How to use Pother in a sentence as a noun

Hi frnds good mrng akbar vhabe dakho pother manush ki kosto passe ae tibro pothere. pothe thaka manuser jonno amader sobar kisu na kisu kora uchit .

So Since i am new i would love it if i could get everyone to please say hi to me as well as the pother new admins and also to please let me know where you are from?? Thanks.. C'mon don't be shy please !!!

Birthday wish ta pauyar theke boro kichu r potherina....atai sob theke boro jinis...jibone cholar pother notun sopoth r notun sopaan.....jara wish korle tader k onek onek dhonnobaad...khub bhalo laglo...sob kajer moddhe diye ei special dinta valo bhabe katlo...r sob theke thanks tader jara ei prithibir alo dekhiyeche.....really love mom and dad......good ni8 cr

Bondu 2mar pother sathike cine nio moner maje te cirodin take reke dio bhulona tare cine nite 2mi bondu 2mar...

Sopno tumar sotti potherbe kosto gulo poth harabe icche tumar purno potherbe pother maje amai pabe < > good noon friends

Fire fire kno asi ocena a pother dhare Pabe ke jane na mon pabe ke khuje tare.

Nite nite everyone gonna watch cbs shows on tv lay down see if get my ear quit hurtin put drops in pother than tha im feeling little better heard pose get 70s by Thrursday want that be cool be able get outside nite everyne may come back on later

Jodi ei pother a ami more jae, j ne rekho agami pother a futbo ful potherye kono pother dhare.......................

Chena poth chena pother dhulo- Chena shal-mohua pother batash, Chena swopner vire ochena sudhu tumi. Emon to kotha chilona, tobe keno? Keno, onurager somporkota ke ans botite fali korle? Keno nive gele?

Jani abar asbe, pothery to kono ek pother prante... jani abar asbe, amar rokte veja chithi hate nie...

Keu jeno kaadchhilo, nisshobdo nileer rumol chepe, shomoyer srote srote, venge chole jibon, pother dudhare roilo, sritir bunoful porre, eto eto ronger achorr, eto eto chapakanna, keu ki shunechhilo age? ***saan*** [pls like diye page a active thakun]

Anek ta poth hat te hat te aaj ami boro klanto..............tai klan to ke bolchi...........tumi amay khoma koro,,,,,,,!!!ami jeno,,,,,,,amar ,,,,,pother........sheshta dekhte pari,,,,,,,,,plz plz.......!!!

How to use Pother in a sentence as a verb

Bondhu tomer pother shati k chine nio moner majete chirodin take deke nio volo na kobo ........................................................................................................................................................................

Caroline Tequila Forbes be one alys later sorry sis pother phone does lo but on here now siss

Possy ponte chino y veras la imagen a harry pother

Jodi potherttat abar dekha pothery dujoner kono pother bakey boho kajer fakey sodo janty chaibo ajj oo money ase ki. money ase ki sriti naki deyeaso faki syy chena poth jaa ak ee vaby dujoney hat dory choltam

Ochin mukher chena otithi boxafort er dewale tumi,kebol e tumi?dirgho pother highway,ek e chena path a rang de basanti rajpaat a.

Poth geche beke pother arale...... KOn se dur ojanay... Tobu moddho pothe thomke darale.. Milbe ki tikana ? Plz friends tell

Have pother in the series of Harry who had finished: D

Ame to jenena pother drotto, Jane na borop dhaka noder ghonotto, Sudu ata jane, Jotoi dur potherk, Deta potherba mor pare....

12 and 51 doing some mitzvahs driving my pother around

Day 6: "The locomotive in its nearness to the austere bluffs looked about to resuscitate and from its grave would arise an iron leviathan penetrating the agrarian eminences in pools of its own steam and pother...The train had near been eviscerated by the war whether by some confederate convoy or firebomb he knew not for certain."

Yah ! I'm a ****** person ! and i know that ! responsibility kake bole ami bujbo keno ! ami to shob shomoy shobar pother kata potheryei darai, even amr abbu ammur o ! thik e to ! ami kono din o karo responsibility nei ni, so ami bujbo ki kore. So ! let me clear 1 think ! if u judge a fish by his ability to climb up a tree, then u know what i mean ! yah, i know, I'm different then others ! i don't know what other peoples do, or want to do. and i don't want to know ! u can't handle me ? go be a good person somewhere else.

E pother sesh kothai j pother shoro nei? "k janen plz boddhi thakle otthur dhen any fnd.

Quote Examples using Pother

I hate when potheads pull the "potherw does me smoking have anything to do with you" card. Well, you're contributing to drug cartels and gangs, which law enforcement officers are battling daily. Many officers lose their lives fighting the war on pother. So, that high that you're on, might have cost an officer his/her life. I've lost too many officer friends to this. Soon, I'm going to be one of those officers fighting the fight. Revenge is a pother tweakers. So that's potherw it comes into play with my life.


Hay re manus :-| durbol potherle vabey tolay pore gechi . . . . . . Ei shob manusder boli hawa R mon sobsomoy eki pother pothik noy :-|


Aj office jaowa ashar pother duti ghotona: Prothom ti: Mohila seat e tin ti seat er duti seat e purush ar ek seat e ek mohila bosha. Jehetu bus e ar kono mohila darano nei, tai bepar ta shavabik. Kintu ektu por jokhon ek briddho uthe thik moto darate parchilen na, tokhin oi dui purusher ekjono uthlen na. Uthlen oi mohila. Ditiyo ti: Bus e pashapashi seat e dui vodroloker kole bachcha niye boshe achen. Duto bachchari boyosh 4/5 bochor. Je bachcha ti chele, tar gorom lagche bole jacket khulte chailo. Baba tar jacket ta khule dilo. Oke dekhe pashe bosha meye bachchatio jokhon tar jacket ta khulte chailo, baba bollen shoja potherye boshe thako. Meyeti jokhon mon kharap korlo, baba tokhon take adorer prolepe shashalen, "ma, meye ra rasta ghate kapor khole na" Duto ghotonai orthoboho ba orthohin.


Proper Noun Examples for Pother

"Pother klanti vulae sneho makha kolae tobo Mago bolo kobae potherol potherbo..koto dur r koto dur bolo Ma!!!".....Mom I love you very much!!

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"We can't even begin to address 30,000 gun deaths that are actually, in reality, happening in this country every year because a few of us must remain vigilant the rise of imaginary Hitler." ~Jon Stewart I have been saying this, although not quite so eloquently, for weeks. Nobody wants to take "all" of our guns, we simply want to have an adult conversation about potherault weapons.

So many tweets/statuses coming out about Rangers tonight. Literally every reporter in the world & every football fansite across the world are reporting on Rangers' threat to quit Scottish football if league restructure goes ahead. When the news first broke, it rapidly picked up and is now being tweeted in Spain, potheran, Brazil, America, Switzerland, Korea, England, Ireland, Wales & obviously Scotland. ~Jordz

The removal of the media from Attawapiskat is an example of the powers of Chief and council which we have to deal with constantly.

Most coward males that fist fight with women most likely will not fist fight with a man! #fact

Thanda haway sokalbela kapte kapte uthe..... bes to chilm hisi chepe leper tolay suye..... joler choway laglo chyanka..ti-ring kore lafai...... raat kano joldi peroy......dukkhe fupiye hapai.......

Its embarrassing that 90% of my Google history is just words I wasn't sure potherw to spell, and yes I Googled embarrassing.

Speak no evil see no evil hear no evil. Enjoy the cool day with fire!

Pother definitions


an excited state of agitation

See also: dither flap fuss tizzy


make a fuss; be agitated

See also: dither flap


make upset or troubled