Proxy in a sentence as a noun

Put it behind a gateway that acts as an isolating proxy.

So I learned how to set up a proxy server, and figured that if I kept the amount of traffic down Id be allright.

If the database/proxy/whatever server is designed correctly, it'll always use just enough RAM that it won't go into swap.

Hours of schooling are just a proxy measure and not a very good one, but the lack of attention paid to education in this country is a big ******* deal.

It could be that you're not using Nginx to reverse proxy to Apache and you think you need more apache children/processes, and therefore more memory, than you actually do.

Using a collection of randomly selected loans as a proxy for average cost to Zidisha borrowers is misleading.

Attempts to use real time proxy data like mentions in Twitter and searches in Google to monitor the spread of infectious diseases haven't really been very successful.

There is a religious obligation in Mormonism to proxy baptize one's non-Mormon ancestors so they can get into heaven.

I suspect she did, and I suspect it contributes to the negative stereotypes that the author wanted to rail against by mentioning all this.> Do you know where the proxy settings are?

It's a country-wide firewall/proxy that exists due to political reasons and it wouldn't behave any differently if it was implemented in IPv6.

I've made the mistake of hiring the high flying Ivy League wunderkind straight out of college, highly recommended... it was an absolute disaster but my own fault for taking this as proxy for being good on a startup.

And arguing about "cleanest for any language" is just a proxy for a language flamewar.- "And nobody can glare at you and demand to know why you used 576 classes when you should have used 50, because in Java doing it with only 50 classes is probably impossible.

I don't think I've ever gagged quite like that while reading a technical article describing a "neat hack".At first I'm thinking, oh, I wonder how they convinced Apple to let them use some private APIs, and then... curiosity turns to revulsion as soon as I saw that proxy diagram.

Proxy definitions


a person authorized to act for another

See also: placeholder procurator


a power of attorney document given by shareholders of a corporation authorizing a specific vote on their behalf at a corporate meeting