Preserved in a sentence as an adjective

Not everyone knew how to do a paper claim but it was information that had been preserved.

You've canned and preserved your veg, and filled your freezer with meat, ready for the hard, unproductive winter.

Thus, near-complete founder freedom is preserved and there are no special strings that come with the investment.

That way, backwards compatibility is preserved and low power apps can run on the arm.

Mercator is conformal, which means angles are preserved.

The hashes aren't preserved on redirect, and I'm not interested enough in the content to go searching.

This sort of attitude and environment needs to be passed on to future programmers, and preserved in the current ones.

The ability to install software from outside the store should be preserved, nor should it be limited in any way.

The public domain as it exists needs to be preserved and a better system needs to be in place by which orphaned works can freely enter the public domain.

The court would've been better served here just saying it was fair use because the ads were preserved and the streams contained content that could be watched for free over the air anyway.

This is in contrast to the festivals that occur in many neighbouring countries, in Europe, in Japan, and wherever old traditions have been preserved.

I like the basic concept of compressing json to json but this is not a particularly good way to do it- since the order of those keys may not be preserved in round trips through json encoders and decoders in various languages.

It was a shock to me to discover that the livelihood and happiness of so many people depends on a dubiously-reliable unofficial API that was hacked into Dragon years ago and that has been lovingly preserved ever since, just below the radar.

If claims were triable by jury, and if a party elected to have them tried by a jury, this right had to be preserved at all costs and it was regarded as inappropriate for a judge to be too aggressive in attempting to screen and bounce claims at any part of the pretrial stage or to use too much authority at the trial itself to limit the scope of assertable claims.

Preserved definitions


prevented from decaying or spoiling and prepared for future use


kept intact or in a particular condition