Propriety in a sentence as a noun

I am for one ok with propriety software.

There is no excuse to teach/use/promote any of the propriety software in schools.

They got burned pretty hard when their propriety wireless encryption was hacked back in 2007, and it looks like their bluetooth keyboards are doing everything right.

You now need special tools to get into pretty much any Apple laptop, and they use propriety connectors for everything.

I would love to try setting up a newer pc to run these machines, but there is so much propriety hardware and software in there that I keep putting it off for another day!

It is consequent also to the same condition that there be no propriety, no dominion, no mine and thine distinct, but only that to be every mans that he can get, and for so long as he can keep it.

They wouldn't describe it as I have in plain language but that is basically what goes on albeit with the veneer of propriety provided by campaign fundraising events and congressional horse trading.

"As a life-long open source enthusiast who has been pragmatic around the existence and use of propriety systems"If you're boycotting Apple over this, you're no longer being pragmatic, you're being fanatic.

" This ordinary vision of suburban-American domesticity lingered with Mao: Here, at last, was the setting in which all that implicit knowledge--about social norms and propriety--had been transmitted.

Propriety definitions


correct or appropriate behavior

See also: properness correctitude