Rankle in a sentence as a verb

So the bits that you can't get Plan9-ish might rankle someone.

The first three hours of free work you do for someone can feel great, but eventually it will rankle.

But I am concerned that asking for 'daily' pay and not putting in the same hours might start to rankle.

It was always a good read but the monolithic "insight" started to rankle after a while.

I can also understand that smug corrective comments might rankle and prompt objections.

Once GS gets big enough to rankle a company with big enough legal pockets, it's going to go the way of the dodo.

It's a somewhat antagonistic statement, and those can rankle.

This may rankle those whose paychecks are predicated upon the status quo, but it doesn't affect our shifting morals.

A carrier agnostic phone number and free data-based SMSes must rankle carriers, but it does at least require voice minutes.

" One of the first things Ballmer said to rankle the punditry after Gates' retirement is that Microsoft had to move beyond that.

Trying to get a rankle out of people who disagree with you by trying to pin them as irrational "haters" is not discourse, it's propaganda.

A 10 percent increase in income tax would rankle anybody making over ~150k/yr, and that's assuming the best whole family plans.

This is probably unreasonable, but three mentions of amoeba in terms of sexual reproduction really rankle.

I respect that, though it does rankle when they also complain to congress about the shortage of good programmers when this shortage is almost built-in to their hiring process.

Personally, I would far rather be in a Scotland that is independent, free of Trident and part of the EU than left as an appendage to London in the Former UK.[Sadly, I suspect we won't get indepedence, but I rankle a bit at this being described as "strange"]

Rankle definitions


gnaw into; make resentful or angry; "The injustice rankled her"; "his resentment festered"

See also: fret grate