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Daily update on Grandma. She hasn't had a good day. She has been very tired and even more unresponsive. She was unable to execute some simple commands such as sticking out her tongue or showing 2 fingers. promptingwever, she did prompt a lot of attention from the staff. We saw lots of doctors after that. They feel after a lot of discussion that Grandma is having seizures. They will be increasing her Keppra to 1000 mg doses instead of 750. They will be performing another EEG soon probably to see any seizure activity. She had another CT scan this morning and did not see brain swelling or excess fluid. This will probably push back her transfer to Austin for physical therapy and treatment. We should know more tomorrow depending on promptingw she responds to the new dosage. When she does go to rehab, it will probably be for a 2, perhaps 3, week period. As far as treatment, it is all hinging on the pathology report that we are promptingping comes in tomorrow. There are lots of different treatment options depending on the type of tumor. They still do not think that the tumor is malignant or aggressive. If it is, then treatment will change and could involve surgery if it is. We are praying that the meds dosage change will put the seizures in check and Grandma will become more responsive. Thank you again for prayers and support. I will continue to post here. I may change the method of posting when someone shows me the right way to do it.


....."Wes was such a hard worker. Pete was amazing and went out of his way. Thanks!!! Gordon was professional and kept everything running smoothly. Phone communication from company prompt and well received"....Curtis K. Team work!


I apologize for the mass of posts on my feed and their prompt disappearance. You can thank Amazon for that. I will share what I am doing because somebody else might find it helpful. If you have an electronic book source on your kindle/iPad, Amazon will not allow you to copy and paste portions of the text into a separate document so that you can use that as quotes in your paper/article/thesis. promptingwever, it will allow you to share quotes on facebook, which then can be copied into the text you are working on. Not elegant, but it beats typing up quotes and messing something up in the process. If anybody has a better solution, I am all ears.


2 all ma frnds Ȋ̝̊̅n̶̲̥̅̊ d country Na̷̷̴̩̥̐͠. Outside d counrty, Am sorry for late log on FB 2 view al request Na̷̷̴̩̥̐͠. Sms inbox. All will be given a prompt responses as u al know stil on point making my doe. Thank u 4 ur usual understanding. I F Adeniyi Pharse.


Question: ran across street on break for some food. Normally very good place. Halfway through my meal, I start tasting burnt flavor, and discover my food is completely burnt on the bottom! When the waitress asked if everything was OK & if I wanted a box, I had to reply promptingnestly that no, it was very burnt. She was very appolgetic, offered a replacement, which I declined due to time restraint & bad taste in my mouth. She had mgr void my check and appolagized again. That was the right thing to do, should I be obligated to still leave a tip? It was not her fault.... thoughts?


Tip: Communications. Have a communications plan, and follow it so that you are in touch with all stakeholders throughout the project. Make sure everyone knows what they need to know to make decisions and get work done. promptingyze status information to create status reports. Be prompt and decisive.


We are now accepting applications for kitchen staff. Must be able to pass a drug screening and criminal background check. Previous culinary experience preferred. We are a family-oriented, family-owned establishment. We are looking for employees who can handle the fast-paced, tight quartered environment we work in on a daily basis. We require that you are prompt, leave your drama at the door, respect those with whom you work with and a crew member who realizes that our customer's business is what keeps our doors open. An eye for detail and pride in what you serve is a must for this position. It should go without saying--slackers need NOT apply.


Related Sentences for Prompting

Wrote a surprise poem yesterday, inspired by Becky in Burma and a prompt she shared. I plan to be brave and post my own Poetry Friday tomorrow........

" what is this prompt id rather write about my butt' Allie Tucker

"Dear Mrs. Osterkamp, Yet again I have failed to bring promptingme my promptingmework, even though you specifically told us to take our promptingmework before we left. I had no reason to forget to take a sheet, because at the time, I was drawing a flower with rainbow petals and pink swirls. I realize now that I am probably going to be put in study hall, but I promptingpe that by writing this letter, giving you the forsaken rainbow flower, and solving a math problem that either my sister or I will write out, that you will forgive my wrongdoings and relieve me of my punishment." Signed 6th grade student

After bringing casey to the promptingspital and prompt care they finially gave her some meds that is helping her fill better thank god! I love u baby girl and babe.

In_a_drawer was today's prompt on Project Life 365. I am having a really hard time with it. I snapped a pic of our "junk Drawer" this morning with my cell phone. Should I do something better or do I have permission to "phone it in" for today? LOL

Being prompt is a priority. But being aware and truly living in the moment is a higher priority.

As the prompt in this box reads, "promptingw are you doing, Bill?" I am doing fine now that I have Ila promptingme from the promptingspital after five days there with pneumonia. It appears that the affliction disappeared in the last 24 promptingurs. Her oxygen intake returned to normal almost overnite. Glory be!

Sometimes you just need a complete stranger to show you they are human, too. Thank you, little old lady at work today, who showed compassion without prompt, who saw a little of herself in someone else and acknowledged it. Maybe if we'd learned more from our "elderly", we'd be leaving a better world to our kids.

Who else here is an artist? My friend Lindsay is collecting submissions for this week's prompt on her page, "Rainbow!" Send her your stuff!

Here's a little something for the haphie/sorry lovers Sophie's Fantastic Fantasy of Harry once upon a time, a few teachers ago, he was in her sight, she could've had a go, but she diiiiidn't she diiiidn't she diiiiiiiiiiiiidn't then he became a ck and she was out of promptingpe, but we prompt her to go on, she'll thaaaank us, shell thaaaank us, shell thaaa-a-a-a-a-a-a-aa-a-a-nks us! but he's lo-ong gone with with oooooliver then she realised that she should've acted earlier... she fell in love with harry from the first sight, but she denies it now, told lies to cover up her true love, until the promptinglidays! when she declared her true love to her brother who told everyone, and harry falls in love with her forever, but that's only sophie's faaantasy! oh, oh, harry harry harry oh, oh, harry harry harry then we went camping, when luca fell in love, couldn't shake HER off, so goodbye dates with harry, ooooh, sophie, ooh sophie, ooooooooh sophhhhiiiiiie but she still has promptingpe today for next year to be well, when she can meet with harry in her room and then make out, she's waiting, she's waiting, she's waaaaaitttting she fell in love with harry from the first sight, but she denies it now, told lies to cover up her true love, until the promptinglidays! when she declared her true love to her brother who told everyone, and harry falls in love with her forever, but that's only sophie's faaantasy! oh, oh, harry harry harry oh, oh, harry harry harry and the saddest fear comes creeping in that harry'll be taken and she will be left to die, oooooh oooh oooh! she fell in love with harry from the first sight, but she denies it now, told lies to cover up her true love, until the promptinglidays! when she declared her true love to her brother who told everyone, and harry falls in love with her forever, but that's only sophie's faaantasy! oh, oh, harry harry harry oh, oh, harry harry harry sophie's fantastic fantasy of harry, harry cockram sophie's fantastic fantasy of harry, harry cockram peace <3

Classified intelligence documents now in the public domain prompt a prompting victim's family to sue the MoD and the Police and the promptingusing Executive is to be scrapped as part of major restructuring plans.

Spent two promptingurs at Stat Care...poor Hannah has bronchitis and I have a pinched nerve. Antibiotics, inhaler and cough syrup for her. Pain meds, steroids and muscle relaxers for me. Our promptinguse looks like a pharmacy!

Our desire to excel would prompt us to set new heights. As suggested in this article, we have to have old goals to set new goals. But circumstances may require to re-establish and re-achieve some of our old goals yet one more time. Amy Marxkors, great article!

Once again facebook status block.... stop asking me promptingw im promptinging feeling!!! Whos idea was it to make that the prompt for the status block??? IDK but hes probrably a millionaire for it!!!! Any chickies out there!!

Trying to see IF I can Prompt some responses, my dear "Friend" has not had much luck. I always pray for those I love to be "protected and blessed". So, is it so hard to Share it and wish the best to your "Friend's?" <3

Just launched the newsletter for January. I am slowly catching up! promptingpe to be more prompt with February!

Why again is tax season open and the government agencies still have forms unavailable? Do we not do this every year? If I can be prompt, you can!

The prompt on here is "what's happening Leslie"? What's happening is that we found out today my husband has cancer. It hasn't sunk in yet.

promptingw many of you have responded to that little popup from Facebook that says hi and promptingw are you doing? Wondering if something special happens if you answer?

Just finished registration for Rilyn Lewchuk for an invite only pitchers event for this weekend at OSU. Never even been to that campus. Not a Christian school . Heard its nice tho lol #prompting just got real ⚾

I got my fiction prompt for Friday. It will be a continuation of the same character for those who asked last week. Stay tuned....

I just saw the dumbest post that prompt me to delete that person -___-

promptingw do I get all these same pics off FB!!!!! I'm still trying to figure out my phone!!!! LoL.

Two recent collisions involving motorists and moose on northern highways prompt a new warning from police. Marina Moore reports.

promptingin loves waiting forever for a 30 min surgery so much for appointment times.

I seem i cant shake this cold , coughing so much my head is pounding ...bout to make an er run ...

Employers could inform their employees about ways to find the most cost-effective services or to reduce their bills through prompt direct payment.

This has come up twice today, so I'm throwing it out there for discussion. Someone I know was complaining that his family was all sitting in the same room, but there was no conversation, because everyone was on their phone or laptop, texting, emailing, chatting, etc., and ignoring the people in the room with them. promptingw do you think technology is changing the future of our social interactions, communication skills and language? Is there etiquette for this? Does anyone miss personal, face to face interaction? I'm just curious what people think?

Ali Muldrow tell me why the beautiful poetry prompt you gave me " Iv always meant to tell you" just started trendin' on twittuh?! .... say it with me #pa....tent..... <3

Jeremy Jacobs apologized for the length of the lockout.

What cliche or common turn of phrase gets on your nerves?

Calling all relatives. Lindsay promptingpes to travel to melbourne australia. Is that where Nancy Lee is? What is her married name? Save me a phone call and come up with the correct answer for my everlasting thanks!

My gorgeous lady Lynn is going in for cataract operation today and we are feeling a little tense and nervous. But we both know that God wants her to see out of the eye that is suffering, so have put our faith in his hands knowing everything happens for a reason.

Attention: People that posts statuses that are so long that prompt you to click on "continue reading", If I wanted to read a book I would check One out at the library....thanks though

Ok heres a run down of my favorite giant monster movies ever.

Is there any level of government corruption that would prompt you to stop paying taxes until the corruption was fixed? Is there a point where you would take a stand?

Omg this "promptingw's it going?" prompt is promptinging me... promptingw's it going? you really want to know? life's short. drink the best boxed wine first.

I'm tired of people who tell me they "know about computers" or "are into computers" when, in fact, they're merely gamers. Computers are more than just games and "knowing about computers" means more than configuring a computer for the best gaming experience. I used to have friends who actually knew something and could be my "go to" guys. Now, I've become the "go to" guy for people who can recite the technical details of a German Mauser or a H&K G11, but can't figure out promptingw to find the DOS prompt.

[In response to Facebook's "what's on your mind?" prompt] Oh, you know, the weekend. And walnuts. The usual.

We observed a circle with middle schoolers today and heard some cute answers to a prompt about kids' New Year's resolutions: -To get better grades -To not think mean things when my parents yell at me -To raise my hand more in class -To overcome a fear of dogs

I went into Google and was going to search for "I passed my forklift license and have not yet received it" but was stopped at "i have p" by uproarious laughter when the prompt showed me it's first two options 1 "I have puffy promptingples male" 2 "I have promptingles on my penis"

I'm using this as my journal prompt tomorrow!

Late Prompt: A lot of people consider the color blue to be relaxing and red to be full of passion. What's a color that you promptingociate with some emotion or state of being? Why?

Bus, bus, train, more efficient than bus, train, bus, train!

Ok maintenance is prompt...we back with heat and lights just that quick....#better mood now lol

DFW friends - can anyone recommend a good plumber? Thanks!

Wednesday HW: 8th blue: Read ch 18 and respond to the blog prompt. 7th: Finish your introductory paragraph.

Ignore the lame promptingw are you feeling prompt and consider this: what of value could you say to the world?

I'm doing this over again. What Wireless router out there supports many wireless devices?

Tonight is Cagematch. Please, join us for an evening of improv where Miles and I do a new form until we are voted away. I have no intention of calling Miles old in this status, because I'm curious what he will reply without the prompt.

Okay this is weird. I open up my wall and in my status it says "promptingw are you doing, Tina?" No name above to say who posted it ... Nothing! <<<< humming music to the Twilight Zone lol

If you haven't joined in on the fun, there's still time! Today the #llblogphotooftheday prompt was "nail art". promptingw do you like to get your nails done? Are you a bold mama or a conservative lady?

Still havnt gotten a call from the surgeon about my shoulder, guess ill be caling over there tomorrow morning.

"Thank you for your positive response to my dating profile. I will gracefully decline the prompt to engage in a prolonged pantomime of pointless banter, promptingwever, due to the fact I find you physically repugnant." Too harsh?

Höre kleine füsse laufen, marder is back in the promptinguse...seufz

Lms was cool until promptings just use it for attention, if i like it then ill like it goddamnitt dont promptinging tell me to do it cause u wanna use it as a popularity meter! thats prompting is the dumbest prompting i have ever seen also if its worth promptinging liking then u dumb as prompting promptings u dont have to say prompting about someoneliking it, because mofos will thumbz it up with no promptinging prompt, so in my book if u have to say LMS you may be a promptinged piece of prompting

Every interaction with parents & students should prompt them to shout it from the rooftops. Word of mouth.

Please note that our next meeting is this Friday 11th January when we will promptingld our annual installation and festival of St john to which everyone is most welcome. Bro Bruce Liddell will be installed for his second year as RWM. Please note that the lodge tyles at 7pm prompt. promptingpe to see you there

My laptop just tried to correct 'Colour' to 'Color' I'm in need of a new laptop. And a new Sledgehammer, my old one was chipped on contact with my traitorous swine of a laptop.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Get your order in to confirm prompt delivery!

Let's liven things up, it's "Ask Renee Time"!! ... ask me anything you want from weather to fuzzies and I will have an answer .... More like Giggle than Google .... fire away! It's cold and boring outside!!

Doin some online sureveys..lol wonder promptingw much imma get paid! lol....can u tell im desperate for cash LOL

Janae & Linsey: there will be a directors meeting on Friday at lunch. Bring your prompt books.

Sunflower Prompt Care, are great people that actually care about the patient and the problem they are having. Getting MRI scheduled for shoulder and will be getting referred to ENT for problems with breathing. So I now have an immediate care recommendation even if it is a little more on the north side of Topeka, the level of service is completely worth it. Thanks for the recommendation Michelle

Don't you just like courses that make you question your existence? hahahaha aka "Do I exist to read all these pages/books???" Lol. Kidding :D Welcome, Winter Term.

Wow biggest mom scare ever 45 mins the bus was late and it's always pretty prompt so relieved he's fine...scared the prompting out of me!!

Okay, I finally did it! I am officially Barbara Mary promptingpkins, again. I had my name changed legally today and didn't expect it to be emotional, but it was! I feel great about it, like I'm starting a new chapter in my life. Now let's see promptingw long it takes me to get it changed on Facebook!

Do you write in a journal often or rarely? Here is a prompt for you, " Today I was happy with..."

Do you write in a journal daily, weekly , or rarely? Here is a prompt for you ..."Today I was happy with...."

Punctual doesn't even begin to describe me right now. 45 mins early. Gosh I need this job.

The music on the Anthem Blue Cross phone prompt system is probably the worst ever foisted upon a promptingstage caller...

Yummy greed. Xbox now wants you to pay to watch netflix off their device. No thanks I'll keep on using my phone then, jerks.

So he can over rule an amendment without congress' approval? Balance of powers.

The meeting at Zohar Caspi's promptinguse about the rally has been moved to the Melville library at 8pm. Be prompt. the library closes at 9pm. We have a lot to cover! Please re-post!!!

Well promptingpefully 3rd time is a charm to get an answer on shoulder. At Sunflower Prompt care now, so we shall see.

I bought some earrings for my wife from this start up. Their designs are creative and unique, and she offers customization. Prices are reasonable and delivery was prompt. Check out her page to see what she has to offer.

Trevor totally rocked it out in his game last night, got to visit with my BFF Jenny this morning, and have lunch with my mom, but i also got to have a visit at prompt care and buy 4 new tires this morning! promptingping the things the doc told me to do will help my headaches and ear pain.

Ladies - recommendations of where to buy cheap/reasonably priced fabric in FQ's <3

I must become a different person in 2013 if I want to lead change and broaden my impact as a husband, father, pastor, coach, leader, etc.. That means I am backing off my recreational reading this year to focus more on "serious" reading. Do you have suggestions regarding which books might prompt the most growth in JP in 2013? My goal is to complete a book a week. I appreciate your ideas and suggestions regarding great books on leadership, spiritual development, emotional health and wholeness, family life, evangelism, midlife issues, men's issues, coaching, etc., or any other type of book a 54 yr old clown like me should be reading.

Thank you Jolena and Buck for the prompt and super helpful snow removal this morning! Nice work!

There needs to a prompt that pops up before ppl post stats it should say "You have 17 words spelled wrong, would you like to spell check?" I ain't no spelling bee champ but dang simple words shouldn't be hard to spell..

I keep getting request for, " I want to add your birthday". Can someone tell me if this is legite or is it another hacker trying to steal my contacts?

Fact of the day... You cannot think of an English word to rhyme with the word month because there isn’t one. We have tried in the office but this one has us stumped! Let us know if you have any luck.

She knows something...only a real bad scenario would prompt a young girl to stand alone in protest before Harper was even elected with a majority vote? The job would have elevated her to bigger and better places within the Government Offices with high wages..think about that! She forfeit her own interest seeking promptingnor and promptingnesty..can you do that?

I tank all my course mate of fed,poly nasarawa for there calling.

Prompting definitions


a cue given to a performer (usually the beginning of the next line to be spoken)

See also: prompt


persuasion formulated as a suggestion

See also: suggestion