Puncher in a sentence as a noun

The slapped puncher is not going to say that.

What's wrong with being a clock puncher if you're doing your work?

Does that mean you the http server is like a tracker / UDP hole puncher?

But is being punched in the face OK because the puncher didn't use brass knuckles?

" "Nope, pay scale says you're less useful than a clock puncher who stayed in one place for the same amount of time.

The extra padding isn't protecting your head, it's protecting the puncher's fists.

A ticket puncher can probably still perform at the same level on pregnancy brain.

" You were either an **** retentive, by the book pedantic clock puncher or you were a fun loving rock star.

IBM-style "professional" is not the "**** retentive, by the book pedantic clock puncher" you might think.

They could simply be the developers instead!> So what is the responsibility of the key-puncher if it isn't turning requirements into robust, correct code?How can it be a responsibility to never make a mistake?

Antifa's reaction's aren't always right, but neither is belting a guy who spits on you in a bar, yet I can't blame the puncher, and the bias is obvious if somebody gets up on a pulpit and claims moral superiority over the despicable violent puncher who viciously attacked the poor innocent spitter.

Puncher definitions


a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

See also: cowboy cowpuncher cowman cattleman cowpoke cowhand cowherd


someone who delivers punches


a tool for making holes or indentations

See also: punch