Psychosis in a sentence as a noun

Still, people can function in society with surprisingly deep psychosis, because there are accepted patterns for dealing with such people.

Concepts like "justice" and "psychosis" are easy to throw around and are very practical, but their use is typically the root of more harm than good.

Before severe morphine psychosis set in, she re-iterated her instructions that no life-extending measures were to be taken.

I don't know of any physician who regularly treats psychotic patients in emergency rooms who recommends that young people with family history medical risk for psychosis use *********.

"Forget the complete absence of the evidence I asked for, this seemed like it was written by someone in the throes of full-blown psychosis or mania or schizophrenia with meaningless plans to somehow revolutionize the world.

One thing that stuck out in the paper was the interesting phenomenon of what he called "honeymoon psychosis", with one of a young newly married couple away from home for the first time, possibly on their first flight, all leading to some interesting disturbances on those long pan-Pacific flights.

Are users really too stupid to know ctrl+click, middle click, or right click->open in new tab?Personally I side with the author, as I open just about everything with middle click, but I also have a lot of dumb users that rely on target _blank like it's the only thing preventing them from spiraling into a psychosis filled chasm of self doubt.

I'm not a fan of overt proselytizing on message boards, but you realize that calling religion a "deep psychosis" is its own form of proselytizing?What I had hoped to convey with my original comment was:* Religion used to play a powerful role in people's social lives, and does so less now, and perhaps the fear of losing those social connections drives some of mainstream evangelical Christianity's defensiveness.

Psychosis definitions


any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted