How to use Ramification in a sentence as a noun

God tins on point...dear lord bless me dis 2013 in all ramification of life.

It comes to a man's life when all he wants is change in all ramification.... And right now am in that time of my life....

Happy new yr friends,i pray dis year will be d yr we'v bin waiting for...its our yr of signs and wonders,multiplication in all ramification in jesus name...amen.

This year is for multiple increase. The lord shall increase u in all ramification of life.

The year 2013 is a year of total recovery in all ramification 4 as many who believe it, welcome into the world of total recovery. U are blessed.

Aroba ni baba itan, Itan ni baba oro, fun omode, lati ko'gbon, Ba 'gba ba subu awo eyi wo, fun omode ton bo lati ko'gbon, Bo'mode ba subu awo waju oun to gbe agba subu. But now music has change, people are singing worldly songs not longer used some people's knowledge for wisdom. May God grant us divine wisdom of his word & in all ramification of our life.

...many discarded 2012 so easily as if it neva xisted...2 me,it waz d year i got fulfild as a man in al ramification...2 God b d glory...

O! Lord make me a tool in ur hands, n go b/4 me in all ramification of my life in 2013.

If u must succed,in all ramification u most always have 2 provide time 4 personal development u need to pray and practice

D oly communication n discussioon 2wards our aspiration is our prayer n supplication 2ru dis dat u go 2 perfection by laying gr8 foundation of gud reputation dat wil lead 2 a greater ressurection,revolution n solution in all ramification.

To all my friendsssssssss dat are having der birthday dis week, wishin them long life and prosperity in all ramification

Good growth takes place upward and downwards at the same time. Inother to enjoy a stable and stead improvement in all ramification of ur life, you must balance every aspect of ur life. You can stand on a shaky foot thinking you won't fall, detailed attention must been given to every department because they compliment themselves. Gudmorin

2013 my year of possibilites... I will increas from strenght to strenght, from glory to glory...In all ramification, if u bliv say a resoundin amen

I have seen in all ramification that the love of God is the root of true happiness.

God in U I put my trust. Make me excel in all ramification of my life.

I know our president is sober enough not to ramificationent the bill because of its ramification to the tax payers and constitution at large. This is beastly act from our members of parliament.

Whatever u are today or whatever u are enjoying today is not by ur power or skills. Others are far better than you in all ramification but are struggling to be in the type of your position.

Jealousy is nt act of luv bt fear of loosing him/her 2 some1 u feel is better than u. So improve n all ramification and d relationship will live and last.

To all my fellow winners; a double portion anointn in all ramification dat concerns u after dis 21 day fastn & prayer IJN.

Look unto Jesus Luke 19vs1-10 Zacchaeus sought to see Jesus: the lord saw his heart and became his guest. Look unto him in all ramification of life and see His glory.

One love my people! Today is a blissful day so lets make it lovely in any ramification. Goodmorning!!!

Hmmmmm has #120 for a litre of fuel come to stay in nija? Infact dis nation needs a total restructuring in all ramification of life. And dis a country where d price of goods goes up and never comes down.

OBstacles in Life are not to ramification u bt to build u up in every ramification in life.......

Condemn me if your totally perfect in all ramification of life but if your not then lets look up to God as we grow in to perfection.

2013,the year of favour in all ramification of my life.

If is nt wrong 2 tell de truth, den guys let us be sincere in all ramification of life n makes heaven, 4 heaven is reali.

O lord renew me lyk d eagle nd let me find grace nd favor im all ramification of my lyf amennn...gud morin pals..God bless naija...playamker

HBD fa, can smbody shout haleluya....... God has kept u to anoda yr may He glorify u in every ramification of ur life. Amen

Say 2 urself am beyound earthly destruction,no evil shal see u dis yr cos de Lord is by ur side;fear no evil visit any wia u want 2 go:is it interview,exams,askin 4 promotion 4rm ur boss do it,do nt be afraid of anytin in all ramification of life,be strong

2b in luv with some that would marriead 2 u, is d dreaded disease beyoung ramification

2b in luv with some that would is d dreaded disease beyoung ramification

I don't give in conformity with poverty,GOD increase me,in all ramification,excluding evil.

The amalgimation before the fluctuation and the ramification of the constitutional and the gready and judicial paradoxical position can be a verbal the termoil

No roof can stand without support....May the power that lifted heaven above the earth without pillars lift you up&give you support on all sides&ramification of your life ijn....stay blessed

I wish we can erase the psycological ramification that have left the mental scars in our history. Bt still, this is the dream of Martin Luther King in 1963, which he said “ i have a dream that the sons of the slave owners and the sons of the slaves will dine on the same table“

Dis year i shall be favour lik Easther, ramificationnoured lik mephiboshet. Ve wisdom lik Solomon, defeat my enemies lik David, nd be remembered lik Ruth bcos dis is my yr of double manifestation of great abudant blessings in every ramification upon my life. Amen

What make's a lady proud of her self in all ramification

God i need ur favor, mercy in all ramification of my life and grant me my heart desire!!!

My year of supernatural encounter in every ramification of my life. I d light to my world...

U nid to b very careful in al ramification

Oh my GOD!let my dream come to reality and pave d way for me in all ramification as well as my well wishers.

What a mighty God I serve, heaven and earth adore him {even} angels bow before him what a mighty God I serve. Lord as am about to sleep, ur praise fil my heart for the grace giving unto me for this year journey in all ramification of my life. Halleluyah

Cognitive Reasoning it's wat u wishies mr A that ll definitely comes 2 u, u dnt expect that, mr A wishies mr B good, then wat he got back in returned is bad no... experiment 1 throw an orange up into the air and see whether it ll change to apple it's impossible, ... So it's wat u gv dat u got back in returned, it's applicable in all ramification of lives.

Alhamdulilai ladhi khalakhani wa razakhani walillahi ul hamdu ala kuli ul haali الحمد لله اللذي خلقني ورزقني ولله الحمد علي كل حال All praise to Allah my creator the one who sustain my personalty, all praise to allah in all ramification and circumstances

No two ways about lionel messi is worth d prize cos he has proven himself in all ramification dat he is d winner of 2012 ballon d'or

Mental excellence is a splendid and lasting possession plz let's long for it in all ramification

So many thoughts. In taking everything into consideration, as in all ramification; What makes man a man? Can you possibly comprehend all that will hit you mind?

To me winning a trophies or scoring many of goals dosen't mean you are the best player in the world but in all ramification messi is d best no doubt

In this year 2013 God will settle you in every ramification of your life,your joy will be complete in Him and your mouth will shout a big halleluya. If u believe say amen

Hi the Akpanyas son and daughter we need to come closed to God almight through his son jesus christ, that this year 2013 we shall improved in all ramification both materially in land of our communities and spiritually improvement i knew it is writing in the ramificationly bible ie john 8 v 36 if the son sets u free,then u will be really free in jesus almight name, b/c philippians 2v1o_11 in jesus name every knees both in heaven,on earth & in the world below will fall & all wil openly proclaim that jesus christ is lord to the glory of God the father tanks recieve jesus christ in ur life &see chance today God bless u all

Creation of States in ramificationia! Do you know that Gen. Yakubu Gowon proposed the creation of a 12-State structure that later came into effect in April 1968? Lord will create a more space for this month for you to have your way in all ramification..amen

Back 2 wrk; By strength shall no man prevail, Lord i receive your Grace&Mercy to Manifest excellently in all ramification this Glorious&Joyous 2013 in Jesus' name- Amen!

When the Bible said we are the light, it means that we are to describe life in every ramification, we should be a guide in our world, we lead others on the path of righteousness, so turn on your light by going to the word.

Good Morning pals... May this week bring to us favour, blessing and perfection in all ramification. Love u alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

I thank God for making me to see d first monday in dis year, may we all experience favour in all ramification in jesus name!

As we all enter a new week the favour of G̶̲̥̅̊O̶̲̥̅̊D̶̲̥̅̊ will Overwhelm us in all ramification and launch us τ̅☺ the next level of our glory.

God help dis nation dis year. I want to be blessed & my family & friends. Baba God dis we pray in every ramification.

Tanks 2 all dat contribute 2 d success of my birthday party yest. I pray d Lord will see us 2ru in evry ramification of our lives in Jesus name.

All of ma mistakes went with 2012,so 2013 is a new story in ma life 4 real seriousness of tins in al ramification,lord gve me d grace.

This year 2013 is my glorious year in all ramification and direction.

D best thing that can ever happen to a man's life is to be fulfiled in life in all ramification of life.

Time to rethink that pesky Second Law of Thermodynamics. Scientists prove, for the first time ever, negative temperature. One ramification: a perfectly efficient heat engine. Empty that glass of belief and let the truth pour in.

Its just like dejavu, am back to base. I wont give up in all ramification!

God make me hapi dis yr in every ramification of my life even in my relationship.

May the good Lord bless u this year in all ramification in Jesus name. HBD in advnce.

What would u do if ur partner is nt appreciating who u are in all ramification? Wud u quit such relationship pls she needs ur advice

I'm happy 4 eberechi loveday n I pray dat God will bless him in every ramification of his lyf..he's a broda 2 hve

I release uncommon blessing into your life this 1st Sunday of the year 2013. You will be the 1st in all ramification and you will never be the last. Click like and write Amen to claim the prophecy.

2013 o ya listen,you are my year of fulfilment maritally,finacial n breakthrough in all ramification of life.

Tnx to all who took their tym 2 wish me a HBD. God bless u in all ramification.

To all my love ones n pals, this year 2013 shall be ur year of beautification in all ramification in Jesùs name.

Wish u all hapi new yr. Is ur yr of fufillment in all ramification of lyf & bless u.

This is my year of dominion. I shall have dominion in every ramification in Jesus name amen.

Fruitfulness shall substitute barrenness for me and my family in all ramification starting from now till the end of our life. Amen

Personal theme of the: success in all ramification.

All what you need to flourish this year in all ramification; i decleare the heaven to release unto you now Ijn.

Glory be 2 almighty God 4 making u nd i 2 see d first sunday in d new year of 2013. 2day wil be d begining of our sucess, progress, happiness, upliftment in all ramification of our lives

Resist satan in all ramification and 2013 will be yours in Jesus Name

533-74-6339=patenedt yes uncreate that you all can avoid ramification unless i get my shyt tomorrow they have to investigate onearth in reno nevada as well psychology oneasrgyh my god of me in2013=uncreate hiding heads in thee sand like an ostriche onearth my god of me in2013=

My God is too good because he knows exactly what i want. Thank you Jesus for your upliftment in all ramification.

Because of the ramification of mental disorders, it may appear that there are a lot of repetitions within this website, but the fact is, there are a lot of mental disorders, and many of them share the same symptoms.

Before my FB friends start sending thier messages against tomorrow, I want to use this medium to thank Him, who brought me to this world for some positive ramificationignments. I therefore call onto Him to make me satisfy Him in every ramification. Tomorrow is the day that we need to celebrate. very big thanks to all the friends, enemies, those that sit on the fence and non-aligned

Never delete from His bounties even when every thing goes dead or deaden on ur side He is very much with u in all ramification of life and note, nothing good come easy, but with patiency u achieved them, so keep hereafter ever in view, bcos is the purpose of life

Am born 2 reign nd also born 2 rule,dis year 2013 will be my year of settlement in all e ramification.

2013 is a year of upliftment and progression in all ramification.

Its God doing again!, its another yuletide, may the succinct awesome God of universe grant us mercy in all your ramification.

A good leader always humble himself in all ramification of life.

Felicitation to all my friends nd all my well wishers but if u believe dat consistency makes u a champion nd dat winers never quit nd quiters never win nd there4 be up nd doing in all ramification nd in conjuction with ur spiritual pursuit nd also file a resolution petition to god for a new tin in ur live cetris peribus we shall rise nd achieve beyound ur excpectation in jesus name if u believe say amen

I will enter his gate with thankgiving in my heart i will enter his ramificationly place to say thank u lord for my life and gift of life. A gtrateful heart will receive more blessing and grumbling heart receive less blessing .lord am grateful to in all ramification i know am not where am suppose to be but u will take me there at your divine moment

We must trust some one but not in all ramification there is no complete trust 4instance u can trust some one in d area of stealing but not womanizing so relate we people in d area u trust them dont generise trust.

If u believe dat dis year shall be year of divine intervention for u in ramification of life shout haleluyah

My god i thank u dat i c 2013 successful without any distoping & problem but i no dat is not my ability & my knownledge but it is ur grace & mercy ,father i want u ,2 provide 4 my need in all ramification & whenever i may going 2 ,i want u 2 shower divine mercy on me & protection me include all my relative person,father let me c ur mercy,wonderful work,favour, improvement & more wisdom in dis 2013

Impression without expression leads to fustration in every ramification

The most important shift in worldwide energy markets is the quick process in the US towards energy independence, the ramification of such policy will bring many benefits to the area.

Bravoo!! happy new year 2 all my frnds i wish u double portion in ur doing's in life,praying that you shall live long never to die young,am also praying that may God grant u ur heart desire in all it's ramification......happy new!!....happy new soul....!!

Let the Tax deal be beneficial to the Low income earners in all its ramification...

Here comes the 21st Century ramification/reformation of The Beatles---with a diff. name that is. Can't wait to hear what their sound is like! ♫♪♫♫ :D

Quote Examples using Ramification

***Must Read*** A man reached 70 years of age 'nd was affected by a disease which made him unable to urinate. The doctors told him that he needs an operation to cure the disease. ... He agreed to do the operation as the problem was giving him severe pain for days. When the operation was completed the doctor gave him a bill which covered all the costs. After looking at the bill, the man started crying. Upon seeing this, the doctor said "If the cost is too high then we could make some other arrangements for you." The old man replied, "I am not crying because of the money but I am crying because God let me urinate for 70 years and He never sent me a bill!" ♥ Have you thanked God for His countless blessings today!


My life is for better for better and that includes my marriage. For better for worse,in sickness and in pain,in riches and in poverty is not biblical. Base on the scriptures,i have no biz with worse,sickness,pain,or poverty. I will neva allow any ramification push any minister to ask me such on my wedding day. As an Eagle that i am,i soar high and high,my path gets brighter nd brighter.


ramificationpe and Pray. prayer is d most relevant thing in dis life, ♍υ̲̣̥ brodas and sisters without prayers u can't accomplish ur goals in life. prayer is d key andit is d master key u can ever think of. wth prayer u are moredan a conqurer. do u pray? do u worship him and giv thanks to him D̶̲̥̅̊A̶̲̥̅̊τ̅ is worthy of? let us put our heart's togeda and pray for dis our country ramificationia,she needs our prayers......


My view of any pegressive or developed society is that the inhabitats of such society plan everything they do and are as such deliberate in their dealings within demselves and with outsiders. Leadership or rulership is one aspect they dont play with. This, in my view, stems from patriotism and their collective interest in development in all ramification. To achieve this, most of their major decisions, as it affects the collective development of the land, are deliberate. No one gets to any leadership position by chance. Apart from the fact that ur anticidents must be there for all to c, the elders who are saddled with rhe responsiblity of ensuring that the land prospers, would deliberate to ensure that, not just the right person but the best person takes the leadership role. to pilot the affairs of such society, no one gets into leadership position by mistake or unprepared. He must have been groomed from a very early stage for the purpose the society wants him to achieve on their behalf. I ramificationpe we would learn and vote the right persons during the next opportunity of election. We should not allow ethnicity, Religion or other sentiment becloud our choice. 9ja na we own o.


God, I am so thankful today because I work a rigorous program of action... I am thorough about my legal affairs, work hard, and pay my taxes. I am thankful to have friends in this deal that have my best interest at heart while others try hard to manipulate the truth. Just about lost my financial aid and other vital financial means. I have learn to reach out and ask for help when I don't understand all of the legal ramification of other peoples actions. I can rest easy and feel gratitude. <3 Whew... that means I no longer have to resent those who are ignorant.


The best text message have ever recieved in months now... Wish the newest mother on earth success in all ramification and to the latest child insha Allah you'll never spend a second in sadness and pain. Oloun o ni se e ni wo ni kan o.. Wa diru wadi igba fun awon obi e o.. Amin... Sooo happyyyy


Once upon a time a little girl called Alice was dozing one summer afternoon on a meadow when she saw a strange sight. A white rabbit wearing a blue coat was running on its hind legs, looking at his watch and saying "I am late". Alice got up and ran after him, but the rabbit jumped into a ramificationle in the ground. Alice followed the rabbit into the ramificationle, and she fell and fell, until she landed with a loud thump somewhere far below. She got up and saw a strange sight. A group of young women were walking in a procession carrying placards on which were written "Hang the rapists', 'Castrate all men', 'Stone them to death' etc. Alice silently followed this marvellous procession. At one place a child in tatters came upto the procession and asked for some bread as he was hungry. "Get lost" said one of the young ladies, "Hunger is nonsense. The only real issue in the world is rape. Have you been raped ?". "No", replied the child,"but I have not eaten for two days". The ladies retorted "Then you have no problem. The only problem in the world is rape. Hunger is Maya, an illusion, as Vedanta philosophy teaches. The only reality is rape", and saying so the procession moved on, with Alice following. They then came across a poor woman carrying a sick child in her arms. She begged for some money to buy medicines for her child. "Have you been raped?", asked the processionists. "No" she replied "But my child is sick and may die without medicines". "You have no problem since you have not been raped" said the ladies, "Healthcare is a frivolous and insignificant issue. The only real issue in the world is rape", and saying so moved on. They then came across an unemployed young man, and asked him whether he had been raped. He replied in the negative, but added that he had a masters degree from a University but was prepared to do even a peon's job so that he may survive. They cursed him for speaking such a trivial thing. In this way the procession went on and on, with the processionists, who were shouting slogans against rape, being frequently accosted by persons who raised issues other than rape like skyrocketing prices, widespread child malnutrition, largescale farmers ramification, etc, whom they brushed aside with derision and ridicule, saying that you are raising trifling issues when the issue of rape was a matter of life and death for the human race. After some time the processionists came across another group of women who had angrily blocked their path. "Please join us" said the processionists, "We are fighting for a common cause". "And what is that cause ?" asked the blockaders. The processionists said "Our cause is that we want people to forget poverty, price rise, healthcare, malnutrition, farmers ramification, etc and declare that the only issue in the world is rape". "Do you even know the prices of vegetables which are touching the sky ? Do you even know ramificationw almost impossible it has become to feed our families ?", asked the blockaders. The processionists, who appeared to be well fed and well dressed ladies, said "No" On hearing this the blockaders fell on the processionists with lathis, fisticuffs, etc, and this violent scene made Alice wake up, and realize she was dreaming


Happy new year to all ♍ƺ fb friends. It shall be full ☀̤̣̈̇f Divine enjoyment in every ramification ☀̤̣̈̇f our lives. Odun yi α̲̅ tura fun wa ☺̴̩̩̥̩̩̩. Amin Ooº°˚ ˚°ºo. Oo.


“Somalia” known as the failed state, ushers the new year, 2013 with a promising future in the not long established government lead by president Hassan . the successful establishment of the legislative body and cabinet ministers bring some good news into the ears and the hearts of the suffering civilians. It is quite evident that there is ramificationpe for peace to triumph in this torn apart country, there is the likelihood of people returning to their native kingdom the soonest possible once stability is restored , the Somali diasporas have already begun huge business investments in major towns of the country, such developments speak for themselves and symbolize the end of what shattered us in the form of a bloody civil war, which has claimed the lives of many innocent children, women and men who were unjustifiably massacred in the streets, at ramificationmes mercilessly under the command of our own sons, only in the mask of a warlord. Two decades of ramificationmicide and battery of inhumane actions against the most vulnerable segment of the populace, none of the perpetrators emerged the champion- the bloody game is still draw, no one can certainly claim victorious over the other. ramificationwever the ramification is unreservedly dreadful. Now that we have lost nearly everything to our pointless arrogance, there are still some of us who are craving to shed the innocent blood. What baffles my mind is, if We the Somali youth have ever became conscious our role in this jumble other than ramificationing or dying for the sake of a clan interest or a warlord.


Sorry to disturb you! My name is Jesus Christ, you hardly have time for me. I love You and always bless you. I am always with You. Today I want this message across the world before midnight,will you help? please do not cut it and I'll help you with something that you are in need of. Just dare me and think of one thing that u need from me and type "Amen" in the comment box below...


Proper Noun Examples for Ramification

The 2013 version of Ramification is on its way! 6 originals and 1 cover for your listening pleasure! Like this post if you're ready for a good year!

Related Sentences for Ramification

Maritally, i must succeed diz year..........can i hear someone say a big and thunderous amennnnn?

Thank God for making it possible for my traditional marrage to be a success. I also want to thank God for my familie's, my friends & well wishers whom God used to prefect it. May the good Lord bless u all in Jesus name Amen.

Laziness of d flesh is bad, of d mind is worse, of d spirit is d worst of all.

Here's the name and number of a doctor who will look at it for you. You will receive no bill. He's a good man, and thorough.

"Violent crime is not the result of a gun or any tool, it is the result of the heart of men and women." I personally do not own a gun, but I do stand for the Constitution and peoples right to bear arms. Shame on those liberal individuals who want to blame crimes on the weapon instead of the people who cause them.

Good evening folks, tonight at 9pm, Steavihn would like to know: ramificationw do you get over an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend?

It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.

The mercy of God flows continuously in His presence, but it can only be accessed by an act of faith.

Why did no one tell me that Periphery is ramificationing amazing?

God is big enough to rule the mighty universe but yet He's small enough to live within my heart

Question for FB scholars, why do you have to wait for w-2's when the YRS totals are on your last paystub for the year? And what possible reason could there be for an employer taking more than 5 mins to send them out?

"We know that simply blaming guns is deliberate shirking from the harder problem of addressing the real causes of crime [poverty, lack of access to proper....]." -- very true.

I thank God 4 my blissful traditional marriage, and as well thank all my frnds 4 their immerse support in 1 way or d other.

Am emotionally out of place.... Jus tinking wat exactly to do!!!!!!

Tђξ Wld we are into, is a very small place I hv learnt Hw τ̲̅ȍ luv every one both big nd small,rich nd poor, sick nd health Disable etc. ramificationw about u̶̲̥̅̊?

Join me in prasin God,I ve seen is gudness

Welcome to your year of double portions........ Double portions in every area of your life. What do you want from God as your double portion this new year???????? Shout it aloud with great faith....... God is listening to hear from you......

Im doing a Q & A for The EOF Foundation. Do you guys have any questions about the foundation and what we have shared so far about it that we may have not been so clear on?

Congratulation to messi nd all d barca fans accross da globe...lionel messi more grease to ur elbow jooooooor

When the going get turf , the turf get going. lets wait and see.

I'm indeed humbled by the messages and goodwill.......thanks for making my day and i pray we'll av many more milestones to celebrate and congratulate each other on IJN. Tnx once again and God bless

The Lord has done it again! He gave me a new year gift that cannot be bought with money. Guess what? A bouncing new baby boy

Iv come 2 understand dat in ramificationia , people with great ideas are never regarded & dat d rich illiterates in d society have made d educated ones who are poor 2 look like fools & useless cos we worship money rather than intellect. Countries who appreciates intellects are progressing astronomically & called first world countries, even India of yesterday.

Oh good god! I wake up this morning and hear this story on the radio. Let's be sure to use the school shooting tragedy to teach our children that we are turning your school into a militarized camp where you have no Constitutional rights and where Big Brother is watching you every minute of your life. ramificationw long will it be until the "alcohol" the dog smells is hand sanitizer? Or ramificationw long until some student and his dad went to the gun range the day before and there is gunpowder residue left over in the trunk of the car that the dog smells. The student is then dragged out of class by armed thugs and made to open up the car while be threatened and verbally abused by the neo-ramifications while they ransack the car or locker and all of the other students watch this display of government power to do anything it wants, regardless of basic human rights.

If satan should repent of his sins τ̲̅ȍday, will God forgiv him? I need answers plz

What is ur wish 4 'Mercy Abraham' dis week?? Good friends- Read and ignore Better friends- just like Best friends- comment with ur wishes..

People do you need to be rich to be happy? Please what's your take on this.

Think of ao 2 make ur life useful 2day or should i say u make useful of 2day n dnt let 2day make use of u

Noting woks lyk patience wishing all my friends a lvely woking wk.

This year is our year of Divine surprises, write 3 things you want God to do for you in the comment box, as we keep on praying for you.

200x7=#1400x4weeks=#5600x48weeks=#268800yearly. This means if you take at least 7 bottles of beer on a weekly basis, you'll end up spending 268,800 Naira by the 48th week. With all due respect, sir/madam, imagine the project you can execute by a simple redirection of the money you use in patronising the bar/drinking joint, giving your liver a much more heavy workload and ultimately, transporting your way to heart disease! "A word is enough for the wise but too much words are too much for a fool." You have the power of choice!!!!!!!ok?

"Whoever humbles himself 'll be exalted"matt 23vs12. ramificationw can we benefit ourself frm Jesus example of humility?

Pondy govt puts overcoats on school girls. Instead, why not tie the eyes of boys?

Guess wot guys, today is my special day as i turn a year older. and am just gon go to chuch wit thanksgiving and wen am bac ama giv u da latest gist. I tank God

Lord ds year is my year I must excel in Jesus name say Amen everybody.

Ladies when u loose periodical blood, u need iron in ya system, endeavor 2 eat unriped plantain with lots of vegetable it goes a long way To replenish d lost blood...... Gentle men, take yogurt, banana n lots of ground nuts also to enrich ur system 4good production n drink enough water after an exercise......... A trial will convince u. Who is a learner?

Lord, help me am getting more confuse here.

Omo skul fins on mondae I can't wait 2 see u guys

I am a year older 2 day, God of Celestial thank u o.

If man lifts you up, you will go up as far as his hands can lift you up. My Father's Hands are everlasting!!!

Damn it! I am too old to have an ear infection!

Happy 2013!!!, Heaven will open for ur sake in the name of Jesus!!!!..... Amen

This is ramificationw I define right attitude towards prayer: Having zero tolerance for an un-answered prayer, and having zero tolerance for a prayerless life.

About 70% of married men say they hv been unfaithful at some point, while 30% of women say d same.

I don't have to beg you to be my friend ,infact my friends are even enough for me .can you just ramificationld on to your self please.... i doubt if i can gain something reasonable from you. good day loopy.

One can't stop wondering what on earth we are doing to our self in the name of wealth and power, greed and selfishness, hatred and wickedness. just yesterday I was busy with domestic works than suddenly I heard a voice shouting, screaming when I rushed out to confirm what's happening I was told that a young innocent girl has being beheaded by a man in cold blood for rituals, thank God we still have good citizens who could not ramificationld it to them self....he was exposed by nobody but his best friend, he called on his friend to ramificationist him in disposing the corps when he came he was shock to see the lifeless body he got scared and convinced him to come down and reason together that they need shovels,digger he bought the idea so he ask him to proceed but to his surprise his best friend betrays him instead of the digger and shovel he brought masses lots of people to witness the incident....that was ramificationw he was caught and exposed, this young future mother,senator, future wife of president,future wife of governor life was snuff out of her just for #25000 only what a life my question is would you betray your best friend if you are the ONE in this young man shoes...????

Ramification definitions


the act of branching out or dividing into branches

See also: branching fork forking


an arrangement of branching parts


a development that complicates a situation

See also: complication


a part of a forked or branching shape

See also: branch