rapper turned pop rapper.

Apparently very few of you read the article...It's a smart way for a rapper to market his music.

By this standard, nearly every rapper from the last 30 years should be in prison on terrorist charges.

It's a bit like stealing another standup's jokes, or biting another rapper's lyrics.

Interscope issued a takedown notice for UK rapper Skepta because they wanted to buy the beat from him.

I liked the story, and I think the points are solid, but I must ask the question: Did Chris eventually have a good career as a rapper?

For those who weren't aware, Kanye started off as a producer and against a lot of pressure to stay a producer became a rapper as well.

The best rappers are able to bring a mix while some are just so strong in one area that they explode no matter if they are really weak in other areas.

I enjoyed reading this chart but I hope it doesn't reinforce the bias that some fans have that word complexity is the only way to tell if a rapper is good or not.

As far as I can tell all he's threatening to do is be a really famous rapper, so famous that the Boston Marathon bombings are second-page news in comparison?

" The rapper points to frequent personnel changes at record labels and hazy language in early contracts that have led to long delays in properly clearing the group's catalog.

""The creative elite" -> "so overrepresented" -> list of five names in tech, one rapper, one 20th Century culinary masterI stopped taking the article seriously at this point.

So I close with a statement by famed rapper Sir Joey Bada$$, extolling the virtues of the circumference: "So I keep my circumference of deep fried friends like dumplings, But **** that ***** we munching, we hungry.

I mean, alot of that has changed since Google started putting the screws on very obvious scofflaws like Nintendo emulator game ROM packs, Star Wars weapon simulators, and famous rapper soundboards.

Google has some incentive to be more active in fixing the problem there, especially since Rap Genius was cooperative, technically competent, and aside from their "rapper swag persona", genuinely nice guys.

Rapper definitions


someone who performs rap music


a device (usually metal and ornamental) attached by a hinge to a door

See also: knocker doorknocker