Raccoon in a sentence as a noun

* There's a rustling noise in the bushes, is it a raccoon or a burgler?etc.

I saw a raccoon in my neighbors driveway yesterday and deer in my backyard last fall.

If you don't spend time abstracting this, you can rattle of '**** a mouse, **** a cat, **** a dog, **** a rat, **** a raccoon, **** an elephant, etc.

To quote Chomsky, in his most recent book On Anarchism: "Well, we have this huge rabid raccoon running around... it's called corporations.

But I don't think this article acknowledges it as a possibility - and nor do I know enough about the informal names of this kind of raccoon.

Remember that jury nullification was often used to acquit whites of killing blacks in a time and place when killing a given black could often have been seen as something akin to shooting a raccoon or other vermin.

And there's nothing in the society right now that can protect people from that tyranny except the federal government... So, find, I think we ought to get it to do the things it can do - if you can get rid of the raccoon, great, then let's dismantle the federal government.

In the days before Wikipedia it is easy to imagine a journalist visiting Brazil and talking with a friend in the local coffee shop about the raccoon-like creatures he just saw when the local crank slaps him on the back and tells him, "round here we call 'em Brazilian aardvarks.

Raccoon definitions


the fur of the North American racoon


an omnivorous nocturnal mammal native to North America and Central America

See also: racoon