Prematurely in a sentence as an adverb

Many of them have worked long and hard already; they're just "prematurely" tired and worn out.

No. At worst, it make some prematurely released PHP6 books obsolete.

There's no reason to branch prematurely because there's nothing to stop you from branching any time.

For a few, there's a chance to even quit that job that's making you prematurely old and finally do just what you want.

They took the risk and, while they are arguably being rewarded prematurely, it's clear they survived what killed most of their peers.

They found a way to make people trust them "prematurely" and gained enough influence over the division of labor to have a niche.

It picked up a nasty roll though and centrifuged the propellant, cutting the engines prematurely.

Yeah, I don't think anyone has grasped the extent of how dangerous this vuln is -- was it released a little prematurely?

If I feel like the interview process is boring you, I will end the interview prematurely but politely./rant

"Herrmann said that the teams research found that of the 90 percent of startups that fail, 70 percent scaled prematurely"They must have had a strangely biased sample.

Driver code is buggy, usually prematurely released in a rush to market, and deliberately closed and obscured.

Means some ******* was showing off how clever ey was by prematurely optimizing, and it's already come back to bite you in the form of difficult maintenance.

> Ryan Florence argues that if people use CoffeeScript to write JavaScript programs, maintenance will be a nightmare:I posted that article a little prematurely and more as a rant for my co-workers.

Are you a software engineer at a company with a languishing flagship product where any attempt at innovation is prematurely killed in the name of optimizing quarterly profits?Stuff like this bothers me and I think paints an unfair picture of a corporate environment.

The developers prematurely selecting Hadoop as their data management platform will routinely be the same developers who believe it's reasonable for a web application with modest functionality to require dozens of application nodes to service concurrent request load measured in the mere thousands.

Prematurely definitions


(of childbirth) before the end of the normal period of gestation; "the child was born prematurely"


too soon; in a premature manner; "I spoke prematurely"

See also: untimely