Premolar in a sentence as a noun

I used to clench my teeth unconsciously for around two years, until one day I broke a premolar.

Years after I had those out, I had two premolars removed under local anesthesia.

Sealants are generally applied on adult molars and premolars as a child.

""My toothgrowologist has grown me a tooth, and it turned out a premolar instead of an incisor.

I feel like there’s a contradiction in the article; it’s mentioned that the son, who was a ‘success story’, needed premolars removed, and that seemed to be portrayed as a success.

I don't care to explain like to a five year old, but the authors of the paper propose that only the modern human lineage have a total of four premolars in the lower jaw with a single root each.

Many herbivores have overdeveloped incisors that are used for defense such as an elephant's tusksHerbivores tend to use premolars and molars to grind and crush vegetation.

Premolar definitions


a tooth having two cusps or points; located between the incisors and the molars

See also: bicuspid